Sunday, October 9, 2011



I love this time of year when the leaves
are changing colors. I make sure to visit
Hoover Reservoir and Alum Creek to get some
pretty photos. These are ones I took today.
My favorites are the last few at the bottom
with the mirrored affect against the water.
That was at Oxbow at Hoover.


We went to 5 different places today pricing different
options for our floor. We looked at things like vinyl sheeting,
vinyl stick tiles, laminate floors & area rugs.
Everything is so far out of our reach budget wise
at the moment we may just have to wait til tax time.
I think we would like the laminate floors.
We want something that isn't cheap, meaning something
that will fall apart and will last us awhile
and look good. It's going to cost about $20 to $25
for each box of laminate and We need at least
10 to 12 boxes, then $20 for each roll
of foam padding to go underneath it. Probably
looking at 2 rolls of that needed.
So looking at around $250 to $300 total
to do our dining & living room and hallway.
I was wanting security cameras at tax time
but might have to get this instead.
It all depends upon the kind of deals I can
find. It would be nice to find a clearance
or discontinued item on sale so will be keeping
an eye out for some sales next year or this
year if there would happen to be a bonus
at Tony's work.


I stopped in Dollar Tree today to check and see if
they still carried the vinyl stick floor tiles.
I didn't see any but as I was walking through
the store I saw some trading card sleeves hanging
off a shelf. 10 in a package for $1.00!!!!
Now these are the kind you can use for a coupon
binder. This is the first time I have ever
seen them in Dollar Tree so I snatched up
two packages. The only other place I have found
them is Walmart and they cost around $5 to $6.00
a pack of about 10!!



TOnight's supper- Tacos

1 pound ground turkey- $1.59
1 can tomato soup- Free
1 packet Spanish rice mix- Free
box of 12 tacos- Free
1/2 bag of salad- .50 cents
1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese- $1.00

Fry up ground turkey. Add in can of tomato
soup, Spanish rice mix and water according
to directions on package. Cook til
water has reduced and rice is done.

Fill taco bottoms with meat/rice mix.
Top with lettuce and cheese.

Total cost $3.09
serve 4 @ .61 cents a serving


I saw this idea for old dresser drawers
and using them for shelves.
You can paint them and stack on a wall
to be like a bookshelf.
I thought it was neat because I all
the time see old dressers at the curb
or Tony's work. Love finding ways
to reuse things in a different way!

Here's an idea-
Drawers are usually shallow. You could
put them in a coat closet or on the end
of a clothes closet stacked upon one another
and use it as a mini pantry or storage for
other items. What about on the bathroom wall
for toiletries, toilet paper or towels?
I think this idea could work in a laundry room
also as a place to put your detergent, fabric
softener, bleach and stain removers.
With a small house I look for ways to be
able to store things in the oddest places.


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