Saturday, October 15, 2011


Went to a couple yard sales this morning.
This is what I got-

2 box pictures- $3.00
lots of Tuscan style upholstery fabric- $3.00
TS-200 calculator- .50 cents
2 Christmas pot holders- .25 cents
Mini apple pie set- $1.00
French Vanilla Cappucino Soy Candle- $1.00 (not shown)


I had my friend Kendra go over to Kroger with me
to get some more of the Pepsi Max 2 liters.
With coupons and the sale they have
they only cost .01 cents each!!
I think I have 12 bottles so far.
Sale ends tomorrow and I still have coupons
left. Kroger only allows three like coupons
so I need to have me, Tony and possibly
the kids get some more at that price!

Oh yeah, and my friend Kendra gave me
10 pounds of flour today also.
THANKS KENDRA!! This will help out so
much during the holidays and with baking!
You still need your butt kicked though, LOL!


Well after 2 days and 12.5 hours later, our floor
is done and looking beautiful!!
The wood is called Merbau.
We walk in our home now and can't believe it is
our house we are walking into!!
It will take some getting used to, lol.
So much better than the carpet we had, so much
nicer and so much easier to clean.
Sometime in the future, as we are in no hurry
and don't have the money at the moment, we
would like to get wooden registers,
wooden doorway strips and
possibly some smaller trim to go
along the bottom edges.

When we took our measurements to Rite Rug
they told me I would need 8.75 boxes of laminate.
Rounded to the nearest box would be 9 boxes.
I decided to buy 10 boxes just to have an extra box.
Well, let me tell ya, we barely got the floor
done with 10 boxes with minimal waste.
So it was a good thing I got the extra box!
We did buy three 100 ft. rolls of foam and
it did not cover everything. That was even
with putting together scraps with tape. We had about a
1 foot by 3 or so foot section that did not
get any foam on the floor. That area was in
a corner that didn't get any use. I couldn't
see buying another 100 foot roll just for that area!

We still have a bunch of stuff out under
the carport that we will be bringing in tomorrow.
Now we are considering not bringing our one
chair back into the living room because we like
the look of it with just the couch.
If we need more seating everyone can
grab a chair at the dining table.
And we were going to put an area rug back
in the living room but are reconsidering that
as well. I'd hate to cover the pretty floor
up with a rug. I've put felt pads on all
the furniture including the couch, coffee and
end tables and dining table and chairs.

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