Friday, July 27, 2012



Went to two yard sales and a church sale this morning.

From one yard sale I got the boys
back to school shirts $4.00 for all.
2 long sleeve 3 short sleeve.
Trying so hard to remember that they
cannot wear solid blue or red shirts to school.

From church sale-
2 packs of spice or prescription bottle holders .25 cents each.
large sweet cinnamon spice scented candle .25 cents.

Mailbox freebies I got today and yesterday-

6 Poise pads
ESPN magazine
Schick Hydro Silk Razor

I think tonight for supper I'm going to make stuffed peppers.
I'll cut each pepper in half to make
a total of 12 stuffed peppers,
enough to make two meals out of and
put the leftovers in the freezer.

6 yellow bell peppers $1.89
1 box of beef Rice-A-Roni $1.00
white rice from mother-in-law- free
2 pounds deer burger- free
1 can diced tomatoes- .39 cents
1 can tomato soup from mom- free
leftover shredded cheese- $1.00

Total cost to make $4.28
or $2.14 per meal
or .35 cents per 1/2 stuffed pepper.

Lunch is bologna and cheese sandwiches.


I just saw this on ABC 6-

Enter to win a year of free electric from Border Energy.
(from Powell, Ohio)
A max of 50,000 watts for 12 months
or a max of $4,000 worth of electric.
Contest ends July 29th.
Must be 21 or older and live in
Duke Energy Ohio, AEP Ohio
or Dayton Power and Light territories.
Potential winner will be contacted by August 10 by phone.


I completely overlooked this item
I bought at the church sale today.
Not sure how when it was the biggest item, lol.
Rolling suitcase $2.00.
We have one and needed another one for when we go on trips.
On our last trip we had to borrow a rolling suitcase.


I decided to hold off on making
the stuffed peppers tonight for supper.
Instead I used a Subway gift card we got
for our anniversary last week.

Visited Tony's coworker friend at his work.
Also stopped to say hey to this nice elderly
lady that always chats with us everytime
we visit Tony's friend.  She has health issues
and doesn't have anyone to really talk
to except the maintenance guys.
We all keep an eye on her.

Mr. Baby Bunny comes out every evening
when we visit.  He thinks if he holds
really still in the grass you won't see him.
Sometimes you almost step on him!

Stopped in one of the units that hubby is
punching out.  Wanted to show everyone
one of the kitchen and bathrooms he
remodeled years ago.  I would love to have
these cabinets and counter tops in my kitchen and bath!
We have always wanted black appliances also.

No thunderstorms this evening.
Instead we had a pretty sunset.

While at Tony's work I did a lil DD'n.
Found some food and first aid supplies.

I can actually say that after a week of
taking my antibiotics that I
am actually feeling better, thank God!
You just don't know how bad
I was feeling.  This was worst flare up since January!
I still have a week to go of taking antibiotics
three times a day.  Whatever it takes to 
keep the pain away.  I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

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