Monday, July 30, 2012


Got a load of towels hung on the clothesline
and another two boxes of stuff weeded out
from the basement.
Just got supper in the crock.
I removed the skin from four chicken leg quarters ($3.39),
wrapped apple smoked bacon around
the chicken pieces ($1.49) and then brushed
an orange glaze (free) over top them all.
You could also use an orange marmalade.
I set the crock on low til supper time.
Serve with chicken rice-a-roni (free) 
and carrots ($1.00).  Loving my new $1.00 
crock pot from the yard sale.  It is actually
bigger than the one I currently have.
It could easily fit 10 chicken leg quarters
into my new crock if I wanted.
Tony didn't understand why I wanted a third crock pot.
I actually had three at one time but gave
one to mom.  First starters they are great for
keeping Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners warm,
can send one to a pot luck at work and still
have more at home to use for supper,
I can make supper in one, dessert in another
and bread in another if I wanted all at the same time.
And when I feel energetic I can make three
meals at once and then store them in the freezer for another time.
Those come in real handy especially if I am
not feeling well with a flare up and don't
feel like cooking.  The family can still get a warm, home
cooked meal and not have to turn to
hot dogs or ramen noodles, lol.
I've almost depleted any meals from my freezer
so it's time to make some more and stock up.

Got some carrots sliced up and boiling in
water in a pot.  In a smaller skillet
I added a couple tablespoons out of the crock
that had a mixture of bacon grease and
orange glaze then sprinkled a little corn starch to make
a thick gravy.  Then I added in about 1/4 cup
frozen apple juice, and a  squirt of vanilla spice maple syrup
and a couple dashes of cinnamon.
Once the carrots are tender
and drained I'll stir this into them.

Instead of rice (since we had rice yesterday)
I'm boiling up some elbow macaroni
and will add some velveeta, cheese, butter and
salt to it once drained and tender.

Chicken turned out really good :0P


Tony must of had a rough day because
he went to bed soon after eating.
I'm having a rough day as well.
I can't for the life of me find that
Kroger receipt from Saturday evening.
I have searched high low and everywhere
in between double, triple and quadruple times.
Where in the world would it have gone???
I had it with me when I returned to the store.

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