Wednesday, July 11, 2012



There was a train derailment 6 miles from our home
at about 2:00am this morning.
Out of almost 100 cars 11 of them derailed.
Two of them carrying ethanol exploded.
They have evacuated people in that area
and are letting the fire burn itself out.
Me, mom, Don and the boys took a drive
down to the 11th ave and Indianola area.
Didn't see much but
could see a couple helicopters flying above
which we used as a guide to try and find 
the derailment.
We took alley ways and the closest we could
even get to the tracks was about two streets
away from it as police had the other streets
blocked off with police cars.
I think we got pretty darn close considering
the smell of the burning ethanol was 
thick in the air and had to keep
the windows rolled up.
News crews and police were everywhere!
We may have even made the news
at this intersection at 11th ave as there was a camera
man pointing his camera at us as he was
interviewing a news reporter in a red skirt under
the 11th ave sign.  You cannot see the reporter in this
photo but could see her when we drove by in the road.
The kids said it was channel 6.
We also had a channel 4 truck in front of us.



Plans have been changed from tonight to tomorrow
night to do the side job in Groveport.
Maybe the third time of trying to go out
and get the job done will be a charm, ugghhhh.
Don't ya just love people like this.

Tonight for supper I'm making 
chicken tortilla wraps.
I only have breaded chicken patties
(FMV 4 for $1.33 at Kroger)
so will cut those into strips.
You could also buy them in
chicken finger shapes but I opted
for the patties because it weighed more.
I'll add some lettuce, shredded cheese
and ranch dressing to the flour tortillas
and roll it all up.  

6 flour tortillas- .90 cents
1 cup shredded cheese- $1.00
4 breaded chicken patties- $1.33
1/3rd head of lettuce- .33 cents
bacon ranch dressing- .10 cents
serve with 1/3rd bag of nacho chips (menards) .33 cents

$3.99 or  .66 cents a serving.



Just got home about 25 minutes ago.
Had to run to a friends and let them use
a drill so they could put a bed together.
Then went to another friends for a moment.
Then went to Kroger to pick up a few needed things.
We've been gone about 4 or so hours.
I'm tired and if you recall I did not 
sleep well last night.
I get home and everyone helps unload the
groceries from the truck.
I'm trying to get them all put away considering
there's ice cream in one of the bags
and I'm trying to also get my dishes put away
that I did by hand today that was taking up
space.  There's a knock on the door and one
of my darling children answers it thinking
it is one of their friends.  Because when we got
home and was pulling in the driveway the
truck driver neighbor's kids were making
a "V" line for our house.  Getting
very irritated with that!  We shoed them away.
So anyways getting back to the knock on 
the door.  It's some guy from Energy Direct?,
maybe, I don't really remember because
he was pissing me off.  He's trying to 
get me to sign up for another gas supplier
and would NOT take NO for an answer.
First of all don't tell me it's a law that
I'm required to sign up for another gas service
because I don't believe it from someone
that goes door to door at 9:00pm
at night as it's getting dark.
He keeps telling me my gas bill is going
to go up and up.  Fine and dandy, when
I see it make such increases like he
talks about then maybe we'll talk.
But right now my gas bill for the last two
months has been .35 cents and .39 cents for
each ccf or whatever it is used to measure your gas.
Their price?  .49 cents.
We've been down this road before of
me telling them the same thing and to go away.
Oh but he says it will get higher during the
Winter months.  Let it get higher, I AM HAPPY
WITH MY GAS BILL.  Leave me alone!

And I told him at least 5 times I was NOT interested
that I just got home, I had groceries to put away
and two cartons of ice cream to find and put away!!
What does he do, pokes his head in my
door and says to me, pointing to my kids,
to have them put it away!
My door is standing open with the air conditioner
coming on because of it.  A flying bug
entered my house as well because of him.
I would have shut the door on him but
he had his foot propped in my doorway
to prevent it.  No salesman or whoever he
claimed to be working for should
ever have their foot propped in my freaking doorway.
They should be down on the lowest step or
sidewalk if they want to talk to me.
He showed no respect for anything
I told him and I even showed him my bill
of where I was paying less than what he was 
going to offer.  I said I don't trust people
that come to my door and he's going 
to realize I'm one tough cookie unlike
the others.  He's asking what I pay for gas
during the Winter months and I said around
$100 and then some, his response, well I can get you to
$70 a month during the Winter months.
NO he can't. I ain't stupid and falling for that crap.
I'm tired of door to door sales people
coming to my door thinking they can tell
me what I want to hear whether it's a lie or not
to try and get my business.
To me business is NOT done on your front doorstep!!!!
I finally got fed up and started getting even
more rude and told him I predict an
80 degree Winter this year after last week
so won't be needing his services.
You're not gonna get me to sign up for
or sell me something when you are 
really pushy and have no respect!!
I said if you want to come back
during the harsh Winter months and still want to
try to prove to me how I would be saving
money then come back then.
Don't try and convince me in the middle
of Summer when my bill is at it's lowest.
Because right now I am not seeing
where I will be saving money when
my rate is cheaper.  Don't throw no 
higher gas price predictions in my face til
I see it actually happen!!!!!!!!!!! 
I would have another .10 cents per ccf for
it to go up to even match what they are selling me
so I would think I'm safe for now.
 Sorry, I am just that wound up 
from having that ass at my door.
I stood my ground telling him I don't
understand what he's trying to get me
to actually sign up for so I'm not signing
up for anything!  I have no proven facts
in front of me to believe anything he says.
And when my gas rates are cheaper then
his by .10 cents then his shirt should say
Direct Shoe Up My Ass instead of 
Energy Direct.

OK I must be getting old because
I have a hard time tolerating people any more!!
I'm set in my ways and his way was the highway!

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