Friday, October 28, 2011



BRRR! Fog and frost this morning. Windows need scraped.
Temperature gauge in the truck said it was 34 degrees out.


Hair cut appointment today at 10:30am. Can't remember
the last time I got it cut/thinned out. Last night
I took a bath and washed my hair. I spent about 30+
minutes in the bath trying to get all the tangles and knots
out of my hair. I still woke up to knotted hair at
the back of my head. Usually I put hair gel on my hair
after washing it to tame down the frizzies
and I didn't last night. Got it all
brushed out this morning and I look like a big poof head.

Don't look my best at 7:35am, lol, but here are
my before pics. I'd like to get it trimmed
to about armpit length and get the pointed
area in the back cut off. Then later on I'll
color it myself. Would be nice to find
a hair color that colors any and all gray.



My haircut after. Ahhh, just to be able to run
my fingers through it without tangles says a lot.
I have not done anything to my hair as in the
way of styling it. This is how I looked walking
out of the salon and after waking up from a nap.
I have a headache from hell at the moment
so will style it later on.
Cost of haircut $10 + $2 tip.
Mom paid for my hair cut for my upcoming birthday.



Headache has subsided so I decided to work on
my hair before we go out to eat tonight at
Taco Bell, something cheap.
I think it's a big transformation from
earlier this morning, lol!


Me and mom's dinner for the next 6 or so months :0)
One down one to go. Hoping and praying.
This is a video of my brother and nephew who's 11 years old.
My nephew shot the deer with a bow. The deer came within
about 5 or so feet of them!!!! I don't think you
can get any luckier than that!


Oh decisions, decisions. Money's tight at the moment
and it seems like every time we buy something we
have to think about if we really need it or not.
Gotta get through these next three months.
Still got Thanksgiving, Christmas and renewed
vehicle tags to take care of which are all
extra expenses. I hope I got pretty much the big
stuff for Christmas presents and can now work
on the smaller, cheaper items.

I now need a couple items that I don't think
can wait for another 3 months. I've weighed
the pros and cons of each one to see if buying
it now would save money in the long run and it does.

I need some colored printer ink. Sounds like a
splurge that I could go without but when it's
needed to print coupons to save money and to
make some Christmas gifts I think it's a necessity.

I have also been thinking about going to
a smoke shop this weekend to see about getting
a cigarette maker. The good ones run about $35 to $40
and this is a one time cost.

Here is the breakdown I came up with making
your own cigarettes. This is a rough guess
from checking out prices on the internet.

16 ounce bag tobacco $16 (makes 2.5 cartons)
2.5 boxes 200 count tubes $3 x's 2.5 is $7.50
Total cost to make 2.5 cartons $23.50
.94 cents a pack (20 cigarettes) to make.

Now compare that to the cost of cigarettes
you buy from the store.
1 pack of Dorals cost $5.05 with tax
times 10 packs in a carton.
$50.50 cents a carton!!!

To make my own costs $9.40 cents a carton,
a savings of $41.10!!!


Merry Christmas to me, look what my honey found me today-
a Eureka Pet Pal Vacuum with all sorts of attachments.
I've been needing a vacuum for awhile now. I've had
one that isn't the greatest that I've been getting by with.
I knew it would be a matter of time before my honey
found one.


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