Saturday, July 21, 2012



Went out yard saling this morning.
It was too nice a day to sit home all day.
Got all these clothes for the boys for $2.00.
Need to find some back to school clothes.
-3 pairs shorts for Tony
-2 long sleeve shirts
-5 short sleeve shirts

I've been collecting books about
the history of Ohio or Columbus.
I found this book called Columbus The Discovery City
at a yard sale.  It had no price and when we
asked how much the lady gave it to us FREE!
This book is big and heavy!!
I thought for sure she was going to say
between $5 and $10 for it.

While driving around in Westerville we found
a car show and stopped in to check it out.
Pretty cool.  They even gave you a ride
to and from your car on a golf cart.

This was pretty cool to see as we've
never seen one before.
Kinda like the first air conditioning for a car.

Here was another interesting car,
a Dodge Coronet with a leather top!

And since it was a nice day out
and I wasn't feeling too bad we ventured
out a little further to the boardwalk up at Hoover Dam.
We did find a yard sale along the way in
some hidden cove areas right off the water.
Check out this mailbox we saw, lol.

The water was down.
Lots of Herrings out wading.

Saw this nest of sticks and could
hear the screeching from these birds
which I think are a male and female Falcon.

Someone moved in an apartment at my hubby's
work and they drive a Lamborghini!
Just bought it as it has a 30 day tag on it.
Looks so out of place there, lol.
Saw it last night for the first time after
but it was too dark to take a picture.
Oh the roommate of the other guy living 
in this same apartment drives a Beamer!
Must be nice. 



Supper tonight-
Breakfast Hash

-1 pound roll of maple flavored sausage
-1 pkg shredded hash brown potatoes
-6 or so eggs
-sharp shredded cheese

Fry sausage in skillet til browned then drain.
Return to skillet and add in your hash browns.
Add butter or I like to add Italian dressing to fry my potatoes 
in for a little more flavor.  Once potatoes are browned
add in the eggs and fry some more til those are cooked.
Serve with cheese sprinkled over top
and some hot sauce :0)


I got my belly full and I'm so ready for bed.
I am so tired and have been running on empty
since earlier this afternoon and kept pushing forward.
The tiredness has finally got the best of me.
My inflammation and pain has gotten 
somewhat better while the tiredness has not.
I am also experiencing a side affect from
the new medicine which is a bad, bad taste
in my mouth!  Yuck!  Almost to the point
I want to get sick.  Afraid to even get near people
for fear I have really bad breath.
Last night I awoke at 2:15am because of
the horrible taste in my mouth and had
to go wash it out with mouthwash.
Today I got some peppermint candies
to suck on to help. 
Whelp, I'm off here and heading to bed
before I fall asleep at my chair.
My family will have to wake me up
to take my medicines.
I have to take the one antibiotic three times a day
and my last dose it at 11:00pm.
It's a slow released med and you don't want
to miss a dose of it because if you interrupt
it by not taking it you can relapse and start back
at square one.  Don't want that to happen
and only want to get better.  Been dealing with
this flare up for over a week now.
One day is more than enough to tolerate this!

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