Wednesday, July 4, 2012




There's a printable coupon
for 15% off a $30 or more purchase
Good July 2-8 in stores only.
That's at least $4.50 off.
Something's better than nothing
when you need a few parts or supplies for your vehicle.

97 degrees today with another heat advisory.
I saw that next week we should have temps
in the upper 80's.  That should feel like
a little cool down compared to the temps 
we've been having. 

Got up at 5:45am this morning because
Tony went into work this morning
early to get some work done before any
major heat sets in.
It's 74 degrees now and I might go ahead and
bake some cupcakes this morning
before the heat moves in.
Then this afternoon me and the boys
will sit down and watch all the shows
we recorded yesterday and chill in the darkness. 
Then a nap sounds good after that.


Baking up some of my version of the 
two bite jam filled and frosted cupcakes
like the one Kroger makes.
I'm baking them now while it's 70 something outside,
before the heat of the day.

1 Kroger white cake mix- .99 cents
3 egg whites- .24 cents
1/3 cup oil- .10 cents
FMV strawberry spread- .52 cents
tub of white frosting- $1.37

52 of these cupcakes 
@ .06 cents each to make.

Kroger bakery has them 12 for $3.00.
It would cost you $13 to buy 52 of these from Kroger
@ .25 cents each!!
Currently waiting for them to cool.
Cut a small slit into the center of each cupcake
then lightly frost.
Fill a sandwich zip bag with
some strawberry spread, snip
a small corner from the bag and insert
it into the middles of the cupcakes
with jelly.




85 degrees out already and feels like 89.
Ahhh, I'm so tired of all these 90 degree days!!



Updated AEP Power Outages:

Franklin County: 73,985
Licking County: 27,156
Delaware County: 2,107



89 degrees and feel like 94, AHHH!

Garden update.

 Mathilda Hydrangeas blooming
with greenish-white, blue and purple blooms.
Hot banana pepper.
Green Bell Pepper.
Bush Beans.
Cucumbers planted from seed 6-20-12 coming up.
Carrots and radishes.
Beef Master Tomatoes.

Ceyenne and Bell Peppers.
Sweet Cherry 100 Tomatoes starting to ripen
Tomato plants are up to my shoulders.


1:00 to 4:30pm

We had no internet, cable or phone in our area.
Good thing I recorded a bunch of stuff off tv
because that's what we watched this afternoon off the DVR.
Tony just got home.  Today was the end of their
pay period.  They run from Weds. to Weds.
but get paid Friday.  I can't make heads or tails of
it but that's how it works.
Anyways he got 67 hours, 27 or them was overtime
and double time.

Going to take the kids to the pool tonight around
7:00pm.  Pool closes at 9:00pm.
Then hang out a bit til 10:00pm
for the Whetstone fireworks.
We don't actually go to Whetstone but have our
own spot about a minute or two from Tony's work where we can
still see them without the crowds or traffic. 


Tony found a bunch of stuff at work today
that people threw away when moving out.
A medium sized box of girly toiletries
like hair care products, lotions, perfume, etc.
And then his biggest find for today
was a 19" LED monitor.  I swapped out my other 17" LED
monitor on the security cameras with this one
and put the other one back with our desk top computer
in storage.  The monitor probably goes for
about $100 new at Microcenter.  It's much easier
to see the cameras on the screen now and is much brighter.


Gonna start dishing up supper.
Hopefully it turned out all right.
For starters the internet went down on me
before I could get a tater tot casserole
recipe for my crock so I had to wing it.
And then I searched high and low in my
fridge for a couple pounds of deer burger
and a deer roast I got from mom's last night.
We finally brought home all our refrigerated
and freezer food home from storing it over
there when the power was out.
Then it dawned on me to look out in the truck
for the one bag of meat.  I did bring in a whole
cooler of meat last night and put it away
but the deer meat was in a separate bag
which got forgotten in the truck.
Heartbroken that I had to throw it all out!
I ended up frying up some boneless pork chops
and cutting them up to put in the tater tot casserole.



Just had to share this real quick.
My brother and his family is vacationing in
Pennsylvania this week
with their camper.  Which by the way I don't
considering it camping when their camper
has built in flat screen tvs, a fireplace and
all the amenities from home with a couple slide
outs on the sides.  Yesterday they stopped in Hershey
and today they were at Gatlinburg.  I thought this was a real good
picture they got dressed in Civil War attire.

We have an excessive heat warning til 
8:00pm Saturday.
They say the day time heat index
is expected to reach or exceed 110 degrees.
Right now it is 98 and feels like 102.
We all need a vacation to Alaska, lol.



It's 88 and feels like 94 degrees.
We were smothering out there at the pool
this evening and while watching fireworks.
It was so hot that I jumped in with my clothes
on in the pool because I did not bring my swimsuit
nor had planned on swimming.

When leaving the pool and heading to the
maintenance shop to change clothes at 8:57pm
I noticed an object in the sky that didn't look right.
I pointed toward it and asked the kids
and hubby, "what's that!"
I immediately stopped the truck before reaching
the shop and grabbed my pair of binoculars
and couldn't see it really well except
for the basic shape.
At first I thought it was a helicopter off in the distance
but as it got closer it made no sound and didn't 
have the shape of a helicopter.
Then thought maybe a hot air balloon but
there was no basket underneath.
We're stumped as to what we saw. 
I grabbed my camera and got a photo of
it at 10's zoom before it disappeared.
  It stayed pretty much at the same
level in the sky only changing it's directional path
of going North to changing to go East.
The odd thing about this object was that
on the underside of it was a small, red,
blinking light.  Any ideas????

I'm off to bed.  I guess we'll never know but
it's something we'll always remember and talk about.
So tired, nighty night.

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