Thursday, July 5, 2012



I was researching to figure out what we saw last
night in the sky.
I think I may have figured it out
but never heard of one til now.
It might be what Asians call a
sky lantern, wish lantern, 
kongming lantern or Chinese lantern. 
They set them off at festivals such as
the fourth of July or during certain full moons
which we did have last night.

It seems to have the same shape
as the thing we saw last night only
the one we saw had a blinking light.



96 and feels like 99 degrees.
Supper of fried pork chops
and homemade mac and cheese.
Heading out after supper to pick up
a couple items like bread at Kroger
then going to drive around at some hotels
to see if there's any hot rods from
Good Guys in town yet. 

We reached a record high today of 98.
The previous record was from 1911 at 97 degrees.



Went over to the Continent to see some of the
cars come in for the GoodGuys show this weekend.
Saw about 7 power company trucks
from Mississippi at one hotel.
Here's a sneak peak of what's to
come with all the cool looking muscle cars and hot rods
this weekend.

From there we headed over to Ollie's to get
a couple cans of freon for the truck.
It's getting cold air in the rear of the truck
but still blowing lukewarm up front.
Really need the ac to work with the driving
around we'll be doing this weekend 
looking at cars and with all the walking
in the hot parking lots at the hotels. 
Well go up and hang out after dark Saturday night
and take the wagon with the cooler and chairs
to sit out along the roadway to watch the cars by the Continent. says 101 for Friday and 103 for Saturday
and that's not including the heat index!
I knew they had the cheapest cans of
freon for $6.88.  I saw a sign as we entered
the store that the entire store was 15% off
so that made the small cans of freon $5.88 each
a savings of $1.03 off the regular price.
REALLY good deal considering other
places want about $10 to $15 a small can!
After leaving Ollie's we started hearing the grumbling
of thunder and seeing lightning flashes.
After everything we've been through in this
past week we now cringe at the sight of any thunderstorms
in central Ohio whether we need the rain or not.


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