Tuesday, October 11, 2011



Was going to go up to Hoover today but due to 270
being closed and traffic congestion in our area
we decided against it. Westerville Rd was at a standstill
from Westerville clear to Morse Rd. We turned around
at 161 and decided to head to another nearby park
called Parkridge Park.

This was last night.

Parkridge Park


Here's a new survey site I signed up for called
Charity Voice. They give you $5 for signing up!



Wow today's traffic has been a nightmare! It didn't matter what
area on the North- Northeast side of Columbus that you
went that you didn't encounter it. Hopefully it won't
rain tomorrow and traffic has lightened up so me and Tony
can enjoy a walk at Hoover. I know before we left for the store
earlier that they had reopened 270 but some exit and on ramps
were still closed. They even went as far as sending out
recorded phone messages from Columbus schools saying
to expect bus delays this afternoon. Both busses were on time
for our schools.

This evening we had to make a run to Kroger because I needed
some pop. I hadn't planned on getting many groceries but had
a couple coupons in tow. Usually at our one Kroger nearby you
can't find much in the way of food items in the mark down
bin because everyone snatches them up. Tonight I got lucky, woo hoo!
Funny thing was that mom and my step-dad stopped by our
house to drop some things off and were also on their
way to Kroger. And because Kroger only allows three like
coupons I decided to give them three coupons for items
I wanted that was almost free. I had three coupons I was using
and figured I could get three more with mom also going
to the same store.

6 two liter bottles of Pepsi Max .06 cents for all 6 after coupons!

Red Gold tomato juice- had a free coupon for it.

2 boxes of 7 ct packets of single serve Taster's Choice coffee-
$1.49 with buy 1 get 1 free catalina coupon

2 boxes of Folgers 7 ct single serve packets.
.39 cents each

Kroger cereal
$1.79 minus .40 cents coupon = $1.39 a box


2 Campbells Chunky Italian Style Wedding soup-
was $1.69 each
paid .79 cents each

1 box Kroger white cheddar mac & cheese
was .89 cents
paid .49 cents

Dole crushed pineapple
was .96 cents
paid .49 cents

Van Camps pork & beans
was .99 cents
paid .49 cents

Kroger cream of chicken soup
was $1.15
paid .59 cents

Campbells chicken noodle soup
was .82 cents
paid .39 cents

Campbells cream of mushroom soup
was $1.00
paid .49 cents

2 Frank's Kraut
was $1.09 each
paid .59 cents each

2 Read German potato salad
was $1.49
paid .79 cents each

Kroger stuffing
was $1.49
paid .79 cents

20 count quart size freezer zip bags
was $1.29
paid .69 cents

Kroger 5 pound bag of flour
was $1.99
paid .99 cents

Can of Kroger coffee
was $5.19
paid $2.59


We got our laminate flooring today.
We got enough to do the dining, living room
and hallway and we also got an extra box
for mistakes when installing or
if ever we needed to replace a plank in the future.

I think we've decided we would like to
put the floor in Friday.

For 10 boxes of flooring and 3 rolls of
the foam underlayment the total cost with tax
was $231.95. I talked to three different people
on three different visits and had three different
estimates. The guy tonight quoted me $2 - $3
more than the price above but gave me the price
the other guy quoted me yesterday evening.
He said it wasn't worth bickering over.
He don't know me too well, lol. A dollar saved
means a heck of a lot to me!!

With our free money from surveys
and scrap metal it only cost us $26.95 out of pocket.
BUT that money was supposed to go towards Christmas
so we'll be playing it by ear for gift buying
this year. I still have $100 in Gamestop gift
cards and Tony's $80 gift card he won at work.

10 boxes stacked in the living room.
Here you can see the new floor in the box
and the old floor. I'm sure our floors could
be sanded down and redone at a cost that
is much, much more than the new floors we just bought.
Plus it would take a lot more time to
refinish the old floors and you would have
to remove any and all furniture from the rooms
to do it and we don't have any place to put it.
The wood floors will always be there for any
future home owners if they would decide
to redo them. It's not like they will be damaged
from adding this new floor.

View of the planks inside the boxes.

I was worried that the wood laminate would be too dark
in here. I guess beggar's can't be choosers when looking
for something cheap! But hey, I think it will be fine
because look at the new floor planks and look
at our dining room table wood and the wood on
on the front door in the living room-
It all has a reddish hue to it.


So I wanted to show you our kitty which we (I mean Tony, lol)
named Buddy. He's a playful lil bugger!

Who needs to buy play toys for a cat when
you can give them a bottle cap and a BRA
and be entertained for hours!!! LMAO!!
He's a cross dresser.

Sometimes I think the cat's name should've been Fido
because we've taught him how to fetch like a dog!


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