Tuesday, July 3, 2012



Whew, I feel as though I've been
run over by a Mac truck!
Just took some ibuprofen as my body
is creaking, cracking and groaning with every move.
My stiff neck has finally felt better.
Only took about 5-6 days for that to go away.
Now the rest of my body has gone to heck and back.

Now we sit and wait to see if the power
will come and go today like it did yesterday.
You hurry and try to get things done like
laundry and dishes before the power goes out again.
It sucks living on the edge and it takes a toll
on ones body.   I got two loads of laundry done yesterday
with a load in the washer waiting to be hung.
I was just so exhausted and had to lay down and
take a little nap yesterday afternoon.
I don't know how Tony is still going after being on
call all weekend, dealing with this power outage, 
then putting in 11.5 hours at work
yesterday and more overtime all this week and having
to work on July 4th.
You try to think positive about it all
knowing he's making extra money for the family
because we really need it right about now. 
Friday's storm and power outages has caused
us to use money we don't really have.
The money I had put back to tune up the truck some
has been spent because of having no power and it was
the only cash I had on hand to use at places


Todays temperature is going to be 96 degrees
with a heat index of 100 degrees 
with a heat advisory from noon to 8pm.
I'm really going to hate seeing what August temperatures
have in store for us if these are the temps for June/July.



If you go to their Facebook page and click on the
photo that says 
"Savings To Share"
you can fill in your info to be able to print out
a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase.
Sometimes they have 10 for $10 sales.
That's when I like to stock up on their
ground turkey, bacon, and some other meats.


Columbus City Schools have some schools that
are open due to having Summer school.
My children do not have to attend it while many
others around us do.   I am in bed last night
and hear the phone ringing in the other room
at about 12:45AM.  I jump up outta bed and run
into the living room to see who is calling
at that hour.  It's a recorded message from
Columbus City Schools.  That hour of the 
morning is just ridiculous to send out those
messages to tell of the school closings!!!!!!!!

COTA bus drivers (Columbus city buses) 
will still be on strike today for the second day
due to not coming to an agreement yesterday.
Not sure how people are getting to work
or the fireworks (Red, White and Boom) tonight or even to places
that have air condition with those that have no power
and no transportation. 



Got a load of laundry hung up on the line
and another going in the washer.
Got a neighbor outback mowing his grass
and his lawn mower is sounding sick.
Ever hear what a locust sound like
buzzing away, something like that sound, lol.
It's already hot and muggy outside, yuck!



Andy Griffith has died at age 86.



I was so tired earlier I laid back down for a bit.
My honey just called from work and told
me he found a freezer full of food in the 
vacant apartment he's working in.
The power has not gone out at his work
so it's all good.  Woo Hoo!
Anything will help at this moment. 



Another load of laundry taken off clothesline,
another load hung up and a bleach load
in the washer.

I just don't get it.  Some people complain
of not having the power on and no air condition
with this heat.  I'm hanging clothes on the line only
to see that the neighborhood kid came over and wants to play
with my child on a skateboard out on the hot blacktop.
Don't think so!  He's now inside playing where
it is cool and making the comment,
"It's so dark in here!"  Well yeah, during this extreme
heat wave I keep the house dark to help keep it cool.
I keep the air conditioner on 76 degrees and it
feels wonderful in here as opposed to the days
we didn't have any ac and had to sweat to death!!
So go ahead and complain away about the darkness.
When the power went off yesterday you could
still find relief and coolness in our home
that hardly budged off that 76 degrees for
the couple of hours we lost power.

Some people have no clue or pioneer skills
to deal with any emergencies.
In our neighborhood people didn't wait around
for tree crews and chippers to show up in order to remove
trees from roadways or yards which
could have took days or a week or more to get here.  You almost
immediately heard chainsaws and people taking
matters into their own hands and coming
together to get things done NOW.
When we drove through the higher dollar
neighborhoods those people were all standing
around with their hands on their faces looking
like the scream painting wondering what to do.
There are still trees laying in their roadways
and they are still waiting for the tree people to
show up and remove them.
You cannot expect to pick up those fancy cell phones
and make phone calls to contractors
and expect them to come right over to clean up
tree debris right now in the middle of all this.
Get over it people, get out there and dirty your clothes,
break a nail and break a sweat, it ain't gonna hurt you!



Rain so close but no cigar.
  It rained literally a couple streets from
here and we didn't get any :0(
Grrr, I need to fix camera date again I see.



AEP is asking everyone to conserve electric
between 3:00 to 7:00pm or we could risk
more power outages.
I know lots of people are conserving considering
they have NO power yet
or have been without for 3-5 days now 
and are just now being able to soak up some air
after just getting it back on after sitting
in 90 to 100 degree temps.
Oh believe me they are all complaining on Facebook about
this conserving issue LOTS thinking it is a joke. 
AEP says unless the demand declines
they will remove circuits from service
purposely creating power outages.
I just don't understand it myself!!

I've done everything as it is to conserve
and lessen our own electric bill as much as possible.
1. line drying clothes and not using dryer
2.  not using oven 
3.  sitting in dark with no lights on
4.  air conditioner set at 76 degrees

Was thinking about firing up the dishwasher 
as I really need to get the dishes done!
So I will do that with everything else
I've done to help cut back!

Tony just called to say that the vacant apartment
he is working in has a freezer full of 
food that the past resident left behind.
It's a blessing that's for sure when
we don't have much money at the moment!



Supper tonight is breaded chicken patties
on bread with half a slice of cheese
and some bbq sauce along with some
homemade mac & cheese.
quick, easy and cheap to make.

Earlier I made up a bunch of homemade
pudding pops for the freezer.
I got a large grocery bag of popsicle molds
for .10 cents a couple years ago.
I figured I cannot afford store bought popsicles
so made my own with what I had.
Plus these are probably more healthy
for you than store bought ones.
I still have some leftover pudding to 
make about 6 or more popsicles.
-vanilla pudding with mandarin oranges
-pumpkin spice with maple syrup
-chocolate, peanut butter and bananas

Well Tony should be getting home soon.
He worked til 6:00pm this evening
and didn't take a lunch.
10.75 hours today.
Tomorrow he wants to go to
work 7am to 3:30pm since they are
ahead of schedule and he wants
to start early without all the heat.
Whelp speak of the devil, lol, as I just
watched him pull up on the security cameras.



Just got done watching Columbus
Red, White and Boom on tv.
Happy 200th Birthday Columbus!!
Earlier tonight I had to stop in Kroger
to get some stamps so I can start paying
off all these doctor bills, sigh.
While standing in line at the customer
service counter looking around I see these
cupcake they call two bite cupcakes.
12 mini cupcakes for $3.00.
Probably equivalent to about 6 regular cupcakes
so I don't think it's worth the $3.00.
They really looked good though and tomorrow
I am going to attempt to make my own
for much cheaper or more for my money
than what Kroger wants.
They appeared to be a white cake mix
with a strawberry jam filling topped
with a white frosting.  Didn't look too hard to recreate. 


I just realized I missed all my scary shows
tonight on Sci Fi.
Got everything recording on the DVR.
Tomorrow me and the boys will have
fun watching these shows/movies in the dark-
Haunted Highway,
School Spirits,
Lake Placid 2 & 
Lake Placid 3.

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