Wednesday, October 19, 2011



Been going through some hair photos online.
I've been wanting to get my hair cut because
the hair on the back of my head has been knotting
up like a brillo pad/rat's nest.

I know I cut all the boys and Tony's hair
to save money but I don't know how to cut
my hair other than to cut off split ends.
I usually get my hair cut once or twice
a year but it would be nice to be able to
do it at home to save that little bit of money
for something else. I want layered hair
to take out some of the thickness to prevent
those rat's nests in the back of my head

So as I was looking around at different hairstyles
I ran across this clip thing thing called
CreaClip that you use to cut layers in your hair.
It looks easy enough to use. I'd be afraid I'd
screw my hair up. Something I'll think about
getting to avoid going to the salon.
CreaClip has 69 different YouTube videos
to show you different hair cuts you can do.
The cheapest one I found on Ebay is $27
plus $7 shipping. So $34 total. But it would
be a one time item you would buy.
A couple of trips saved from going to
the salon could pay for this item.



Got supper in the crock. We're having ham & bean soup.
I have no recipe as I just threw things in the
soup that I had on hand. If I had carrots those
would be in there as well.

1- large jar mixed beans
1- pkg diced ham
2- cans chicken noodle soup
I didn't have any broth so used these instead.
After opening the cans I chopped up the noodles
into smaller pieces while still in the can
either using kitchen shears or a knife.
2- stalks celery & half onion chopped
Since my kids are picky about certain veggies
and I still wanted the flavor, I put both
these veggies in the food processor with a little
water and pureed it.

To thicken the soup some I added a half cup of
homemade cream soup to the the ham & bean soup.
It has powdered milk, seasonings and potato flakes in it.

I also added some jarred diced garlic & onion powder.

I put the crock on low and will let it cook til about
an hour before supper then will turn off.
Will make up 2 boxes of Jiffy corn bread mix
to go with the soup.


Save $2 on a 10 juice box pack of Minute Maid
when you share with 3 friends.
If you don't want to share this offer with friends
then you can print a $1.00 off coupon.
I just sent it to my other email addresses.
You can print out both the $1 & $2 coupons.




I got a goody bag full of samples!
The little bag is made of a silky type
fabric with zipper like a makeup bag.
In it was all these samples-
-John Frieda
-Garnier Fructis
-Tresseme shampoon & conditioner
-Loreal cream
-Burt's Bees
-Over $20's in Target store coupons
which can be combined with manufacture coupons!

I also got another Save-A-Lot ad that says
they are having another $1.00 sale
from 10/16 to 10/29, while supplies last.
It would be nice if they had the products
that are on sale.

Save-A-Lot has the 8 ounce imitation crab for $1.00.
I saw this recipe for
Crab Stuffed Mushrooms. Might give this a try
and if it turns out good might add to the
Thanksgiving or Christmas menu this year.
At Kroger you can usually find manager special
Last year I did a recipe similar to this and
instead of mushrooms I put the filling in
wonton wrappers. Everyone raved over them!
So I might stock up on some while they are $1.00.
You should be able to freeze imitation crab meat.


Load a $2.00 ecoupon off of $5.00 worth of candy
onto your Kroger Plus card.


SAVE $3.00 on any Lysol® Clean-Flip™ Sweeper
Starter Kit or 24-32 Count Floor Cloths

I read where someone said they thought
Dollar General carried these for $3.50
so that would make them .50 cents each.



Well it looks like we're having the bean soup
for tomorrow's supper. I forgot about us
going to the East side tonight and once again
having to eat out, grrr. I fed a family of 4
at Burger King with $7.49 including tax!
Got 4 single stackers, 4 fries, 3 soft drinks
and 3 ice cream cones for that!!
I used 4 free fry coupons and 3 free
ice cream cone coupons. The rest was $1.00 each.


$5.00 printable coupon good on $5.99 or more
purchase of Dark of the Moon Tranformer toy.
Like on Facebook.


Kmart Crayola Rebate where you can get back up to $30 when you buy select Crayola products, through 12/31.


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