Tuesday, July 17, 2012



So biting my tongue at the moment
and it's hurting like hell. 


Still experiencing a Crohn's flare up.
Going on 5 days now. 
Last night I had stomach pain and bloating.
And by bloating it looked like I 
swallowed a small balloon or looked like
I was 5-6 months pregnant
and my stomach was hard.
It took a long time, like til this morning,
for my stomach to digest any food I had eaten.
I felt like I just ate at the buffet.
You know that feeling when you eat too much
and feel the need to unbutton your pants.
All I had eat was a grilled cheese and
about a cup of tomato soup so it didn't make sense
to feel that way.
Tony touched my stomach and commented
on how hot it felt.  It's that inflamed I said.
He wanted to me to go take a bath.
Considering the time of night I opted for sleep instead. 
This morning it seems like my bloated belly
has subsided but my body still throbs
and I'm noticing tenderness
starting in my shoulders.
I took some Tylenol just now.  We'll see how that goes.   
I try to read about Chrohn's and other people's
stories of it to help me get through it
and to know I am not alone.
I take notes along the way of articles
and people's responses of having this disease
because it's a torture living day to day with this
and the flare ups.  
It's not like once you are diagnosed that they
hand you a Crohn's for Dummies book to figure it all out on your own.
It doesn't seem like my medicine
is doing that great for me anymore.  Not when
I'm feeling this way.  Sure it has kept my bm's sort
of in check most of the time and has kept me out of the hospital
but the pain and throbbing and tiredness
will drive you crazy.
I read that many people are put on 
percocets and vicadin for the pain.
I'm not one who likes to take medicines
unless absolutely necessary, especially
pain medicines.
Three weeks one day til my appointment.
Is that sad or what that I am counting
down the days til I see him again.
I'm so close to throwing in the towel
to see if I can get in any earlier.
That's how much pain I am in!And if you know me I am not
one who even likes going to a doctor.
So you know I must be in a LOT of pain!!
I've got to go lay down or something.
I can't take sitting in my chair anymore!
I guess I'll try to sleep away the pain
but there have been times I have awoke
to SEVERE back pain that all I could
do was just bawl my eyes out in the
middle of the night.  I ended up 
crying myself back to sleep.
Unless you have this disease no one
will ever understand what you go through
and how much pain you are really in.


I called my digestive doctor and told
them how I was feeling and to see if
I could get in any sooner than aug. 8th.
They have no openings or cancellations
between now and then.  The receptionist
said she would tell the doctor on the side
to see if he can do something for
me in the meantime.  So I guess all
I can do is sit and wait to see if they call
me back sometime.


55% of our country is in a drought, Ohio included.
I predict a lot of rising food prices
due to damaged crops.  If you find a produce
deal now I would stock up on it and
put it in the freezer or get out the dehydrator.
So far we've had 26 days at or above 90 degrees this year.
It got to 98 degrees today for a high.



Checked on the garden and brought
a few more tomatoes in.
This is what we've gotten so far minus
ones we've eaten.  Plus I lost about 4-5
to some hungry critter who is wasteful
and only eats 1/4 to 1/2 of each tomato it gets hold of.

Now I'm going to go lay down and rest.
Tony called not long ago to say he's got
another side job lined up for tomorrow
of doing another person's brakes at his work.
Boy word sure gets around fast!
Yesterday when he went to work
on his boss' car he realized it wasn't
the brakes causing the problem.
The noise his boss kept hearing
was from a tire that was not on securely.
Even though he told his boss he didn't
owe him nothing for just checking it out
his boss insisted that he take $40 for 
the 10 minutes or so he spent checking out his car
and tightening all the lugs
because if he'd of taken it to Goodyear
they would not have probably told him this
and charged him an arm and leg for things
not needed. 

Mailman just came.
I got our WOW cable, internet and phone bill.
This is the first time I have ever been credited
with the $25 WOW a friend deal.
It' about darn time!!
Cool deal.  My bill is only $80 this month
for all three services.  Every little bit helps!

Going to lay down and rest my throbbing body!



I took a nap for a little over three hours today.
My body was feeling ok afterwards.
We went over to the store to grab some
basic stuff like milk, butter, bread
and stock up on a few days worth of some yogurt for my belly.
I noticed that once I got active and up
and moving around now the throbbing
is starting to go full speed again.
And I noticed that after going out in this
heat that my eyes are now feeling
so dry with no moisture in them.
I do not believe I am dehydrated but that
can be one of the signs.

Today in the mail I got a free
packet of Crystal Light Margarita flavor
along with $1.00 off coupon.
Probably won't use the coupon
as I think Crystal Light is too high priced.
The little packet makes 1 pitcher.
I thought it was for 1 glass, lol.  Cool.
Yesterday I got these free magazines-
Cosmo, Hot Rod and Country Living.


My brother and nephew.
Can ya guess where they are currently at? 


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