Sunday, July 8, 2012



Feels much better outside this morning than
yesterday which felt like 97 this early.
Right now it feels like 83 degrees.
We have a heat advisory til 6:00pm.

I just got up at 10:00am because the neighbor
was calling my cell phone wanting to borrow
a cooler to go to the GoodGuys car show.
His poor kids.  It's still supposed to be 90 or so
today and they don't have ac in their Tahoe.
The little boy was wearing blue jeans while
the others had shorts on.  I hear it's a lot of 
walking when you go to that show.

My neck is still bothering me.
The pain and stiffness never really went away
but felt so much better the past week.
Well today it's back again full speed to
where I can't turn my head again. 

Tomorrow, Monday July 9th, many people
to a computer virus. 
You can find out now if you computer
will be affected by all this by going
If the logo shows up green you are good to 
go and don't have the virus.
If the logo shows up red then you have the
virus and will need to get your computer fixed.
I got the information about it HERE.



Tony is working out in the yard
trimming bushes & trees.
Got the sprinkler going on the bushes and some flowers. 
I got all the dead stalks pulled from the daylilies.

He wants to get some more weed whipper string
so we can get the grass cut and trimmed.
Uh, it's still hot out there!
Still awaiting the phone call so we
can go to Groveport and Tony can
paint his friend's ceiling and relocate a dryer vent.
Our friend Jeff at work said he would give
him a side job one day this week if he wanted.
Jeff is a certified HVAC tech and also is a contractor
for other places of business doing side work.


Just returned home from Menards
and getting some weed whipper string.
I also picked up some things for supper.
I would like to make a taco salad
and have to tweak the recipe some
due to Menards not having a bunch of food.  
So I got Hunt's 4 cheese spaghetti sauce for $1.00

to mix with some deer burger for the meat mix
along with about a partial packet of taco seasoning.

I found a couple bags of Menards cheddar tortilla chips
for $1.00 and a large tub of sour cream for $1.89.
I can use sour cream on other things like
some microwaved baked potatoes.
They didn't have any cheese at Menards so
I'm just going to use some Velveeta style cheese
melted down with some milk and poured
over our taco salad.  I already had a head of lettuce which was .99.

Got home then rake up the yard from where
Tony trimmed the bushes and one little tree.
I didn't rake up the trimmed stuff from
the Hawethorn tree.  The reason was because I
put it all in my wagon and used that debris
to put around my pepper plants in the garden.
I made sure there was no weeds mixed in.
It'll make a good mulch for now then later
on will break down and be composted into the soil.

Come Fall time I plan to save all the dead pine
needles and some dead leaves to put into
the empty veggie and flower garden beds for the Winter
so as to not to lose any precious soil I've worked
on this year.  Plus like I said it's good for the soil
and will all compost down for next year's garden.

I got 9 hot banana peppers from the garden today.
I'm going to pickle them in canning jars. 

This will make them taste like the ones
you find in the store in jars.
You can Google all kinds of recipes to pickle them.
I don't have some things the recipe calls for 
so will just throw in items I have like
onions, onion powder, celery, garlic,
vinegar, splenda, and a couple slices of oranges
from the freezer.



Don't ever think banana peppers can't be very HOT!
Hee hee, Tony grabbed one of the banana pepper
slices when I was making pickled peppers.
He was drinking from the milk jug they were very hot.
I told him to eat some bread instead that it would
help much better.
Anyways here's my pickled banana peppers.
I put them in a may jar and will let them sit and
in the fridge awhile before eating.
I saved the seeds from the peppers
and put them in a bowl.
They are outside in the heat drying out.


Tony's been on the kick of getting the yard cleaned
and trimmed up.  Not sure why because I prefer the ac!
But have been out in the yard helping rake stuff up
and pick up any yard debris from the storm.
Now he's getting ready to go back out and cut grass.
It's not as hot today as the last couple of
days but it's still hot outside with a little breeze at least.
It's 89 and feels like 92 degrees.
I've been following a storm on radar that is
currently back in Illinois heading into Indiana.
If it keeps going the route it's going then
it looks as though we might get some rain later one.
Tomorrow it's supposed to be 89 for a high.
Temps in the mid to upper 60's for a low.
Might have to break out a jacket, LOL!
89 is about a 10-20 degrees difference from what
we have been experiencing.
At least today I can stand on our concrete driveway with
bare feet.  Yesterday it was scorching hot!!



Here's a very helpful tip for when dealing with peppers!
Don't assume that since you washed you hands 
once after touching them that the hottness of
the pepper has gone away!!!
Wash them MANY MANY times!!!
Or wear gloves would be another good option
I will have to remember!!

You do NOT and I stress NOT 
want to go through what I am experiencing right now!!
Let's just say I went to the restroom
and my woo hoo is on major fire right now.
Doing a dance, putting on cold rags and are
in burning pain at the moment running around the house yelling!
Everyone here is just laughing and laughing at me
and I'm in pain.  Oh, Tony jokes and said
to put some bread on it because I told him
to eat bread earlier when he ate a piece of pepper
to help stop the burn.  Oh he thinks he's funny, ha ha.
If you carry a can of pepper spray and need to use
it on someone, don't aim for the eyes,
aim for the crotch, that would definitely stop
them in their tracks or make them run in circles for a few.


Just got back from taking a load of sticks and 
branches over to Tony's work.
Found a small bookshelf while there.
Stopped in Kroger to get some
groceries for the week.
While in there the fire alarm went off
sounding a loud buzzing alarm and lots
of white flashing lights.
I think it was a false alarm?
By the time we checked out and headed
to the parking lot firetrucks and and an ambulance
was pulling up.

Here's the thing upon returning home.
Truck driver neighbor has told me one
of the reasons he doesn't like his kids
playing with another neighbor girl on the street is
that she bugs them too much.  For example he said
he can't even pull up in the driveway upon returning home that
she ain't over there wanting to play
before they can get out of the car.

Tonight upon us returning home and backing
into the driveway truck driver's kids were walking
over to our home and was by the truck before
I could even open the door asking if the kids could play.
I open the back doors to the truck to take
the groceries into the house.
Next thing I know is truck driver neighbor
is over here sitting in our lawn chair under our
carport.  And all I can hear is my head is the one
time he told me he didn't like that girl coming
to their house when they were pulling in the driveway
but here he and his kids are at our house
in the backyard as we're carrying groceries in.
And of course that one neighbor girl
that he didn't like his kids around came
over here as well.
Sigh, can't get a moment's peace and the neighbor
needs to practice what he preaches that's for sure.
Trying to get a late supper baked in the oven
and it's now almost 8:15pm.
All of us are in the house except for one kid.
I can still see the neighbor on the security camera
sitting in the chair under our carport with his
kids nowhere to be seen.
I'm thinking dude, get a life and go home!
The day after taking truck driver neighbor and his
kids to the pool I couldn't even pull out of the driveway
that his kids got wind of us going swimming and
was running over to our truck with floaties
and such in hand wanting to go.
I had to tell them they couldn't go because
we were running other errands and
going to fireworks.
If neighbor doesn't like kids at his house
pestering him then why do it to us?
I don't mind it most of the time but
when it's obvious we are busy or a just leaving or getting home 
then I have a problem with it.

 Ok it's pizza time.  I'm hungry and we got
a couple of frozen Kroger pizzas for supper.
Tomorrow night will be taco salad. 

Oh yeah, the weather felt so much better out
there this evening at 84 degrees, truck windows down
and a breeze blowing.  Yesterday I felt like I could have just 
melted at this same time.  Now are hoping for some rain.
It all seems to be staying South of 70.
So close but no cigar yet.

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