Monday, July 2, 2012



Found some more photos of the storm damage
from 6/30 to 7/1 

Forecast for the next 7 days
from Fox 28

Half of our street has power while
the other side does not.
Street lights are still out along
with traffic lights nearby.
I feel guilty going outside knowing those
people are still in the dark and sooo hot.

We have a Heat Advisory along
with an Air Quality Alert.

The news said they are bringing in power companies
to help restore power from Texas, Mississippi,
Alabama, Florida along with many other states. 



Need to make a run to the store.
Taking mom with me because they need
a few things.  Who's to say we'll even find
some basic things if they haven't been cleared
off the store shelves.  Gotta remember it's
also the first of the month and people with
food stamps will be raiding the stores as well.

Everyone is sooo tired still.
Me and Tony have so many bodyaches
and are eating ibuprofen like candy
to keep up with everything.

Watching the news and see that at Morse and Hamilton Rds,
not too very far off from here, has major damage as well.
They say that about 15 to 20 telephone poles toppled over
along one main road, some had trapped people in their cars.
Just horrible everywhere you look for those
who haven't been able to get out and about
to see all the damage.  Houses and cars damaged and totaled.
Trees downed everywhere. 
I'm telling ya, if you were from out of town coming
into this, it looks as though a tornado hit!! 
There are still LOTS of power outages.
They are now telling people that if you have
a generator to call and let AEP know because
it can affect the workers or getting power to your
home once it is turned on maybe causing a surge
or something to that affect.  I don't know.
It's hard to take in and understand everything
that is going on around us.
Out of town electric companies are having a hard
time even getting hotel rooms to sleep in
because others without power have gone to
hotels and they are totally full.

Update from WSYX 6-

4500 AEP crews from around the country will be out today
working on restoring power to nearly 415,000 people
who are still without power.
Not only did Columbus take a direct hit
but many other counties in Ohio as well.

I got laundry going on top of everything else 
I need to do.  And as much as I don't like
it I have to hang everything outside to dry.
Can't afford to run the dryer or have any dryer
heat in the house!  The electric bill is going
to kill us this coming month.
Laundry should have no problem drying
with this heat.


 Wore out and tired already.
Got a load of laundry brought up out
of the basement and hung on the line.
Decided it would make my life easier
to put my laundry basket and hangers
 in my wagon and pull it down the line
while hanging clothes. 
I love my little wagon that I saved from
someone's curbside trash.
I use it for gardening, lawn care, mulch and soil,
laundry, and hauling the cooler and lawn chairs in.
It may not look the greatest but it
has saved my back quite a few times.

Got another load of laundry going, 
got bills paid and in mailbox,
got groceries put away from going
to the grocery store and just made lunch
for everyone.
I spent $43 at the store for groceries this week.
I got enough diet pop to last the week for me and
the boys, found a couple gallons of milk
marked down to $1.89 a gallon,
got 2 rising crust pizzas on sale for $3.33 each,
a bag of tater tots for tater tot casserole,
2 boxes of regular macaroni pasta,
a velveeta store brand block cheese,
2 packages of breaded chicken patties,
3 boxes of hot pockets for lunch,
deodorant for Tony,
a super sized bag of styrofoam plates &
a bunch of bananas that were marked down.
Everything else for meals will have
to come from the freezer/fridge or pantry items
that I have stocked up. 

From Channel 4-
Nearly 300,000 remain without power;
Storms set back power crews. 

I read that the first storm on Friday caused
power outages to 660,000 people in Ohio!!
That didn't include the additional 
20,000 power outages caused by 
yesterday's (Sunday's) storm.


As if everything that's been going on hasn't been
bad enough for everyone there's always something
else to worry about.  Next will be hiring crooked
contractors that will steal your money and run,
thieves are already stealing people's generators,
and now many are talking about price gouging.
Some people are complaining about gas
stations and hotels upping their prices taking
advantage of people in their time of need.
Mom went to get a hot chicken dinner at
Turkey Hill Friday.  Those dinners are usually
advertised for $2.99 and she has bought them at that price
in the past couple of weeks.  Friday, the day they bought
a couple dinners, do you not find it odd that
it went up to $4.99????

If I find out any companies doing it I'll
be sure to post them on here to spread the word!!


Yup, that about sums up how it is!

The Attorney General warns of door to door
contractors following storm.

Here's a tip of mine.
Always carry emergency cash money in your purse or wallet.
When the power goes out so does registers,
ATMS, banks and so on.  Many places will only
accept cash.  So be prepared and ready to use
cash only at many places in an emergency. 



This evening at 4:30pm
I had made arrangements with truck driver
neighbor and his kids for him to take us all over
to my hubby's work to go swimming around 6:00pm.
Tony is on mandatory overtime this week. 
I'm packing swim bags and a small
cooler of water.  I get back in the house
and just moments before turning on the
oven to bake up some pizzas for supper
the power goes out.  I quickly grab the bologna
out of the fridge and make some sandwiches.
I'm getting tired of bologna!!
Me and the kids are all disappointed about the power
and I'm sure the people across the street were 
very upset.  They just had their power restored
at 3:00pm only to have it shut back off
1.5 hours later.  I kept the house closed up
and didn't open any windows.  I have 
blankets and towels over them all.
The thermostat only rose two degrees in two hours.
6:30pm rolls around and truck driver neighbor
pulls up to pick us up.  I have him make a pit
stop at mom's house so I could put the groceries
I just got today in her fridge since she has
the generator.  I also grabbed some ice to put in the cooler
for the water.  
As we're on our way to the pool mom calls
and tells me the power was back on,
thank God!!  I was worried about having to sleep
in the heat another night which by the way
is very miserable and makes for a loooong night!
So anyway everyone had a good time at the pool.
Poor Tony didn't get off work til about 8:00pm
and met up with us at the pool.  He worked 11.5 hours today.

Oh Lord I think I have gone off the deep end
today and have lost my mind,
We took 5 kids to the pool in one truck ages
4/5, 7, 9, 11 & 12.  
Hoping they all
sleep well tonight after all the swimming they did, lol.
Isn't that the whole idea, they just don't know how 
we parents work in mysterious ways.

Once Tony got off work he and another maintenance
guy that lived by the pool came over and hung out.
It's a small world let me tell ya.
What was the chance that my neighbor and the 
one maintenance guy having been in the same
graduating class from high school back in '89.
Hearing that made me feel old, lol, thinking
I graduated in '88.  But come to find out they
are both a year older than myself so I felt better about that, lol.
I had to remember that I was always a year younger than
all my classmates I graduated with.

Well we finally got home about 10:00pm.
Stopped by mom's to pick up my food I dropped off
earlier.  I couldn't wait to get back home and
finally bake those pizzas I had anticipated earlier.


Everyone's belly is full and I am sooo tired.
This past weekend has did a number on me
with the stress, heat, no power, Tony being on call
and trying to get caught up on housework,
laundry and dishes.  I'm off to take my meds
and head to bed.  Nighty night.

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