Wednesday, July 25, 2012



Trying to do things while I have some energy
and the throbbing and pain is at tolerable levels.
Got the dishes loaded in the dishwasher and going.
Jonathan was bored so I decided me and 
him would go into the basement and work
on it some more.   Also got a load of laundry done in the dryer and
one going in the washer.  I'm trying to plan different areas
of the basement for specific things as I go.  
One area I really need is a place
to store seasonal clothing.  I used to store some
under the beds but that is not the best option anymore
because Jonathan now has a futon and you can't
get any totes under there for storage.  So 
I was thinking about putting a few bookcases
along one wall in the laundry room to store
folded seasonal clothes on along with my laundry detergent & supplies.  Me and Jonathan managed to
get 3-4 totes full of crap to go out.

It's true when people say that they always
find things after they go out and replace something.
After missing for almost a year Tony
bought another ear piece for his cell phone this
past Sunday at the flea market.
And would you know that me and Jonathan
found it in this basement today, 3 days later 
after purchasing a new one.
It figures.  The replacement was only $5.
Now he'll have a backup when he loses this one, lol.


Got some pizza dough going in the bread machine.
Have been wanting to make some calzones for supper.
Was thinking of a calzone crossed between
a reuben sandwich and one of those
sausage, onion and mushroom sandwiches
that you find at the fair.
Then add in some swiss cheese
to hold it altogether.

-pizza dough 
-smoked sausage
-swiss cheese

In the pizza dough I also added in
-garlic powder
-onion powder
-3 packages of Splenda



Got the calzones done.
I made the kids different ones because
I knew they wouldn't eat sauerkraut,
onions or mushrooms.
I added homemade spaghetti sauce
to their smoked sausage along with swiss cheese.
With ours I added a combo of mayo and ketchup 
with a smidgen of mustard to mock 
a thousand island dressing you would typically
find on a reuben.
I made 12 calzones with the pizza dough recipe,
rolled each one out, topped with desired
filling, suace and cheese then crimped the edges
together with a fork.
I placed on an ungreased cookie sheet
then brushed an egg wash over top 
and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.
Baked 350 for about 15 minutes.


I forgot to tell everyone I discovered
the newest thrift store Sunday, woo hoo!
We were eating at Taco Bell on Henderson Rd.
and when we went to leave we noticed
a Grand Opening sign in the shopping center
behind there which caught our attention.

Ohio Thrift
1824 W. Henderson Road
Columbus, Ohio 43220
(614) 442-0065

Store Hours: 

9 a.m. - 9 p.m. Monday-Saturday
Noon - 6 p.m. Sunday



We took a truckload of basement stuff over
to Tony's work and dumped it. 
From there I took everyone over
to check out the new thrift store.
For being a thrift store there was many new
things from furniture to clothing
and even the prices of the used things were high.
We did get a few things.

box of Vanilla wafers .99 cents
60 Freesia flower bulbs $2.99
Yankee Candle lilac petals plug in air freshener $2.99
(putting this back for mom for Christmas.
She loves lilac scents)

Laptop fan $3.99

Black patent high heel shoes.
Was $4.99 but got them 50% off for $2.50.


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