Sunday, October 23, 2011



Still trying to wake up. Taking the kids to see
Cars 2 at noon today. And since Walmart is close
by on Bethel Rd. we'll stop in there and look for
a broom/mop holder. I really need one as I am
getting tired of tripping over all them in my kitchen.
Need it to hang in my stairwell of the basement.
When you have Swiffers, mops, brooms, dustpans,
and steam mops you've got to find a place to
store them. I was just too tired to do it
yesterday. Will also check on the baking soda
deal with free magazine subscription and
see if they have the Olay gift baskets with
magazine subscription and rebate. Not sure
if that is online only or if it is in stores.

Need to find my big purse to take so I
can smuggle in some pop, lol. I want to stop
by Kroger and get some 20 ounce diet Pepsi.
I have .70 cent off coupons (doubled) and they are $1.49
at Kroger. So with coupons should be .80 cents
each times 4 is $3.20. I cannot afford movie theater
treats!! So $4.00 for our tickets plus $3.20 for pop
is already $7.20 for us to go to the movies.
And that is a splurge for us. Gotta watch our
pennies now through tax time.



Just got home. Watched the movie and went
to Walmart, the place that is a waste of my
time because I can't find anything!
Stopped by Tony's work since it was on the way
home so he could pick up
his coffee cup that he forgot to bring home
Friday. Drove by the bulk furniture area
in hopes of finding some head or bed foot boards.
Still nothing yet. But as I was leaving the property
I saw a small pet bed in front of a dumpster.
I thought kitty would love it.
The cover is removable so will wash up today
with laundry.



Got all laundry to still get started.
It's getting late and I'm already tired,
hungry, irritable, have a headache and feel like I can't
get ahead with things today.

I haven't gotten any
more colored ink for my printer but I did refill
the black ink in it. Tried printing off coupons
and they are coming out lighter and lighter.
That's not good when I'm trying to get coupons
rounded up for a big grocery shopping trip in the
next couple of weeks. Grrrr!

I really need to find time to go through
my large freezer down in the basement
and see what I have and what I might

Got supper to make soon. I'm making
angel hair pasta with sauce and ground
turkey meatballs.

1 pound ground turkey $1.60
1.5 cups bread crumbs .50 cents
1 egg .15 cents
dehydrated onions chopped FREE
onion powder, Italian seasoning .05 cents
chopped up garlic .10 cents
angel hair past FREE
jar of pasta sauce $1.00
shredded up sharp cheddar cheese for top .95 cents

Serves 5 with spaghetti, cheese, sauce & meatballs.
Serves 3 with spaghetti, butter & meatballs.
.62 cents a serving.

I wanted to get my window quilt finished and
hung up this weekend. I thought it was
a 9 pane window and come to find out
it's a 12 pane window. I don't have enough
fabric to do it. So there's another trip
back to the thrift store sometime.

Tony's watching the NASCAR race and this
AT&T commercial keeps coming on. Tony
says it reminds me of me and him, LOL,
saying, "where's that money coming from Tony?"

I got Tony's hair to cut tonight also.
He says he has wings, lol.

Sitting here munching on some candy corn
before supper. Mmmm Good! I don't think
anyone else here likes it so you know what
that means, I have it all to myself.
Last year I stocked up on a bunch of candy
after Halloween. I think I got bags
for .25 cents or less. I kept them in
the basement, a cool, dry place in
cupboards and they are just fine.


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