Tuesday, October 25, 2011



Jumped in the truck to take Christopher to the bus stop
only to realize the glove box and console was open was
open and crap was scattered everywhere. This crap is
getting old!!!! There's nothing of any value to steal
but I worry about when someone doesn't shut the door all
the way or leaves interior lights on such as the one
in the glove box and it runs down my battery.
We won't talk about the recent theft of two mountain
bikes out of the back yard this past week either.
I've lost count as to how many of our bikes have
been stolen. Tax time can't get here fast enough.
I so want some security cameras to catch whoever
is doing it!! The police highly recommended to get
them especially ones you can hook to your computer.
They say they can't do anything about the thefts
even if you have witnesses unless they catch the thief
personally or I have them on video committing the crime.

I've been checking out this DVR 4 camera security
system at Harbor Freight for $299.

This morning me and mom are going to check out the sale
at Dollar General that I mentioned yesterday.
Something tells me that it will be a big disappointment
with little or nothing to offer. I've gone to some
of their sales before and found nothing.
You just never know if it's a sales scam just
to get you into the store to buy things.
After Dollar General I want to stop in another
thrift store to look for more fabric for
my window quilt along with a couple other things
I'm looking for to make Christmas gifts from.

I'm hoping to get my apron pattern within
the next couple of days so I can get started
on those. I got a couple flat sheets for fabric
for those already.



Back from 2 Dollar Generals and 2 thrift stores.

The thrift stores today disappointed me. My second
favorite thrift store raised their
prices. Clothing was stupid priced and I wanted
a couple stuffed animals for some projects and
even the simple stuffed animals were priced stupid.
I'm not paying $2 to $3 for used stuffed animals
that I'd be tearing apart anyway.

At Dollar General I didn't find the .10 cent items.
Those items were marked 70% off though. Which
to me is false advertisement according to their
website which says differently.
Now I did do good at the first Dollar General
we stopped at. The second didn't have much
of a selection and I didn't get anything.

I spent $16 including tax and bought
6 people Christmas gifts!

-6 polo shirts
-1 long sleeve t-shirt
-2 pairs of pants
-1 jean shorts
-1 t-shirt
-2 pj outfits- shorts & shirts
-2 Fall jackets

Now check this out. I totaled up the prices
of everything before the markdown price and
all these would have cost....drum roll please....

$164.50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saved $148.50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found these fabrics, a Christmas valance for .90 cents
and a tablecloth for .60 cents at the thrifts store.
Still haven't found any more fabric for
my window frame quilt.

The valance has glittery snowflakes on it.
I plan to cut circles out of this fabric
to make jar toppers for the gifts in a jars.

The tablecloth fabric I bought to make an apron out of.



Just now getting some supper of a frozen pizza.
We had to run to Kroger to get some pop.
And I found a few mark downs while there.
I spent $37 at Kroger and $15 at Aldis for
groceries this week.

-twin pack Hamburger Helper cheeseburger macaroni $1.25
-twin pack Hamburger Helper stroganoff $1.25
-2 Pasta Roni butter & garlic .59 cents each
-loaf rye bread .59 cents
-Kroger mouthwash .79 cents
-Tresemme hairspray $1.69
-2 pkgs Sugardale hot dogs .99 cents each
-can of Kroger coffee $2.59
-2 boxes (20 count each) of microwavable candy corn popcorn $2.49 each

I also got
2 two liters Diet A&W Rootbeer
2 two liters Sun Drop and
2 two liters Diet 7UP
for .50 cents each with sale and coupons I found at Speedway.

I splurged today and got the Tresemme hair spray
because mom is taking me to get my hair cut Friday
for $10. I'm hoping she considers that an early birthday gift to me.
I've got to get my hair thinned out and layered!
It's starting to knot up really bad.


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I usually don't buy clothes or shoes on Ebay but
I did tonight. My son's been wanting a pair of
either DC or Vans tennis shoes. Not something in my budget
at the moment to just run out and buy another pair of shoes,
especially for an expensive brand! I cannot afford those period!
So I found a pair of Vans on Ebay for $15.50 plus shipping.
I used free money I have in my Paypal from doing surveys.
I made sure to get him a 1/2 size bigger than what he
wears now because these will be a Christmas present for him.

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