Friday, October 14, 2011


Our cat is a thief! This morning I found his face buried
in my purse, sitting on the floor, digging around for something.
Somehow he knew I kept Coke bottle caps in there.
I've been collecting them to turn in for a free shirt.
Anyways out pops his head out of my purse. In his
mouth is a Coke bottle cap. He then takes off
really fast with the bottle cap in his mouth.



It's been a long day! Been working on the floor from
11:00am to 6:00pm. Still not done but close. Tomorrow
it will be. So much thanks to Dewaine and Kendra with
their much needed help with the installation.
And Kendra, I still owe you a butt kicking for
secretly buying me 5 lbs of hamburger, a pot roast
and 2 gallons of milk. We really appreciate the
food and the help!! It's looking so much better in here!
The floor will be easier to clean and keep down
on the dust and germs.


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