Saturday, October 22, 2011



Well, I won my apron pattern auction last night :0)
There was another bidder. Don't ya just love it
when you win because you added those couple
of cents to your bid. I won by a matter of .05 cents for $2.05.
You can find patterns for much cheaper on Ebay
when compared to going to Joanns!
Here's the Butterick pattern.
This pattern was actually free for me because
it was around the price of what I get for
doing one survey through Pinecone Surveys.
I thought I could try my hand at this and if it turns out
I could make as Christmas gifts for people like
teachers. What teacher doesn't need an apron or
smock in the classroom? Today while out and about
I want to stop in the thrift store and look
for some pretty sheets to make this with.
Flat sheets have a lot of fabric to offer
for a cheap price tag at thrift stores.

To give this apron as a gift set you could
add it with a homemade gift in a jar with
a potholder and a wooden spoon-
all things that can be homemade for cheap.
Make the potholder with matching fabric
that you made the apron from.

I cannot afford to buy batting to make potholders
so instead I use used blankets as the batting.
Cut out the potholders and cover in your desired
fabric then cover the rough edges in trim.
Trim or binding can usually be found cheap
by the bagfuls at yard sales. Or even though
it is a little time consuming, can be made from scratch
with coordinating fabric.
How to make your own bias binding.
A bias trim maker runs about $4.99 at Joanns
but you can usually find 40% to 50% off coupons in your paper.
Bias trim runs about $2 to $4 each so it wouldn't
take long for this item to pay for itself.

And my last tip for sewing at the moment is
that I don't buy the regular spools of thread
for my basic sewing machine. Instead I pay
around $2 for serger thread spools at Walmart. It offers
much more thread for the money when compared to
regular spools. There's about 3,000 yards of
thread on there compared to about 200 yards
on basic thread spools.
Yeah, it fits looser on the
sewing machine spindle but it does work as
I've been doing this for years. I usually
buy 2 or three basic colors-
white or cream & black or navy blue.



Just returned home from our visit to the South
end today. I am totally whipped! I told everyone
as we walked in the back door, "if I collapse to
the floor, just step over me and leave me lay!" Lol.

Our first stop was Groveport. We walked an ababdoned
railroad pathway and visited an old canal.

From the old railway path we made our way through some
thick brush over to the newer railroad.
We walked a little ways on it exploring
and finding old railway ties, and nut & bolts from the track.
I also collected sparkly rocks to put in my
birdbath for decoration. They are really sparkly
when sun hits them you just can't see it
in the birdbath since it's dark out.
I also included some old railway glass in there
also that we found.

And as I was walking along
the edge of the track you will see I almost
stepped upon my little friend shown in one of the
pictures below.

From there we headed to the Kroger in Groveport for lunch.
Not much in the way of many fast food places in that area.
We decided we wanted a couple of the deli subs for $3.99.
If you've never had one you ought to try it.
For the money to split between two people you can't
go wrong because it is loaded with meat.
When we got in the store we only found one sub so
I asked the guy behind the counter if he could
make a second one for us and he did. He LOADED it
with so much roast beef! Even a half of a sub
was too much for me to eat!
The sub on the left was the one that was fresh made
for us. Check out how much meat the deli guy put on it!
You couldn't but a sandwich like this at Arby's
for $3.99 for two people!! We ate our lunch in the
truck to our next destination.

From Groveport we headed to a park to do some metal
detecting. There was a river nearby but walking along
it was too muddy as you can see from Jonathan's clothes
from where he fell.

From there we stopped in the thrift store at
Great Southern shopping center. While Tony found a
hose hanger for $1.99 I didn't find any fabric
because I thought it was overpriced.
We was going to stop in Walmart but was way too tired
and we had one more stop to go. I had Tony
stop by the Indianola thrift store so I could
run in and find some fabric for my wall quilt
and aprons I want to make.
Here's some fabric I found for the window quilt.

And a couple flat sheets for some aprons.

I also got both boys Scream movie masks for Halloween
for .90 cents each. One has a black hood and the other
is a white hood. They looked so funny on the ride
home wearing their masks in the backseat looking out
the windows at people.



Time for milk and kitties, I mean cookies!



The neighbor kid caddy corner from us invited the
boys over for some cake and ice cream.
Not quite sure why the dad, every year, waits
til late evenings to have his kids birthdays.
Nothing like filling them up with sugar
and energy before bed.

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