Monday, October 10, 2011



Went to 2 more stores this morning pricing
different flooring items.
Didn't see anything at Menards so we stopped
in Rite Rug. They had two cheap laminate wood
floors. One was .39 cents sq ft. but they
didn't have enough in stock and I don't
think they were getting any more in.
It was of a light oak color.
Then the salesman pointed out another
laminate that was .57 cents sq.ft.
Not sure of the color as it was called Merbau.
I found another picture on their website of it.
It has a reddish tint to it.
One box covers 32.32 sq ft.
I had some measurements of the area we had
to cover and the guy figured out how much it
would cost. With foam pad and laminate
he told us $159 for all roughly.
That's $91 to $141 less than what I had
figured it would cost to redo these floors
with laminate.
Then Tony was telling me he could possibly
use a work discount on it. His work
uses Rite Rug for carpeting and vinyl
and he thinks they get a 10% - 20% discount.
So maybe $117.20 to $143.00 with a discount.



Tinkering with the camera in the back yard.


"Like" Incredible Edible Egg on Facebook

to print off a couple coupons for
.55 cents off 2 dozen eggs.
$1.10 double coupon, find $1.00 egg sales,
would make 2 dozen eggs .90 cents or .45 cents each!!



Got supper in the oven. Did a homemade lasagna.

1 box barilla lasagna- Free
1 jar Barilla spaghetti sauce- $1.00
1 jar homemade tomato sauce- Free
Garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning & splenda- .10 cents
1 pound ground turkey- $1.59
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese- $2.00

Total cost- $4.60
serves 8 @ .57 cents a serving.



We went back up to Rite Rug and talked to a different
person this evening. I took more measurements of
the area that needs flooring. This guy came up
with a different figure than the last guy.
The cost is now $231.95 with tax. I'm not sure
if that includes an extra box of laminate or not
which I would like.
I think I could shave off another $20-$40 if I bought
the foam underlayment somewhere else.
For the second time we still walked out to think
more about it. I hate making decisions on the spot.
They have 48 boxes of this laminate so I'm sure they
are not going to sell it all in the next 2 hours.

I am so stressed at the moment about this flooring.
For starters trying to figure out where the money
is going to come from. I think we've figured we could
use my $114 check from doing surveys and the
$91 check from scrap metal which is a total of $205.
That's all free money that we got to put towards this.
I was hoping to put it back for Christmas but I think
Tony is expecting a bonus before then. (let's hope
and pray!!) I was going to do a grocery shopping trip
this week to Meijers but decided to cancel that
just to save money at this moment and eat from
what little stockpile I have.

I'm still stressed even though we figured out where
to get the money from. We have never installed
a wood or laminate floor before and we will have this
all to figure out ourselves. We don't have money
to hire anyone to install it. I worry about getting
the planks cut right to go around corners, how to
get them up under baseboards and holes cut out
for vents. So yeah, I'm freaked out about screwing
something up that could cost us even more money.

Then I worry about if we will like the color
and planking style once it's all done,
AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. I don't know how people
can do major overhaul remodels on their homes
when I stress this much over a floor.

I've been trying to watch videos on YouTube about it.
I keep thinking that we put together a large shed with
a million pieces, this should be easy, HA HA HA.

Anyway I think tomorrow after the kids get off to school
we're going to go up and get the flooring.
I think I saw in a video that you have to let the
boxes of laminate sit in your home 2-3 days so
it can adjust to your homes temperature.
Wood contracts to different temps and it needs
to be the temperature of the rooms you are doing.
Which is a good thing because we have to go
in search of a table saw and jigsaw to borrow somewhere.

I am so tired, legs are aching and will be so glad
when this is all over with!!! Good news is that my
diarrhea has seemed to clear up for now so don't
have to worry about that.

And to think there is laminate in that store
that costs $1.50 to $4.00+ a square foot.
I couldn't imagine how much it would cost
to do a room with that stuff!! The sales people
are probably thinking we are nuts to be thinking
so long and hard over the .57 cents a square foot.

Flooring is a major decision because it's something
permanent that will be with you a long time.
It's not like a wall color that you could
easily change if you wanted to.

Ok I gotta go for now because the thought of
possibly sanding our original hardwood floor
is going through my head.
My head is spinning with thoughts about
this whole ordeal. I wake up with them,
I go to bed with them. I want it to be over with!!


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