Monday, October 31, 2011



Just returned home from going to Meijers with mom.
This turned out to be a really good shopping
trip for me and I'm glad I decided to
go shopping with mom!!!

I spent $18.10

I saved with sales, coupons, mark downs & employee discount
a total of $76.82.

But wait there's more I can add to that savings!
I found the boxes of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda
with the free magazine subscription worth $22 each!
I got 4 boxes so 2 magazine subscriptions worth $44!!!!

So in the end add that to my savings above
for a total of, drum roll please........

$120.82 WOWZER!!!!!!!

I'll break down my shopping list for ya
and it includes 8 Christmas presents
for 4 people!

My receipt showing my savings-

Below are things I found on clearance that
I'm putting up for Christmas gifts.
Here is the part of the receipt to show
my discounts on these items below.

My bestest deal was for Tech Deck skateboard
toys which my son loves and we were already
planning on getting him some for Christmas.

I found 2 packages with 2 skateboards in each pack
along with a DVD!! These lil skateboard things
aren't cheap! I know, we bought some last year
as that was on my son's Christmas list and had
to hunt around for the best deal.
Each package was regularly $14.99.
They were each marked down in the clearance section
to $1.50 each which is a steal. I saw on my receipt
that Meijers took another 50% off each one
to make them .75 cents each. Then take off
my Meijers employees discount of .07 cents
for a grand total of .68 cents each for a $15 toy!!!!!
At normal price it would have cost $30 for 2 packs.
I paid $1.36 for both packages!!!! I saved $28.64.
I am so doing a happy dance over just these two things.

This Christmas gift is for both the boys.
It is a badminton set with poles, net,
shuttle cocks and 4 rackets.
It was regularly price at $19.00.
On clearance for $4.75
minus my employee discount of .47 cents
made it $4.28!!!
I saved $14.72.

Some stocking stuffers for Tony-

Tomato Slicer
regular $5.99
clearance .60 cents
with my discount .54 cents

2 pack of Snack Clips
regular $2.49
clearance .25 cents
with my discount .23 cents

Buzz Lightyear key chain flashlight with battery
regular $2.89
clearance .58 cents
with my discount .53 cents

With coupons and sales I got
4 FREE packages of Carefree Pantiliners
Regular .94 cents each times 4 is $3.76 saved!
2 FREE International Delight coffee creamers
Regular $2.19 each times 2 is $5.38 saved!

2 Country Crock butter
regular $2.19 each
I paid .70 cents each

1/2 head of cabbage
.42 cents

16 slice Kraft cheese
regular $4.39 each
I paid $1.00 each

2 Smucker's Grape Jelly
was $1.97 each
I paid .47 cents each

2 bottles of Windex
regular $2.99 each
I paid $1.00 each

1 loaf of Meijer bread

4 boxes of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda
regular .70 cents each
I paid .65 cents each
PLUS get 2 FREE subscriptions to
Better Homes & Gardens magazine.
2 FREE Christmas gifts!!

So all in all I got 8 Christmas gifts
today with a value of $104.35
for only $$6.94!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Boys (and men) I swear. Why do they somehow
manage to get mom involved with some of their
doings? Tony just called and asked if I had
checked the live squirrel trap out back today.
I said, no, didn't know I was supposed to
and I didn't really know it was set up.
So I check it and sure enough there's a damn
squirrel in it bouncing around like it had
springs on it's legs. I'm the only one
here to try and figure out how to open
up this cage and let it go. I finally figured
the cage out to let him go. Then I growled
at Tony, I think I've had enough of the boys
catching squirrels now that I had to get
involved! Time to take the cage back to work.
What will they think to do next???




Lot's of freebies found in the mailbox today!

Free Where's the Beef Wendy's shirt
(Christmas gift for one of the boys)

Free stain resistant makeup? bag from Crypton carpets.

2 free samples of toothpaste
(will make great stocking stuffers for the kids)


I am wanting to go to Kroger tomorrow morning
to check out any marked down Halloween items
and get some Campbell's soup.

I know today Meijer had their costumes marked 50% off.

Sometimes I can find Halloween items that are cheap
that can be used for Christmas presents like skull
stuff for teenage or older boys on the Christmas list.
Oh and boys love those fake tattoos and tattoo sleeves!

At Kroger they have Campbell's
cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup
for .49 cents when you buy 10.
Go HERE to print off 2 coupons for $1.00 off 5!
10 times .49 cents each is $4.90
minus two $1.00 off 5 coupons
makes it $2.90 for 10 cans or .29 cents each!!
GREAT PRICE so stock up!!!
Cream soups are always a staple in my pantry.


Like Duracel Trusted Treats no Tricks on Facebook
and be able to enter to win
a digital camera, $50 gift card or batteries.
Enter as many times as you would like!
A winner is chosen every hour today
from 9am to midnight. Winners will be notified tomorrow.

I keep entering as many times as I can.
I would really like to win a new digital camera!

Well I think I've literally entered 100 times now.


Was browsing through some coupons mom gave me
from this past Sunday's paper.
I found my Downy that I won from
the Downy Scent contest.
Here is what the bottle looks like and
you can find .50 cent coupons in the Sunday paper.
This to me looks like $2,000, lol,
as that's what I won by creating this scent.
I was actually smelling it today while in Meijers
and it smelled pretty good.



Maintenance Mama LMAO!!

I did this up without the kids seeing
and scared the crap out of them while
they were watching tv!!

The funny part is-
I get to walk around with Tony
holding his hand and giving him kisses
along our trick-or-treat route.
Think about that one!


Back home from trick or treating.
Somewhere along the way we managed to pick
up two extra kids. I'm too pooped to pop!
Kids all have their candy sprawled out all
over the living room floor trading with one another.

So I have 4 kids wound up on sugar.
And I might add in a cat acting stupid.
I caught the cat today drinking
Citrus Drop pop out of one of the kids glasses.
What cat drinks pop??????


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