Sunday, July 1, 2012



We were sitting outside under the carport melting
in the heat and I was spritzing myself with the hose.
Then comes the wonderful sound of the air conditioner
fans coming on.  Everyone is hooting and hollering.
Earlier we went to Tony's work on a couple
of emergency calls then stopped in McDonalds for
a cheap meal and to soak up some air.
Then went around and got some more photos 
for everyone to see of the damage around here.

Great, there may be some isolated thunderstorms 
on there way.  They are rolling through Indiana now
and I hear there can be winds 60-80mph with
power outages.  That would really suck to just
get our power back on only to have it go back out.
These poor AEP people are working their butts
off out in this heat, long hours, trying so hard
to please everyone. Believe me, we were cheering
them on when we saw the truck rolling down the street!

The heat has started to make people irritated.
I know there was times we were getting
snappier than a snapping turtle because of it.

Well I calculated it and we have gone 46 hours
without electricity.

It's been so freaking HOT!  
(now you say... how hot is it?)
That Pakistanis are calling to complain
of the heat in their apartment.
Now that's HOT!
Their country averages 106 to 117 degrees in June!
You would think the heat wouldn't bother them here.


Mom called and said she can't get their air conditioner
to come on.  The fans not on outside when they 
turn it on.  Tony just left to see if he can
do anything.  I hope so!!!!

I forgot to mention yesterday that when the
storm rolled through Friday that I lost every
pear out of my tree in the front yard.
It was heartbreaking.  But the side yard
pear tree didn't lose any.

Yesterday evening we came back home.
We sat outside for a couple hours in the driveway
with the truck driver neighbor and his three
kids in the dark.  Got to see some nice
fireworks going off.  At around 11:30pm
the neighbor went home.  Well kinda home,
he and his three kids crawled up into his semi truck
and spent the night where they had air conditioning.
 We decided to pack
up our blankets and pillows in the truck
and head back over to Tony's work to camp
out in a vacant apartment with ac for the night.
The ac was nice but the hard floor made our
backs hurt this morning.  You do what ya gotta do because
I'm sure our home was about 85 degrees inside with no
air movement and the outside felt just as muggy
with no breeze.

I feel like we've been living out of our truck
going back and forth from home to Tony's work
so many times I've lost count.
We've hung out at his work for hours on end because
I mean really what are you supposed to do
without power and in this sweltering heat?
We have our food, clothes, blankets, cooler,
you name it, in the back end of our truck
living out of it for the past couple of days.
Almost looks we've been on vacation again.

Here are more devastation photos
I got today from driving around.

No traffic lights still in many areas.
And you would think people would
remember to treat those areas as four way stops.
Some don't and you have to be very cautious.

Tony's work.  Some buildings missing shingles.



Just got home after being at Tony's work on 
call for emergency pages since about 4:00pm.
Took the kids swimming then the storm rolled through.
During that storm (which by the way I had prayed 
that it would not be severe and not knock out any more
power to anyone!) we removed a fridge from
someone's apartment that went bad and replaced it
with a new one.  I went from being overheated
at the pool (I did not swim) to having cold
chills from being soaked.  Only in Ohio does
this probably happen.  There was a matter of
about a 14 degree temperature drop when
this storm rolled through.

That emergency call was not the funnest let me tell ya.
For starters let me say I don't have anything
against any people who are black, yellow, green, white
or any color of the rainbow and I don't care what your sexual preference is BUT if you act
like some of the bad names people call you then
I feel as though those people deserve it.
These lesbians, the ones who had the refrigerator
go out, are the rudest and meanest people!!
I have been warned by maintenance guys that
they HATE men with a passion due to their own past personal
experiences and each time a maintenance request is 
made they are really mean and hateful to that technician
coming out to fix their problems.  Well Tony
got their call this evening and they went off on him.
I was in the truck and could see and hear them.
When he returned back to the truck so I could
drive him to the shop so we could get him a fridge
he was so stressed out because of them.
There was about 4 or so of them in this apartment.
I decided that I would help him replace their fridge.
I didn't want them yelling and cussing at him
so made my appearance around them.
He was at work and had to grin and bear it.
Me, I was not at work and would put them
in their place if they started their crap!! 
My presence alone made their attitude change LOTS.
Might of had something to do with my crossed
arms and evil glances just daring them
to start their crap with me around.
They were bitching also that there air conditioner
was only cooling to 78 degrees.
I told them we have had to deal with
90 to 100+ degree heat since Friday due to not having 
any electric so they should of considered themselves lucky
to even have the luxury of ANY air condition
because the rest of the city hasn't had any!!
Air conditioners have to work harder
in the excessive heat we've been having.
Do not be taking something that is uncontrollable
like Mother Nature out on my husband
and expect him to provide them with miracles.
They did apologize to my husband for their actions!
There is no need for people to hate other
races or kinds so much like that and just
make their day miserable. 
I promised the kids a trip to McDonalds on the
way home to get an ice cream.
Really slow there and there was not very many customers.
It was like this the last time I visited there.
How slow? Me and the kids had eaten our ice cream
cones and a sundae before getting the 
small spicy chicken poppers or whatever the things
were called for Tony since he can't have sweets.

Most fast foods and stores are running out
of foods.  They did not expect this event
and expect getting slammed all at once
with people buying so many things in
a couple days that should of lasted a week.
Arby's was running out of roast beef
and I overheard the manager at McDonalds
tonight say they were running out of meat
and other supplies and the next delivery
truck wasn't expected til Tuesday.

Some stores are still running on backup generators

and are not accepting credit or debit cards,
cash only.  
Ice is still in high demand in many areas.
And some gas stations told us they are also
running low on gas.  We had to put premium
gas in our truck yesterday because they
were out of all others.

Pictures from the storm earlier this evening.


Heading to bed.
It has been a VERY long weekend.
We are so tired.  From the power outage and 
dealing with being in excessive heat
to the long hours at work we
are exhausted!!!


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