Friday, October 7, 2011


So this weekend we are thinking about tearing up the
carpet in the dining room, living room and hallway.
I worry about what the condition of the wood floor
is like underneath because this house used to be a rental.

I've always had carpet so have been reading about
how to take care of hard wood floors. I have a steam mop
that I can use. I have also read to make a mixture
in either a bucket or spray bottle, of
water, 1 cup vinegar and 1-2 tablespoons olive oil.
Use this 1 month. Don't use products that use wax
as you can get wax build up.
Make sure to put felt pads under all furniture
so as to not to scratch the floor when moving.

I also did a little research on how to make wood
look better without sanding and redoing them.
I found this product called Restor-A-Finish.
I found it at Home Depot for $8.78
and True Value Hardware for $9.99.
It comes in different tints like oak, cherry and so on.
It pretty much shows it for wood furniture
and cabinets but I think if our floor turns out
to be all scratched up I might give this a try.


I took a really hot bath last night to help
the pains in my middle back, hips and legs.
That along with some Tylenol is keeping the
pain to a minimum. I feel pretty good with
the pain today. Still feel tired even though
I took a long nap yesterday and slept good
throughout the night. This morning I still
had the diarrhea though. I've been taking
my Pentasa prescription meds for it.
I have to take 2 pills 4 times a day and it
usually takes 3-4 days to go into affect.



Mom called and wants to take me out to lunch.
Then after that I'm coming home and taking a nap.



Back home from lunch at Burger King
and we stopped at a garage sale.

I wanted to tell you about this deal I found
at Burger King. They are selling coupon booklets
for $1.00 each. The proceeds benefit education
through BK Scholars. I asked to see the coupon
booklets before purchasing. In these booklets
are FREE coupons for-
3 free soft serve cones,
4 free fries &
1 free soft drink or icee.

I bought 2 booklets for $2.00.
Minus the $1.00 for the coupon booklet
you get $7.00 worth of free items in it!
Can't pass up that kind of deal!

I figure tonight we could go and get
four $1.00 junior whoppers (for $4.00)
Then use my freebie coupons to get
4 fries,
3 drinks (will have to buy a $1.00 drink for me and Tony
to share since I only have 2 freebie coupons)and
3 ice creams
for a total of $5.00!!
Ok it would really cost $6.00 total since
I used one coupon book.
$6.00 for a family of 4 to eat out, heck yeah!!

My other coupon booklet I got so maybe me and Tony
could eat out next week while he's on vacation.

Some people just don't understand deals.
While I was waiting for our food at Burger King,
in walks a guy. No cashier was at the counter yet
so he asks me, "do they still have the $1.00 fries?"
I said yes and pointed to where they were on the $1.00 menu.
Then I said, "check this out" and pointed to the coupon
book they were selling. I say, "you can buy this coupon
book for $1.00 and it is full of freebies including fries."
All he had to do was buy the book for $1.00, then
order an order of fries which would have been free
from the coupon in the coupon booklet. Then
he would have had 7 more freebie coupons he could
have used at another time or ordered more free things
during his visit.
It must have been a man thing because he didn't listen
to me and just ordered his $1.00 fries, no coupon booklet.
Oh well, you can't say that I tried to tell him.

Oh yeah, with our order at Burger King today they
also gave us these free coupons. I just happened
to of found another one sitting on a table
in the dining room :0)

-any premium sundae for $1.00
-buy 1 get 1 free soft serve cone or sundae
-Free soft serve cone
-free sundae with purchase of a value meal

I found these items below at a yard sale-

.50 cents Oil warmer gift set.
This will be used as a Christmas gift.

FREE- small coupon organizer.

.25 cents baby kit
comes with-
digital thermometer
ball syringe
(this would have come in handy to clean out ears with)
medicine spoon
medicine dropper
medicine syringe
bottle adapter

You can usually get free medicine spoons
when you get a child's prescription from
the pharmacy. I thought it was worth the .25 cents
just to get the digital thermometer!


Here's one of those moments you just wanna clunk
your head upon the wall...

Remember when I said I had to call Columbia gas
and set up an appointment to have my gas meter read?
I asked the person on the phone about getting
a automated meter put in and he said it was up
to the gas meter reader that came out to install it. But
when the meter reader came out and I asked him
about having one installed he said I would
have to call Columbia Gas about it.
Neither one knew nothing about it.

Well today I got a notice in the snail mail
stating I haven't got my automated reading gas meter upgraded
yet and if I don't call to get it installed
soon they they would interrupting my gas service!

Clunk, Clunk!!!


Mail Call

Today I received a free coupon for
one Red Gold Tomato product for
doing a survey they had.



Starting to feel really crappy. I already told everyone
we're going to Burger King. Time to put on my smiley
face and grin and bare it til we get back home.
I don't feel hungry so I'll probably go without
a supper meal tonight. Now a free ice cream cone
doesn't sound too bad. Not as heavy as a meal.

And of course everyone's talking about pulling up the
carpet starting tomorrow. Not something I'd like
to think about at the moment. I have a headache, body
aches and feel sooooo tired!! Tomorrow is another
day and hopefully I wake up with more energy than
I had today! If this is all the result of IBS then
it really, really sucks to have it.



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