Monday, July 16, 2012



Humidity at 90 percent today and tomorrow in some areas.
Tomorrow Fox 28 said we can feel a 
heat index of 100 to 105 degrees.  Ahhh,
here we go again!

Body feels stiff and achy this morning.
Still not feeling 100%.
Body is still throbbing to no end.
This will be day 4 of dealing with this
major Crohn's flare up.   


I laid back down for a little bit this morning.
Still feeling so tired at times.


Got three loads of laundry done for the day
along with hauling 4 boxes out of the basement
to weed out.  Starting to get a large pile of
boxes accumulated under the carport
to load in the truck.  So far there is 11 total from this weekend.
Plus I already got rid of 6 boxes and a love seat.

Trying to do my darndest with not feeling the greatest
to do things.
I went back to bed this morning for a couple
more hours.  I feel like at times all I could do is sleep.
My body is still throbbing and I know I should be resting.
Pushing myself to get some things done
that I have a goal set for like the basement
even if it means do it a little at a time.

Tony will be late tonight doing a side
job of putting on front brakes for his boss at work.
That'll be an extra $150 to help the bank account.

Well I need to go and figure out what to have for 
supper.  The kids have been asking for
grilled cheese and tomato soup.
Sounds easy enough.


For supper we had grilled cheese sandwiches
and with pickle slices on them.
I also made tomato soup with sour cream
and about a teaspoon of dry Italian dressing
mixed in it to dip the sandwiches in.
I made cookies for dessert.


7:30pm - 9:15pm

Took the boys swimming this evening
even when I didn't feel well.  Aren't I nice.
I'd of been more than happy staying home 
and going to bed then because I was
starting to get that tired feeling again.
I survived it just sitting beside the pool though.
It did get a little warm out there
but I had something to drink.
My stomach hasn't been feeling well
after eating supper.  It feels like
the food is just sitting there and now
it feels in knots with some pain
almost like a trapped air bubble. 
It's makes ya catch your breath
for a minute with the pains.
Oh my goodness I hope it goes away
because it even hurts to inhale and exhale
and feels like a balloon inflating in my belly!

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