Thursday, October 27, 2011


Going to start working on making an apron today.
Why is it that a simple apron can have about
6 or so pattern pieces to it? I'm going to
work on a full bibbed apron for my first one
then I might see about making half ones with
no bib. What a pain in the rear it is to have
one pattern piece that works for about 5 different
aprons that each have different cuts. If you make
one you have to cut off one section and to make
another you have to add that section back on
and cut off another part. I could always use
a big piece of newspaper and trace and cut out
each pattern piece so I don't have to go through
this to make different aprons.



Good thing he didn't get hold of the main body
part of the apron pattern. I can just wing it
with doing the ties on the apron. That's the only
thing I have left to do.

I also would like to make matching pot holders
to go with the aprons. Here is a very quick and easy
pot holder tutorial!


For supper tonight-

Teriyaki veggies with Italian sausage over rice.

1/2 pkg veggie mix with sauce (from Aldis) $1.75
1 pkg Extra Value Kroger Italian sausage,
sliced $1.80 (it went up .40 cents! Used to be $1.40, grrr)
Instant rice- FREE

Total cost- $3.45

Should make at least 5 servings @ .69 cents a serving.

Boil rice with water and add in some soy sauce.

In a skillet fry up sausage. Stir in teriyaki sauce.

In another skillet cook up veggies with a little
water to steam them.

Top plate with rice, then veggies and lastly sausage.

I've also been having a sweet tooth.
I have some apples that need used up soon so
have been thinking about making this recipe
for Southern Apple Crumble.
I don't have any oatmeal cookie mix that I can find
so I'll be using either snickerdoodle or sugar cookie mix
and will toss in a cup of oatmeal and a teaspoon of
apple pie spice. I don't have any pecans.
I'll probably double the recipe considering I have
6 apples and the recipe calls for 3. I can make one
for now and make one for the freezer for Thanksgiving.
Hey, I'm all about getting a head start for the holidays :0)



Got done with the full apron.
This will be my apron I'll use for holiday baking.
I'm considering the half aprons as gifts
because they will be easier and go faster!
It will look just like the one below
minus the bib and will just tie around the waist.



Free 5 Hour Energy Drink

Free Downy Unstoppables
I plan to put these in a mesh bag
or a piece of panty hose and put them
in the truck under the seat as an
air freshener.

Free blank Birthday card from

And I got my electric bill which is slowly
coming down each month. It is $20 less
than last month.


Mom called not long ago and was telling me
my nephew got a deer already this year hunting.
Really got my fingers crossed that my brother
gets two of them, one for mom and one for us this
year. Deer is much cheaper than even ground turkey
so I would love to stock my freezer with it
considering our financial status at the moment.



Blogger is currently not letting me upload photos.
Once they get this problem fixed I'll be sure
to post them.

I made up the apple crumble. I just went ahead
and put it all in one big dish.
Here were the changes I made with the recipe-

I used 5 apples,
2.5 teaspoons - 1 Tablespoon apple pie spice instead of cinnamon,
1 cup old fashioned oats,
Snickerdoodle cookie mix,
which came with a package of cinnamon sugar
that I sprinkled on top of everything before
putting in the oven.
And I extended the cooking time by about 15 minutes.

I had a large canister of old fashioned oatmeal
that was a .99 cents manager special because it didn't
have it's plastic lid. It still had the sealed
plastic top though. So once I opened it I put
the remaining oatmeal into spaghetti or canning jars.
I cut the top off a bottle of a 2 liter pop
to use as a funnel. Tony thinks I'm nuts for
saving all these jars but they sure are coming
in handy for dry goods like this!

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