Wednesday, July 18, 2012



Another heat advisory today with
a high of 96, ughhhh!
Humidity is 81% at the moment.
They are calling for severe storms as well
between 4-8pm this evening.
So tired of these extremely hot temperatures.
We watch the news and weather all the time
and they originally said upper 80's that's
why Tony chose today to do replace
brakes and rotors on a coworkers car.
Uh, I think they were off by about 7 degrees. 
I need one of these signs to put out by
our rock boulder to predict our own weather.

I think this will make 27 days
of 90 degrees or more this year.


How the drought of 2012 will cost you.
 Expect to start seeing higher prices for these items
later this year.
-Corn, most impacted.
 -Milk & Beef.  Corn is part of a cow's diet.
 -Corn syrup.  Pop, candy, ketchup.
-Salad dressings.
-Baked goods.
-Gas.  Corn ethanol is used as a compound
to produce low-level blends of gas.

Meat could rise as much as 10%
while other foods listed above by 3.5%
starting at the end of this year
and could last til 2014. 

Like I said, if you see a good deal now
on anything that uses corn I'd stock up your freezer now!

How to freeze corn on the cob.
I also like to wrap my corn in aluminum
foil to give it more protection in the freezer
before putting into freezer bags.
It should last up to a year if frozen.

These foods also contain corn,
corn syrup or corn starch-
Baking powder
Powdered sugar
Corn chips
Tortilla chips
Corn tortillas
All THESE foods contain corn syrup.



Wait for it, wait for it...
Oh yeah, there's the throbbing pain.
Seems like the pain in my body settles
after I take a nap or sleep for the night
then it's only a matter of time before
it wakes up and goes full speed ahead.
I have not heard from my doctor.
He could at least
prescribe a pain medicine and I'm not
one for taking prescription pain meds.
At least I would have them if I 
got to that point of really needing
them to take the edge off.
My pain tolerance is pretty high
and I just deal with it but when it's
pain that goes on for days and affects
my whole body and keeps me from doing normal
things and starts affecting my attitude then I need something. 
I've been reading not to take 
ibuprofen, asprin or naproxin with Crohn's.
For the past couple of days I have switched
over to store brand Tylenol.
Doesn't work as good but I don't need
any more complications by taking the other
medicines no matter how well they work.

I have also read that you can get
Fibromyalgia and Rhuematoid Arthritis with Crohn's Disease.

I got some yogurt last night at Kroger to
hopefully help my stomach and digestive system.
When I get flare ups I try to eat one yogurt a day.



The digestive doctor's office just called
and said they are calling in two prescriptions
for me.  One that has to do with
the stomach bloating and one for diarrhea.
I keep stressing to them about the 
constant pain I'm in and they said
that once these pills get in my system
and start working that it should 
help with the alleviate the pain.



We lost power this afternoon for about 2-3 hours.
Then after that got restored we lost our cable,
internet and phone from about 3/4:00 to 7:00pm.

You need to make sure to call your cable company
and tell them if you been without their services
and tell them the time and dates you didn't have any
to get a discount off your bill.
I am currently working on that.  My step-dad
called WOW and they said they'd knock
$25 off  their next bill.

About 11:00am today I took me and mom
and the boys to a couple of libraries
for everyone to get some books.
I found some books on Crohn's
and are hoping to learn some more
things to be able to cope with it.
I also took them out to McDonalds
to get a cheap lunch.  We ended up getting
a free chocolate dipped ice cream.
From there we went over to Kroger to pick
up my prescriptions.  I don't know what the
deal was because they had a hard time
getting my insurance card to go through.
She was telling me the one presciption
would have cost $1800 without insurance!
And that ain't no typo, eighteen hundred, 
one thousand eight hundred dollars!!
I asked what it was for and she said
pain and diarrhea.  I'm thinking for that
much I better not ever experience diarrhea
again in my life!!!!  I'd have to sell one of
our cars to buy a medicine that would last
all of about 14 days!!
With insurance it would have cost $200.
I opted not to get it even at $200
because that was too much!
The other medicine was $3.00 and some change
and is an antibiotic which treats bacteria infections.
That medicine I could afford.
What the hell are they putting in
medicines to make them cost so much???!!! 

Anyways I hope this medicine I did get helps
me with the pain and throbbing
and the bloated belly I have.
It's so bloated that Tony and the boys say it looks like
I'm pregnant!!  It's all puffed out in the front.
I guess many people go through this with Crohn's.
Read HERE.
Here's a picture of what it looks like
that I am documenting for my own future
reference of any symptoms I may get.
Notice I am wearing a Summer dress
as I don't want anything binding around
my waist.

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