Friday, October 21, 2011



Already starting in on getting 3 pounds of
onions cut up. The sinuses are a flowing
this morning! I wear sunglasses to help
keep the onion juices out of my eyes.
The smaller the onion the more potent they
seem to be!!
This will be 9 pounds of onions I will
have dehydrated.



OK, no more itty bitty onions! I'll stick with
medium or larger ones from now on. The little
ones were so potent that my one child is running
around the house saying his eyes are burning
and he hasn't been in the kitchen. I have
the front door open and the fan blowing
the air out. I did manage to get 5 trays
in the dehydrator outside. Yesterday I could
smell the onions all the way in the front yard
at the street! Free or not I don't think
these are worth all this trouble now that
I have learned my lesson the hard way.
My sinuses are running and hurting and
my eyes are tearing and burning, AHHHHH!!!!
I'll be more than happy when I start
dehydrating the potatoes instead, lol.


Here's a freebie gift set you can get from Walmart.
The free part though is you have to send in a
mail in rebate. I'm not fond of those but have
read that people are getting them.
Looks like you get the rebate in 1-2 weeks.
Deal was found HERE.

Walmart is still offering up these Olay Spa Gift Set Caddy with Bonus 1-Year Subscription to Allure Magazine for ONLY $10! Plus, you’ll score FREE shipping to your home! And, even sweeter, if you forgo the subscription, you’ll be able to submit for a $9.99 rebate found here through 6/30/2012.

To submit for your rebate, find the card inside your package and submit with the rebate form found here (print entire page and fill out form at bottom of page). You’ll get back $9.99, making this deal only $0.01 out of pocket!


For those of you looking for something cheap to
do this weekend with the kids-

Cinnemark Carriage Place Movies 12
on Bethel Rd. has Cars 2 for $1.00 a person.
The kids have been wanting to see this movie
and I said I would take them once it hit this
cheap theater.

Maybe if I do this for everyone and get on their good
side, lol, they won't complain as much when I say I
want to stop in the thrift store to find some fabric.
I want to find cheap fabric to make my window frame
quilt so I can get it hung up in the living room.
I get fabric from cheap sheets around .99 cents
each or less if half price. Pillow cases are
also around .59 cents each. Bed skirts can be found
as little as .99 cents each.



My kitchen's tidied up and dishes put away
and the dirty ones going in the dishwasher.
Got my Winter curtains in the dryer.
that I washed last night.
Hoping to get them put up sometime today.

I also got a batch of stuffed mushrooms made
to have with supper. I do have extra filling
that we can use on Ritz style crackers.
I put them in the fridge for now and will
bake about 5pm.



!!!!!!!NEWS ALERT!!!!!!

President Barack Obama declares and end to the Iraq War
which has lasted 9 years. All US troops will be withdrawn
by year's end.

Channel 4 News



Well since it's getting into the colder season it seems
like my sewing machine keeps calling out to me to use it.
So today I decided to place a bid on a sewing pattern
from Ebay for an apron. I haven't bought a pattern in awhile
so figured why not. I have some money saved up in my
paypal account from doing surveys so figured I'd treat
myself to something.
It comes with 5 different designs the one below being
my favorite one. We'll see tonight around
9:15pm if I won it or not.


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