Saturday, October 29, 2011



Just returned home from Kroger doing our
weekly shopping trip. With coupons and sale items
I saved $30 some dollars. I went over my grocery
budget because I bought an $8 - $9.00 turkey.
I didn't get it for Thanksgiving because I already
have one in the freezer. This one I'm going
to make this week for meals. So when you look at
it this way, $8-$9.00 for 5 or more meals, that ain't too shabby.

I now qualify for a $20 free gift certificate
to Kroger Marketplace. I still have a month
to go to qualify for even more. This will help
out so much when Christmas shopping for the kids.
All free money to spend! Remember for every $100
you spend at Kroger you get $10 to spend at Kroger
Marketplace in the beginning of December.

And I also have enough points now to get .30 cents
off a gallon of gas at Turkey Hill. So that will
also help out some.

Here are some of the markdown deals I found
today at Kroger-

2 Oscar Mayer bacon
was $5.32 each
I paid $1.69 each

1 pound Kroger cole slaw
I paid $1.39

What's the chances of me finding a reusable
coffee filter for the coffee pot I bought Tony?
Was $4.99
I paid $2.99

And if you bought $50 worth of stuff
you got a free pink breast cancer awareness
flourescent light bulb.

I stocked up on a bunch of 2 liters of
7UP, Sunkist and Citrus Drop, all diet.
With coupons and a sale I paid .50 cents a bottle.
I had 4 coupons so I put a bar up for the last
coupon and 2 bottles of pop. As far as I knew
you could only use 3 like coupons. But our favorite
cashier at Kroger told us they now allow 5 like coupons.
Wish they would make up their mind!!
This cashier is so nice to us and we try to
get in her lane whenever she's there.
She even noticed and commented on my haircut!

On our way home from Kroger we cut through a few backstreets
and headed over to Tony's work to check the bulk
area for any headboards. While cruising down any
side streets I keep my eye out for things people
set at the curb in hopes of finding a headboard.
Well I spotted things at a curb. No headboards
but we found a huge area rug that we are going
to put on the concrete floor in the basement.
Anyone ever price area rugs, especially how much
a large one might cost. We did when we were looking
for something to put on our floors. The could
easily start at $100 for a smaller one and go
up to over $1000 for larger ones. So free is good!


I won Jonathan another pair of shoes on Ebay.
They were $2.25 plus shipping.
Jonathan is a shoe fanatic. Sounds weird for
a 10 year old boy but he's into shoes.
So I now have gotten him two pairs of
shoes from Ebay for Christmas. One pair
of Vans and one pair of DC's.
And hey when a kid requests something practical,
and it doesn't involve toys, then I'm all for it.

I now have a little over $8 left in Paypal from
doing surveys. I might use that and apply it
to a cigarette maker. A new one costs about $40 plus tax
from a store.
Anything to cut the costs of buying one of those.

So here is one scenario for getting the cost down
to one of those cigarette machines that I'm wanting-

I found one on Ebay for $24.99 or best offer.
Shipping is $12.94 so a total of $37.93 without an offer.

I am offering $20 but have to wait up to 48 hours for a response.
If they say yes to the offer then the total would
be $32.94. I would apply my paypal balance (free money)
of $8.22 to it to get the balance down to $24.72 that
I would have to pay out of pocket.

I would save almost $18 from having to buy a new one
from a store if I can get this to go through!!!
That to me is a lot. If there's a will there's a way
to save on even things you wouldn't think you could
even save on!! OK, now I'm going to hope this all works out!
Save $18 on the machine then save $4.05 on each
pack of cigarettes I'd be making!! That to me is
savings that will start adding up very quickly.
Not something in the long run but right away!!
So yes it is so worth getting this now and not waiting.


I've been wanting to make these
Pie Crust Lattice Cookies. I got some refrigerated Kroger
ready made pie crust today when at Kroger.
I can give it a trial run before making any
for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
And since this is a trial run is why I opted
for the ready made crust. If all goes well
then I'll make my own pie crust dough
for the holidays for much cheaper.
I might try the cream cheese pie crust found HERE.
I have a box of Irish cream cappuccino and
gingerbread dry coffee creamer that I could
add to the dough to give it a little something as well.
Dust the tops with cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar.



Woo Hoo! My offer for the cigarette machine
was accepted!! I'm so happy. I paid out of
pocket a total of $24.72 for the good, metal,
Top-O-Matic machine. You don't want the plastic
ones which can break over time. Boy that
sure beats about $43 for a new one with tax!!!



Well all I am heading to bed soon. For the past couple
of days I've been having back spasms in my lower back.
And accompanying those symptoms is the diarrhea which
is trying to make it's appearance again. I don't know
what to do other than to take my Pentasa medicine.
I can't afford visits to the doctor who wants to
send me to get a colonoscopy and see a gastrenologist
on the other side of town at inconvenient hours.
I'm going to have to force myself to eat bananas
somehow which is loaded with potassium which seems
to drop when I have these diarrhea bouts.
So I need to find recipes with bananas in them
that I can tolerate such as smoothies with bananas
and yogurt which is another good thing for the

Makes 2
You’ll need two frozen bananas (more about that later), ten ounces of milk (try almond milk) and two tablespoons peanut butter. Toss everything in the blender, process and you’re done. Add a little honey, perhaps and you’ve whipped up a peanut-butter-and banana smoothies recipe for two. Children love the taste, the texture and they can eat them on the run.

Bananas form part of the BRAT Diet – recommended for kids recovering from gastro-intestinal problems, especially diarrhea. BRAT is the acronym for the elements of the diet; the first one being Bananas, followed by Rice Cereal, Applesauce and Toast. These are “binding” foods which solidify the stool and halt the diarrhea.


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