Tuesday, July 10, 2012



Last night when closing pools
we went around and collected a few
pop cans and checked the dumpsters
by the pool for more cans. 
Got lucky last night and found
a car radiator in one.
I'm guessing that would be worth
about $5 to $7.00.  So it was a good find for us.
Hoping to take a couple bags of cans
to the scrap place this coming Saturday.
I know it won't be much but something
is always better than nothing.


11:00 - 12:00pm

Decided to go down to the basement
and put a little dent into the weeding out crap.
In a half hour's time I have managed
to get six boxes of stuff ready to be hauled out.  
That's a box filled every 5 minutes!  
Boxes are medium to large.
Nothing too big that I couldn't carry it up the stairs
and out to the truck by myself.
It's all stuff that has
accumulated over 13.5 years time.


Just got back from closing the pools
at Tony's work.  More overtime!
He turned in his overtime today for last
week's hours and had 30 hours overtime!
Any money is good money at this point in time.
We let the kids swim about an hour before
the pools closed.  Me, Tony and his coworker
sat along side of the pool gabbing away.
The other day when Jeff mentioned something
about doing his laundry for him I thought
he was joking.  He was not as he discussed
it further with me this evening.
Jeff lives by himself, has never been married
and has no kids and says he HATES doing laundry
and what would I charge to do his laundry every week.
I had no clue so left it up to him.
He figured out how much he was spending
to do laundry at the laundry mat each week
then said he'd give me a little extra on top that
and came up with the figure of $30 each week.
I said just load it up in Tony's car when you 
are ready for me to wash them!
Must be nice to be able to pay someone
to do laundry for you.
He said he'd even supply the soap and fabric softener!
$120 a month to do a single man's laundry, heck yeah!!
That is money that is really needed at the moment.
Plus he's having Tony help him on a side
job this week to make a little more money.
Tomorrow Tony is supposed
to go to Groveport to work on his friend's
home and finish painting a ceiling and
relocate a dryer vent.
I've still been collecting aluminum cans
from the pool trash cans.  Think we might
go cash them in this weekend.
Got about 4 or so bags sitting around 
along with a car radiator.
See, when your bank account gets
low you figure out ways to try and build
it back up again and do whatever it may take.
I could very easily babysit the neighbor's
kids but do not want to go that route
at the moment!  Not exactly that desperate
to have to watch his three kids along
with my two and keep my sanity at the same time
and still try to get things done around here.

 Well it's about my bedtime here in a few.
Just excited I got a little side job to make money
even if it is doing someone's laundry.

Right now, and I do not know why,
I have been doing without about
$250 in child support money.
I haven't seen any in about the past year.
It just quit coming.
They used to have a law that said
in order to keep your CDL license you
had to pay your child support.
Well my ex needs a CDL for his job
and I got child support for awhile because of it.
Now I think that law has been dropped.
And along with it I haven't seen the back
child support he owes me.
Who has the money to take anyone
to court or wants to bother
with going to court.  I don't.

Nighty night.


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