Thursday, July 12, 2012



I know I got a little worked up yesterday
because of a door to door salesman and
it still bothers me about how he acted this morning.
I try to go with my gut instinct about things
and something said that situation was not right
after seeing many clues that didn't make sense
and the red flags started popping up everywhere.
So this morning I researched to see if
others had the same feelings I did.
I googled Direct Energy Scam and would
you know that 1,350,000 search results came up!

Let me just say this, 
If you feel pressured to
buy something or to change your services
then do NOT do it!!
If someone has to come to your door
to sell something instead of you going to
them in their place of business
do NOT do it!!
Especially if it's 9:00pm at night
and people are getting ready for bed
and work the next day.
If even one red flag goes up in your head
do NOT do it!! 
If the sales person is rude and pushy
do NOT do it!!
Unless you have done your research
and know about these companies
ahead of time,
do NOT do it.
Do Not be put on the spot like
that with decision making!
If you are actually interested in something
they are selling tell them to come back another day
after you research them and check
them out through the Better Business Bureau!!
Do NOT believe everything a 
door to door sales person will tell you
because they WILL lie and tell you things
you WANT to hear just to make a sale!!
If the business of the door to door salesman
does not have an actual building or place
of business in your area of where you 
can physically go to in person then
put up the red flags!!
So many older people are gullible to these
things and that's why the people go door to door.
To take advantage of you.
Now I worry about my mom's gas bill
because I know for a fact after looking
over their bill that my step-dad signed up with
one of these gas supplier companies.
I don't remember who it was though.
I am not a sales person and are going to be pushy
to get the message out.  Too many people
are being screwed out of their hard earned money,
especially senior citizens that don't know any better
looking for that better deal because they
don't have much money from social security.
WAKE UP PEOPLE!!  It's all over the news
every day about someone losing
thousands of dollars to these scam artists.

When in doubt, check it out!

Direct Energy is not accredited with
the Better Business Bureau.



Trying to decide what to make for supper.
Yeah I know it's early to think about supper
but if I'm going to throw something in the crock pot
then I should probably do it soon.
I have some leftover pork chops (cut up and shredded)
that was mixed with some mushroom soup  in the freezer.
Was trying to think of a way to use that
in a meal.  So I came up with
Slow Cooker Scalloped Potatoes with Pork.
And if you go to the above link you'll
notice the recipe is used with ham instead.
I don't have ham so will have to make
my own tweaks.
Instead of the salt, pepper and garlic I'm 
going to put in a partial packet
of dry ranch dressing mix.
And instead of water I'll use milk.

Pork chops- $1.60
mushroom soup- free
potatoes- $1.00
ranch dressing mix- free
onion (I have ones I dehydrated)- free
 milk- .07 cents
velveeta type cheese- .25 cents


I layered the potatoes and meat/soup mix.
Every couple of layers I'd add
some butter throughout.
I also greased my crock pot before
adding ingredients.



Oh my goodness what will they come
up with next.  I saw this commercial
for something called QuikPress.
You spray it on your clothes and blow it
dry with a hair dryer.  Or just spritz
and let sit til dry. 
For $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping
you get a 12 ounce and 2 ounce bottle.
Then you also pay $7.95 for the second free set.
Ok, so a total of $35.85 for a total of
only 28 ounces of this stuff.

I have been doing this for years now
and do it almost every morning
for any work and school clothes.
In a spray bottle I add several
tablespoons of liquid fabric softener
then fill the rest of the bottle with warm
water and shake to mix.
Then the night before school or work
I spritz the hanging clothes everyone wants
to wear with this concoction, give  
slight tugs to the fabric where the wrinkles
may be and allow to dry overnight.
If I'm in a rush and need something
spur of the moment then I'll use
a hair dryer after spritzing.
I got the idea to make this
when Downy came out with their
wrinkle release spray and I found a free bottle
of it at hubby's work and liked it.
I could not afford to buy more of it
and got to thinking how I could get the
wrinkles out of clothing.  Fabric softener
was the answer to relax the fabric and
keep it static free plus it makes your clothes smell good.  
I already use similar
spray bottles with fabric softener in them
as a room spray and one for
a detangler for my hair.



For dessert sometime tonight, maybe after
we return home from our side job,
we're going to have ice cream
topped with chocolate syrup in
a cinnamon tortilla bowl.
I made the bowls like I did the salad bowls.
I spread a little butter over the flour tortillas
and then sprinkled with some 
pumpkin pie spice that has sugar in it
that I got at Big Lots.
Bake until crispy in fluted metal jello molds.
Don't go and buy those tortilla molds
shown on tv when you can make your own!
I spent .20 cents and bought a couple
aluminum & copper? jello molds at a yard sale
a couple years ago and they work
perfect to make these.  I'm sure you could
probably find these molds in your local
thrift stores as well for cheap.



Not going to do our side job.
Tony called the guy and left a message to call him.
The guy never called back.
So Tony called him again.  
Now the guy that has left us hanging for the third time and
has changed his mind about having the work done.
I'm tired of thinking we have work to do
to make some well needed money.
Tired of playing their games.
Third time is a charm. 
I told Tony not to do any more work
for him after all this crap! 



We just had the cinnamon bowl
with ice cream.  Yummy!
I think the next time we're in Kroger
this weekend I'll pick up another cheap
FMV ice cream and some bacon bits
to put on top and give the sweet and salty thing a try.


My friend (of about 7 years?)
just called to say they closed on
a house on our street today. 
She'll live 2 blocks from us now instead of across town.
I got to looking through some of her photo albums
and just realized it's been almost 2 years at the
end of this month that her hubby put up our fence.
I'll never forget the day he didn't show up,
and he was usually prompt, to work on the fence
and I'm calling around to see where he was.
On his way to our home about a couple miles
from here he was involved in a very bad accident
that put him in the hospital.
Once out of the hospital the poor guy was
so dedicated with getting this fence done
with broken ribs, nose? and a bruised face.
Everything has a story to tell
and the fence is a reminder of that incident.



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