Saturday, July 28, 2012



Got up and went yard saling this morning.

Wooden ladder $2.50

Large oval crock pot.
I love the oval one I have already
that hubby found at his work,
better than the round ones and fits
meats and other items much better!
only $1.00!

Fairy statue .25 cents.

Columbus map book was free

3 books .25 cents each

Wolf fleece blanket .25 cents.
Got this for Damien for Christmas.

All this Halloween stuff below for $1.00!
I basically wanted the Witch costume and two wigs
but everything else came with it for a buck.

Found another wig at a yard sale for .50 cents.

These 6 movies were $5.00 
or .83 cents each.
I just watched Scary Movie 3 last night on tv, lol.

These movies were
Bloody Mary $1.00
Mean Girls .25 cents
the other two movies Tony found at work.

Other items not listed-

Box of legos $2.00

Laser radar detector $5.00
Putting back for Tony for Christmas.

I also found a lot of paint at Tony's
work but only came home with 3 gallons of gray.
Was thinking about sometime redoing
Jonathan's room in scarlet and gray
and doing an OSU theme.

In the mail today I got a free bottle
of 5 Hour Energy Drink.

I also got our electric bill today.
I thought it would have been much
more than it was considering
that most of June was 90 to 100+ degrees.
It was actually cheaper than last year.
Last year $222.
This year $213. 
I'll take this over other people's electric bills.
I've been hearing of people talking about
$300 to $500 electric bills.


Took the kids swimming this evening then
went over to Kroger before coming home on the NW
side of Columbus to get some picnic type
groceries for our outing tomorrow along with
a few other things for the upcoming week.
Went to put the refrigerated groceries
away and the only thing we had in the way
of refrigerated stuff was milk.
Totally missing the other stuff and have
rechecked the truck and everything
more than once looking for it.
This totally sucks as this Kroger is 5 miles away
and the stuff is needed tomorrow morning.
Just once why can't they put all your
freaking groceries in your cart when
they bag them????!!!!! 
I mean how do you miss putting a bag in the
cart with a large cottage cheese tub,
2 packages cream cheese,
2 large packages cheese slices
and a package of sliced honey ham.
So pissed and so tired wondering
if we should haul our butts back over
there and ask them what's up.
I mean come on now this store had very
few people in it to even screw up something like this.
I did notice that before the bagger had everything
bagged and put
in our cart the cashier was ringing up the next
person behind us and sending their groceries
down the line.  This is where they screwed up!!!!


Back home after making a 10 mile
round trip back to Kroger in Upper Arlington
to complain about not getting my groceries.
I told them how far I had to drive to come back for my groceries.
They told me to come back tomorrow they
can't do anything tonight.  I said really???
The reason I'm here now is because I'm going on 
a trip early tomorrow morning and won't be home
to come back tomorrow along with the fact
that the groceries I just purchased were
for my trip and to pack my cooler with.
Still got, sorry we can't do anything.
I was so irate and loud at this time
(picture a store with no customers
in it at about 11:30pm, it'll echo in there!)
after driving clear back over there at this
time of night when I should of been home in bed.
I said so, I'm supposed to rebuy all my groceries
that you failed to put into my shopping cart
that I PAID FOR!
This was not my fault at all!
And he said yes!
And the best part was that the guy I talked
to was the guy who bagged up all 
my groceries to begin with.
The guy who more than likely put 
my other part of my groceries in the couple's
cart behind us because there was
no extra bags of groceries at the checkout when I returned.
He even called another person to the checkout
on the intercom.  What I didn't like
was the fact that instead of standing in
front of me to discuss this with me
they both stood a distance away from
me with backs turned whispering.
Helloooo, remember me the customer?
You can keep the store open 24 hours but have
no one working in charge to take care of
matters like this?  Then have to go into a football
huddle to discuss this like it's my fault or something.
Kroger is my favorite store but 
when you mess with the bull you get the horns
when you do stupid crap like this to your customers
when it's not their fault!!!!
I will be going back at another time
and I will ask for the manager
to get this issue resolved.
I'm so pissed and worked up right now
it ain't funny.  I try so hard to plan for things
ahead of time.  When you mess with my
money that we work hard for and try
to take it from us and we get nothing
in return then you better look the bleep out.
I will defend that little bit of money 
because I sure as heck don't have a money
tree in the front yard to replace it with.
It's 12:10am so I need to get to bed.
Should've been there awhile ago!



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