Sunday, July 29, 2012



Well we were going to go to National Trail Raceway today.
Got as far as Morse and Hamilton Rds and
the transmission in the truck decided it
didn't want to work today.  Stopped and put
transmission fluid in it.  Still not working.
Drove all the way back home in second gear,
wouldn't shift into any higher gears.

Tony's friend  (the one that I don't particularly like
that lives in Groveport) works at a transmission shop
so we called him.  There's a guy there that will work
on transmission on the side rebuilding them.
I'm thinking that if we took it to a transmission
place to have it rebuilt it would cost
$1,200 to $1,300 to rebuild a 4x4.
We got a price quite from this guy
for $300 for parts and $250 for labor
for a total of $550.  
Well it seems like I may have to push back
a $548 doctor bill for another time to pay off.
We need the truck fixed! 

Plus we know another friend that owns
a tow truck business.  (the brother of Tony's friend from
Groverport that works at the transmission shop) 
Not sure if he would cut us a deal with towing our truck out
to Reynoldsburg or not.  And not sure that if we
spent money to have it towed if our insurance
company would reimburse us that money.

Not having a good day
or a good yesterday. 

Here's a couple photos I took yesterday 
evening but was too tired to post.
The first one was of a locust shedding
on the rear tire of the Suburban.
Gross.  I had to fetch a stick to get
him off before leaving.

Then last night after leaving the pool and
before going to Kroger we stopped
at a carry out to get something to drink.
I sat in the truck and could see a LARGE
black spot on the wall of the building.
I assumed it was a moth being by a light.
But the kids had to call me out of the
truck and ask me what bug this was,
another gross out moment.
It is called a Stag Beetle.  I had
never seen one like this before
with the large pincers and very large body!
I am used to Japanese Beetles.
Close to the size of the palm of my hand! 
No fingers or even a hand for comparison
as I did not want any body parts close
to this thing for fear he would pinch me!!

This morning we had our first Morning Glory bloom.
Grandpa Ott's Morning Glory.

 Last night while at hubby's work
me and Jonathan found these under the bed drawers
in the bulk furniture pick up area.
I've been wanting some of these!
I've priced twin captain beds to possibly
get for the boys later on.  They cost way
too much so was thinking about a plan B
with finding some wooden drawers.
Bingo!  I will have to Jimmy rig something
to make them work.  

Well I guess it's time to go do some laundry
and some housework.
Would have preferred being at the race track today :0)
People wonder how I have stayed calm
throughout the truck breaking down.
Just thankful that once again we made it
home with the truck and didn't
get clear out to Hebron, Ohio.
If you've ever been stranded and broken down
on the road before you'd know what I'm talking about.


Got 12 bell pepper halves in a pot
of water getting ready to boil along
with a skillet of deer burger frying up.
I added in water, white rice, 1 box of
beef rice-a-roni, 1 can italian diced and stewed tomatoes
and a can of tomato soup for the filling.
Will top each pepper with mixture and
a little velveeta type cheese then bake.

This sucks.  I wanted to make some 
"ice cream" pudding bars today and have
no cream cheese.  Wonder why????
I was going to use chocolate graham crackers
and use cheesecake flavored pudding with
cream cheese mixed in for the filling
then freeze them like ice cream sandwiches.



Got supper done ahead of time.
I used a 12 cup baking tin to put
each half of the bell peppers on to help
keep them in place when filling.



What do ya think?  Is it me?  LOL

Watching the Days of Thunder DVD
I got at a yard sale.
I think the DVD's I got -
Days of Thunder and Top Gun
are the best when you have a surround!

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