Monday, July 23, 2012


Store Deals


Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads with Overnight Absorbancy
$1.99 for 14 count. 
There's a $2.00 off any Stayfree product coupon
in this week's paper or door ads.
If the store is out of stock make sure to
ask for a rain check.
The coupon is good til Aug. 31st.


8 ounce mushrooms .59 cents

Green bell peppers .69 cents per pack

10 ounce grape tomatoes .69 cents per pack

Cucumbers .29 cents each

2 lbs red onions $1.29

1 gallon milk $1.99


Buy 7 Eckrich or John Morrell products listed below
and get $7.00 off instantly at checkout.
Limit 2 offers per transaction.
 (prices are for if you purchase 7 products)

John Morrell sliced bacon 12 ounce $1.49

Eckrich Smok-Y links 8.3 ounce $1.49

Ekrich Meat or cheese franks or bologna .79 cents

Eckrich smoked or polish sausage grillers (excludes beef) $1.49


If you made three trips to the checkout
to purchase 14 of these items each time
getting a total of 7 of each item
it would cost you $52.78.
That would get you a total of 42 items.
averaging $1.25 per package of meat.
I can make 42 meals out of this meat
which to me is a great deal!!

Time to stock up at these prices!!
By the end of this year and next year 
expect to pay MUCH more
for meat because of the drought!
If you don't plan ahead now it'll come 
back to bite you in the rear end.

Meat can be kept in a freezer
6 to 12 months.



Even though I feel awful today with
the pain and throbbing I am pushing
myself LOTS to get a few things done.
I gotta keep my mind off the pain
or else it will drive me crazy!!


Today I got two "best customer" coupons in the mail from
Kroger for a free Digiorno pizza
and 10% off my total shopping trip.


It's 6:50pm and 92 degrees with
a heat index of 100 degrees, YUCK!
I sat outside for 15 minutes earlier
to soak up some sun without sunscreen and get some
free vitamin D.  I try to do this daily
if I feel I'm inside too much.
It can prevent colds, flu and other types
of sicknesses.  That's why many people
tend to get sick in the Winter because
of not having enough sun exposure and loss of vitamin D.
I sure as heck don't want any other sickness
on top of Crohn's!  That time of the month
on top of Crohn's just makes me want to
rollover and die.



Went to Kroger to pick up a couple items.
I also got a cat flea collar.  I've been wanting
a stress phermone collar but can't afford
it at this time.  The cat totally flipped out
when I went to put the collar on him.
Just the sight of it made him run before
I got close to him.
It's been awhile since he's worn one.
Once I caught him I putit under and around his neck where
it wasn't visible to him.  He's calmed
down somewhat but acts like I put
a thick chain around his neck, lol.
I tried the drops on his neck before
and didn't like the way he acted after putting them on
like he wasn't with it so didn't get those anymore. 


Going to help Tony study to become
a certified air conditioning and refrigeration technician.  
If he can pass this test they will up his
pay at work $1.00 (hopefully more.)
If it were me and I passed this test
I would want the $1.60 
they docked him off his hourly pay years ago because
of not being certified!  

I bet that after I help him study, and 
by study I mean for days or weeks,
I could probably pass this test because
I will have to study and learn it first
to translate it to him in people terms
to understand it better.  I say people terms 
because it's like a doctor/scientist writing this book.

Need to learn laws, dates, violations, ozone depletion,
recycling, reclaiming, recovering, clean air act,
leaks, safety, shipping & transporting ,
substitute refrigerants, dehydration, equiptment
types of refrigerants and what they contain
and which ones are hazardous to the environment
and what it can do if released into the air reaching
the ozone layer.  

My goodness I haven't had to study for a
test in a long time.  Back when I was a preschool teacher
we were required to have many training hours 
each year from colleges, hospitals and certified people.
Major classes like first aid/cpr, child abuse, 
communicable diseases and prevention along with others that
I cannot remember. Each of those classes was 6 hours long and 
you had to retake 3 hour refresher course every so often.
Then on top of those you had to take additional child education
classes for a total of 15 hours each year.
That was a lot of hours of training
in the 6 years I was a preschool teacher.



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