Wednesday, October 5, 2011






Old Spice Travel Size Body Wash- $0.97
Use $1.00/1 Old Spice Product from P&G 10/2
Final Price = FREE


In yesterday's sales ads in the snail mail there was two
coupons for $10 haircuts plus 20% off one retail product
at any of the following salons-

Fiesta Salons
First Choice Haircutters

Expires 12/15/11



Don't have any plans of going anywhere this morning.
So I plan to stay home, chill and get some
needed rest today before the kids get home from school.
Kitty's been hogging my side of the bed at night making
it difficult to get some sleep. I wake up many times
in the night to move him. I got up at 3am to use
the bathroom only to come back to bed to find him
laying in my warm spot of the bed on his BACK
with front legs stretched over his
head and back legs stretched as far as they would go.
I need to make him his own kitty bed!!!



Well ain't this just a kick in the face. Never had a problem
with my computer. I have protection on and always run scans.
Ad-aware alerted me of a virus and I was able to remove it
and restart my computer. So much was stuff was wiped
clean because of it. Gone! All Gone! Anything
that I had saved on my computer....GONE!! Not even sure
how the heck I got my browser to come back up.
I really don't need this crap at the moment.
I don't have the money to fix or replace computers at
this time. I feel like I've been nothing but cursed
this year with some bad luck! What the heck is next???
Because I'm about at wits end. My computer is part
of my life and sanity and I feel like the curse is trying to
take that from me. Feel like I'm treading water and
now if I lose my computer I won't know what to do.
It's where I find and print my savings. You know,
those things that are still keeping us afloat.

Need a few prayers here so we can look to a brighter
tomorrow. I've had enough of things breaking down,
bills increasing, doctor bills and sickness!
I'm trying my hardest and feel like we're not
making any headway no matter what I do.



Tony got off from work early today.
They have done away with overtime now that
the rush has passed. Now they are back to letting
you go home early if you have any overtime for the week.
Now if you are on call you do get that overtime
up to 10 hours.


Today I got 2 different pouches of coffee
from two different companies. Each pouch
makes a pot of coffee. I like these
for those days when you run out and
have these for backup til you get to the store.


Print .60 cent coupon ($1.20 doubled) for Ricola

mixed berry supplement drops.
Enter zip code 12345 if your zip code doesn't work.


I found this deal at Deal Seeking Mom-

I've got an awesome exclusive magazine deal just for DSM readers today -- choose a one-year subscription to any THREE of the following magazines for just $10 total!

* Taste of Home
* Reader's Digest
* Glamour
* Men's Journal
* Shape
* Disney's Family Fun
* Better Homes and Gardens
* Ladies Home Journal
* Woman's Day

Just go here to and select any 3 magazines that you would like. Click submit and it will take you directly to the checkout screen, where you will pay only $10 for all THREE subscriptions! You can choose to send them all to the same address or different addresses, making this a fabulous way to check a few holiday gifts off your list. AND you can select up to three years at this price -- wow!

This offer is only good for 2 days (expires at 11:59pm EST on Thursday, 10/6), so make sure to grab it before it’s gone!

See another magazine you'd like to purchase that's not part of this offer? You can always use coupon code DEALSEEKINGMOM to save an additional 20% off of any other magazine subscription.

So I figure 36 magazines for $10 or .36 each!!


FREE Sample of Carnation Instant Breakfast Essentials


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