Tuesday, October 18, 2011



Kitty peeping through bench hole.


Well it appears Tony's car is going to need a new
starter soon. About three times now he's gone out
to start his car and it acts as though it is dead.
All light and power stuff comes on it just won't
turn over til about the third try of the key.
Just doesn't stop with bills. I also got
two auto plate renewals coming up soon as well.
He priced a new starter at two different auto parts
stores and they want $140, ouch. He then called
somewhere out on E. Main st to a place that sells
used ones for $40. So praying that it holds out
til this weekend so we can go get it.
Gotta do what ya gotta do when ya can't afford new.



Hurry! and "like" OB's Mighty Small on Facebook
to be able to print a couple $3.00 off 1 coupons!
Limited to 2,500 coupons! I got mine.
While there check out the free sample link on the left
to get a free trial pack. Got that too.

Walgreens sale this week-
40 count OB Tampons $7.99 buy 1 get 1 50% off
$12.00 minus $6.00 coupon makes it
$6.00 for two 40 count boxes.



Weird looking clouds.
Tony called a couple minutes before and said
there was hail at his work. We had very little here.



At 4pm like Tide on Facebook and they'll send you a $2.00 off coupons in the mail. Limit of 35,000.
Allow 4-6 weeks.


For every $100 you spend at Kroger between
10/16 and 11/27 you will receive a $10
Holiday Thank You Bonus to use at Kroger Marketplace.
Limit of $200.
Redeem December 1st through 4th.
This would be nice to get some free Christmas gifts
for the boys!!

Kroger Riverside Turkeys 10-24 pounds .59 cents
a pound with $10 purchase.
Good Oct. 17th through November 27th.
You will also earn a 4x's fuel points reward!


Heading out East tonight by Ricart to visit Tony's friend.
Will probably stop and find a fast food joint with cheap
food for supper then stop in Kroger to get some pop.
I know I got all those bottles of Pepsi Max for almost
free but those were for Tony to use while at work.
I can't drink that stuff for too long because
it makes me feel weird and my heart race.

Ya know what sounds good for a supper one night?
Ham and bean soup with cornbread. Might pick
up those two items while in Kroger. Don't ya
hate when you get certain cravings!



Just got back from eating out, getting a few groceries
for the week and getting gas. Didn't go out East.
Change of plans for tomorrow evening.

I didn't have any coupons for Kroger sales
but I did manage to find a couple manager specials.
I stocked up and got 10 bottle of Kraft BBQ sauce
that was marked down to .39 cents a bottle
and I go the kids and after school snack for tomorrow
of two candied apples rolled in peanuts marked
down to .49 cents each.

Sitting here now watching Extreme Couponing.
Tony says, I don't know why you watch that show
you always gripe about how these people shop
and end up yelling at the tv. LOL.
Men watch their sports on tv and yell at it
so why can't I yell at these Extreme Couponers
on tv that are ruining it for the
regular couponers out there!

So as I'm watching tv I saw out of the corner of
my eye that kitty was getting into my purse again
stealing my Coke bottle caps. I had started zipping
my purse up but had forgotten to do it when
we returned home. So here he is caught in the act!!


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