Saturday, July 14, 2012



Got up and loaded the truck with a few
scrap metal items and 4 bags of aluminum cans.
Didn't have much but any free money made is good.
The car radiator we found that I thought
would bring $6 got us $14.
4 bags of aluminum cans $14.
Copper $4.90.
Brass $23.20
Scrap aluminum .90 cents
Couple small appliance motors .72 cents

We made a little over $58 total.

Went to Kroger after the scrap place
and got groceries for the week along
with pet food which usually isn't
an every week thing to buy,
maybe every month or two.
The only manager special I found was
for a big bag of gerbil food.
Was $8.00 marked down to $3.00.
It was like our scrap metal
bought our groceries for the week for almost free.
It's harder on us expense wise buying
groceries during the Summer months
with school out.  All other months
I pay $2.00 a week for each child
to eat lunch at school with reduced lunch.
That is the only assistance we get.
No welfare, no food stamps, no medical cards
or things of the sort.

For lunch I am making cheeseburger macaroni.

-leftover taco meat- free
-1 box plain macaroni- .79 cents
-velveeta style cheese- .70 cents
-little bit of butter, milk, salt- .15 cents

for a big pot of cheeseburger macaroni
 Serves 10 @ .16 cents a serving.

A box of cheeseburger hamburger helper costs $1.79 at Kroger
and you'd be lucky to get 4 servings
from that box if you eat like a bird.
And that price doesn't include the meat
you have to add to it.


Got the love seat loaded back in the truck that
we found.  We decided we did not have the
room for it as much as we would have liked to keep it.
So it'll go back to the bulk pickup area
at Tony's work today.
Tony got his TA out and is sanding more on 
it and getting some primer on areas already sanded.
Me, well I am in the basement starting laundry.
Got a load in the washer and dryer.
I'll be using the dryer this weekend
because of how my body has been feeling.
I'm actually feeling better today than yesterday
which was pretty rough so don't want
to overdo it.
I also started going through more
things in the basement.  So far
I have hauled up 7 boxes out of the basement
to get rid of today.  Will have to make another trip for the
basement stuff another day because the truck is completely
loaded with a love seat in it at the moment. 
Last week, or the week before,
I got rid of 6 boxes of stuff.
It's going to be a LOT of work
to get this basement where I'd like it to be.

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