Sunday, April 29, 2012


It's been a long day.  We got a lot 
of stuff done though.  Spent most of 
the time outdoors since the weather was nice.

You know you live in Ohio when
you get up early to head to the flea market
and are wearing a t-shirt under a sweater
and are wearing a winter coat with socks and shoes.
Then by the after noon you change into
shorts and a sleeveless shirt and go barefoot.

The flea market was better than last weekend
with more vendors.  I did find a couple vendors
who were selling the flower and veggie seed packets.
I got 50 seed packets for $2.00

 I also bought a 6 pack of hot banana pepper plants for $2.00.
That was a really good deal considering 
I saw ONE banana pepper plant at Walmart for $3.00.
It was the only other live plant I wanted to get for the garden.

When we got back home from the flea market
Tony cut the back yard.  I wanted to plan out
my garden beds but as I watched the sun and shading
I realize where I wanted to put the beds along
the fence in the back just wasn't going to work.
It turned out it was all shaded in that area
so I had to come up with a plan B.

Plan B will be to put the garden beds 
where I previously had a garden
the year before last.  It stays sunny most
of the day and I already have horse
manure mixed in the soil.  This photo was taken in the
late afternoon as the shade was setting in.  It won't be 
as large as the one before due
to a vehicle sitting on half of
the previous garden bed.  That is why
I am trying to learn about square foot gardening
so I can put just as many plants into a smaller space.
I still have a lot of work to do in the garden space
from raking it all out, pulling up old tomato fencing
and digging up dirt and making the wooden beds.
About 3 years ago I was given a ton of day lilies
for free if I dug them all up.  I ended up with
a small pickup truck load.  So many that I had a bunch
left over after planting them around the house.
I ended up planting the remaining ones at the edge
of the old garden.  Well I had to dig them all
up today if I wanted a garden here again.
I found them all a new home in the front 
of the house by all the bushes where
nothing else wants to grow.
They'll probably look crappy this year being
thinned out and transplanted but next
year they should look much better.

As I go around and show you things in my yard
I'll tell you prices of everything to make
the flower and garden beds and how I managed
to make them as cheap as possible.
The little wheel barrow I found free
along with the hose reel that I found along
the curb on trash day and all our hoses
left behind by residents where Tony works.

I still ended up with about 6 or so extra plants
and had to figure out where to plant them.
I decided to put them in the middle of my
rock bed with the zinnias.
The rocks were already there dumped into our
yard by the neighbor behind us trying to
block off the alley way and to keep
people from driving in the grass.
It looked like crap.  And I was a little upset
that he did it.  But he has since moved
and I'm trying to make the best of it
considering I can't pick these rocks
up and haul them outta here.
I arranged them into the flower bed you see
to make it look like something other than a rock pile.
While there was no evidence of ants or
ant hills in the flower bed I managed
to dig up a bunch and found them 
all up and down my arms and hands.
Those little buggers looked pissed off.
And I'm pretty sure they bit me because
the areas between my fingers burned and
hurt like heck afterwards.  I'm going to put some
crawling insect killer in there.
It's safe around pets, people, flower and veggie gardens.
I'm all about natural gardening 
and have been using this stuff for the past year. 
I even used it on my banana pepper plants
last year that started getting bugs.
They were gone by the next day!
That 4 lb bag at about $9 goes a long way!
I still have most of a bag left.
I put some in plastic condiment bottles
I found at a yard sale for .05 cents each
and squeeze it onto the areas that have pests.

Here is my Concord grapevine coming back this year.
I found it at Lowes in their mark down area.
I've had about 3-4 years now.
No grapes yet.

Tony was about ready to throw out this iron
umbrella base when I rescued it.
We haven't used patio umbrellas for years
and this has been sitting around doing nothing.
I found a metal pole to put in it.
I would like to find a bird feeder to put
on top of it.  This will keep squirrels out of the bird seed.
 Iron umbrella base was free and found at
my hubby's work.

Here is a bird bath, but I use it to give
the squirrels and neighborhood wild cats drink of water.
I found the metal bowl for free
and the table used to be a patio chair I found.
I removed the back part of the chair since it was broke.

I have two other actual birdbaths,
one is plastic and one is like a ceramic.
Both were gotten at yard sales for $2.00 each.

I got the solar powered tiki torches put in along the driveway.
They were $3 for 4 of them at a yard sale.
The iron work on the fence was part of a gazebo
we got off Freecycle.  I tore it apart and hung
the panels on the fence for morning glories to grow on.
The hostas were all gotten from my hubby's work.
Residents leave behind plants on their patio 
and I'll go over and dig them up and bring 'em home.
The old street bricks lining the driveway flower
bed were gotten free from my mom.
Someone had them as a sidewalk in front of mom's house
when they moved in and mom put
in a concrete walk and had them tore out.

 I decided I wanted to jazz up my garden area
considering it is my retreat area to go to
and relax.  I brought up an old window I had
in the basement and put it up on the fence.
I found it free along a curb.
The shutters I also got free along with the flower box.
The two wooden benches I got with the free
wood I picked up recently off Craigslist.
The medium sized flower pots were .05 cents each
at a church sale.  I even found the John Deer
wagon out along the curb.  I use it all the time
for gardening hauling plants, tools, bricks
and what not around the yard.  All my yard tools like
shovels, spades, hoe and rakes were given to us.

When working out in the yard on a sunny day
be sure to remove any heat patches that you
may have on your shoulders.  I forgot about the ones
I had on and had gotten a little sun on my shoulders
and now have a white, rectangle spot where
the patches were, lol.
These things have helped my shoulder pain.
You can get a box of 20 at Dollar Tree.

We had supper outside.  Tony fixed up some burgers on the grill with all the fixins.  We also had tater tots and potato salad.
The grill use was free.  A coworker of Tony's moved
into an apartment at their work.  The residents are no
longer allowed to have grills on the property
due to being a fire hazard.
His coworker had asked us if we could store the
grill at our house and in return we could use it
when we wanted.  It even came with a full tank of propane. 
All folding chairs and tables were found free
at Tony's work.

After a long day everyone was tired
and had their bellies full.
I noticed one kid went missing.
This is where I found him, in his room asleep
with his birthday bike over top him, lol.
We got the bike for him on Saturday and
told him he couldn't ride it til his birthday.
So he's been cleaning and working on it in his
room and admiring it like it was a trophy. 
It's a DK General Lee bike we got
off Craigslist. 

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