Thursday, July 26, 2012



Back in the basement.
Got a load of laundry in the dryer
and a load of towels in the washer.
Are hanging those out on the
line to dry or it could take forever to dry in the dryer.
Got a few other things rearranged in the basement
and another box gone through.


Tony says he's going to hang out at work a bit.
The front area of his work is flooded
and the traffic light at Henderson & Kenny is out.
I heard on the news that parking lots
around Henderson and Reed not far from his work
are flooded up to the bottoms of cars.
 Nothing really to report here
other than LOTS of lightning and thunder
that shakes the house.
Some a little too close for comfort.
 29,900 without power.
9,000+ in Columbus.
Surprisingly ours did not go out!

 Supper tonight was Chicken Parmigan.

Spaghetti topped with 4 cheese spaghetti sauce
with a little splenda added in to take the bitiness out of it.
Then fried up some breaded chicken patties
and fresh sliced mushrooms in Italian dressing
and put on top of spaghetti with swiss cheese
and parmesan.


Tony is still at work waiting for traffic to die down.
It's been a mess with the traffic lights not
working during the rush hour.

We heard and saw on the news that 
here causing the building to catch fire.
It's says in the article that they weren't sure
if it was lightning and they just confirmed on the news
that it was.
Me and the boys went outside to see
if we could see smoke but could not
because of the trees.  You could indeed
hear the channel 10's helicopter though
that was reporting the live feed of it.


On the way to Kroger we tried to drive by
the apartment building that was on fire
but they had the road blocked off.
On the way back home they had the road back open.

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