Friday, July 6, 2012



 I feel sooo sorry for the people at the
GoodGuys car show having to sit
out with their cars on the blacktop.
I don't care how pretty a car is
or how expensive it is, this
would not be worth it to me. 
A 113 heat index for tomorrow.
Who's going to be scared to open
July's electric bill after these temperatures???
85 degrees is going to feel like a major cool
down when we've been having heat indexes
100 to 113 degrees.  I wonder what this Winter
will be like at this rate.  Last year's was pretty mild.
Only had to use the shovel once and it wasn't
for snow but to remove ice off the driveway.



Out of all the pudding pops I made the other
day the Pumpkin Maple Spice
was the most favorite.
I used a pumpkin spice pudding mix
and added in a touch of maple syrup
and mixed with 2 cups milk.
I'm sure you won't find that flavored pudding
mix this time of year, only around Thanksgiving
and Christmas.  Try adding pumpkin pie
seasoning or filling to another flavor of pudding mix. 

Today I wanted to make a Digoirno pizza for supper.
It was one of the food items found in a freezer
in a vacant apartment at Tony's work this week.
I was thinking about making up some homemade
bread sticks to go with it and use a can
of Hunts spaghetti sauce as dip for them.


Got breakfast of egg, bologna and cheese sandwiches made.
Now I have breadstick dough going in the bread machine.

It's 85 with a heat index of 91 degrees already, ugghhh! 



Got the breadstick dough divided up,
rolled out and now they are rising again.
I used the bread machine pizza crust recipe HERE
It made 34 breadsticks.  I might put half of these
in the freezer.
With the heat and all I'm going to try and
figure out how to bake these in a crock pot today.
I'll brush them with melted butter and
sprinkle garlic powder and parmesan cheese on top.

It's 89 degrees with a 96 heat index!
House is dark, ac is on 76, all fans going, still have blankets over windows and I put a blanket over one door
that has gaps around the sides
to keep any and all heat out! 
May sound weird but it sure as heck
is nice and cool in here to the point
I sometimes put a sweater on!


For those with SNAP assistance (food stamps)
they are now issuing an additional certain percentage of food stamps to your account
for those who lost their food during the power outage.
Of course those who don't have this assistance have
to struggle and figure out how in the world
to replace any and all food that was lost.
Those who are not on welfare do
NOT get any state assistance in this matter!!!
We pay our taxes and get crapped on in the
end left hung out to dry!!  Not all of us 
qualify for food stamps yet it is still difficult
to put food on the table.  If we lose our food
during situations like this we sure as heck
don't have any extra money to just go out
and restock the refrigerator and freezers.
Welcome to America!



For lunch I made up a small Stouffer's entree
of creamed chip beef (found in vacant apartment's freezer)
and mixed in a package of biscuit gravy
in a skillet to help stretch it out for the three of us to eat.
I served it over toast.

6 slices wheat bread .36 cents
1 packet biscuit gravy .69 cents
2 cups water - free
Stouffer's cream chipped beef entree- free

Total cost for lunch - $1.05
serves 3 @ .35 cents a serving



It's 100 degrees and feels like 103.
I don't think it matters at this point
Gonna try and put more freon in the truck this 
evening and hope it cools it more in this heat.
Right now I have pizza and bread sticks baking.
I can't believe I turned my oven on today.
Believe me I really thought about
making a solar oven today for the pizza.
I had no other choice for supper to make
at this time.  Should of just put the pans
they were on outside in the street to bake.



Can't get the truck to take any freon at
the moment which means we'll have to deal
with lukewarm air up front for now.  Better than nothing.
Last night we filled our cooler with ice
and drinks.  Must be a really good cooler
considering the truck's been sitting in the sun for
most of the day with the cooler in the back end.
There's still ice in the cooler.  
Now the smell in 
the truck is another story.  I left a frozen bag of meat in there
the other day overnight because I forgot it.  It thawed and I think
it leaked some meat juice onto the carpet
and I was just out there scrubbing the heck out
of the carpet because the whole truck
reeked of a foul odor after baking in the sun today.
I have used about a half bottle of febreez on the carpet
and doused the truck with some perfume.
I hope that works because if not we'll
have to pull the carpet up in the back end.
It smells like something died in there!
Maybe I'll sprinkle some baking soda and/or
cat litter on the carpet also to help absorb the odor.
See what the heat wave and having no power
at one point does to ya, ahhhhh!
It could be worse.  Three people in Newark
died today because of having no power
and health problems.  
I saw this morning
that there was still almost 18,000
in Franklin county alone without power.

Did you know???

If you are without cable service for more
than 24 hours cable companies are required by
law to credit their customers.
You must call your cable company
to let them know and to get credited.



I dumped an entire box of baking soda on an
area of carpet in the back of the truck.
Waiting for it to dry up so I can sweep it out.
Looks like crap but doesn't smell like it.

Have to stop by Tony's work tonight.
He forgot my computer.  I've been without
my computer and have been using another one
for the past month.  It was another one of those things
that was put on the back burner due to money
but Tony's boss said to bring it into work
to see if he could figure out what was wrong with it.
Not sure what he did but it doesn't have to run in safe mode now.
That was the only way I could use it before it 
would keep shutting off.
It kept shutting off because it would get so hot.
They opened it up and saw that the fan was caked
with dust.  Don't know what it is with lap tops
wanting to get hot but it must be a problem considering
they now sell laptop fans.  I have a fan for all the computers
now not that it prevents it from happening but it
helps some. 

It's 97 and feels like 98.
We'll be heading out soon.
Was waiting for the sun to set some before doing so.



Just got home not long ago from watching
the GoodGuy cars up at the Continent.
Not nearly as many people as past years.

Notice time on radio and temperature on mirror of truck. 
This was us stopping at Speedway before
going over to Busch Blvd.

Got stopped by a train.
Can't recall ever seeing a train around here
hauling telephone poles til this major power outage.

It was dark so I couldn't get very many good
photos of all the cars we saw.

Yup, this about sums up how I feel about all this heat.
Just stick me with a fork because I'm done.

When we got there we sat on our blanket
next to another couple.
The other older couple left and said some guy asked
them to watch his 12 pack and they had to leave
due to working 3rd shift.  Well we sat there
awhile watching the cars and the guy never
showed back up.  Couldn't leave a 12 pack
of beer sitting there all by its lonesome, lol,
so in the truck it went. 

I can't believe we are ALL still up and it's
after midnight.  I think we're just glad to be home
soaking up and chilling in the air.
It's so HOT and muggy out there!
No breeze outside to be found at all.
Tomorrow 104, can't wait, ahhhhh!

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