Tuesday, October 4, 2011



What's on the agenda for this morning?

I have been asked to help find my step-dad
a set of tires for his vehicle this morning.
I don't think we've ever bought new tires for
ourselves and have always gone to used tires
stores which my step-dad is not used to.
But now since he is retired, with a limited income,
new tires are not in the budget.

Used tires are not hard to find. There's
at least 6 used tire stores in our area of
Columbus. And if you can't find a store try
Craigslist. We've found new tires on there
at used prices, for example 4 four by four tires,
meaning beefier tread than regular tires,
for our Explorer for $120. Still had the new
tire nubbies on them along with the blue
stripe. Now those probably won't come with
any type of warranty. But most used tire
stores will offer at least a 30 day one.

If you buy used tires from Craigslist
you can always take them to a place like
Steve's Used Tires to have them put on.
Call around because you may find a better
deal at having them mounted at another used tire store.
We used to have them put on at Steve's but
found it was cheaper to take to Lee's.

I think it runs about $15 for each tire to be mounted.
That will include a $2.00 tire disposal fee.
But you have the option of taking your old tire
with you if you choose to save that money.
I always ask up front what it will cost
including tax so I know ahead of time.

If you ever need to have a tire repaired, let's
say you ran over a nail, you have two options
instead of buying a new tire. One, you can buy
a repair kit at most any store to plug it yourself,
the cheapest route,
or you can also take it to the used tire place.
They also plug tires. I want to say it costs
less than $7 to $10 to have done, cheaper than another tire.

Do thoroughly inspect any used tires for tread thickness,
punctures/holes/cuts, dry rot and tire wear- how even
the tread has been worn on the tires. Are there high spots,
low spots and so on?

If I cannot find 4 matching tires from the same maker
then I try to find two matching ones for the front
and then the back with another brand. But if you need just one it should
do just fine. It might make your vehicle ride a little
rougher being a different tire but it will get you by,
better than walking!



Back home from tire shopping. That went a lot easier
than I had thought. I thought I would have had
to shop several places first before finding the best deal.
The first place was it! For starters I had told mom
and my step-dad that you should have a set price
in your head before shopping and stick to that price.
The price I had in mind was between $60 and $80
for 2 tires, removal, mounting, balancing and putting back on
along with tax.

The first place we went was Lee's, a place I've been going
recently to get tires. I said I wanted a matching set
of two tires. After a little digging they found a set.
I asked for the price and the guy had to go ask the owner.
He came back and said $80 for everything. I said, well,
this was the first place I stopped at and would like to
shop around first for the best deal. My next stop was
Steve's. The guy then said let me go see what I can do.
I said ok, but remember I'm going to Steve's next.
(about a couple blocks from them so they know their
competition) Come back with a good deal that will beat
Steve's! The guy comes back and said the best deal
I can give you for everything is $65. (a $15 discount)
We took it!! And I don't know how this happened, but
the tires were identical to the other two on the truck.

I know Steve's would have probably cost more than Lee's
because I've shopped there recently. I knew this place
had better deals. But bring up their competition
and watch the wheeling and dealing begin. Places
want YOUR business not their competitions and sometimes
will do whatever it takes to have it.

It's hard to impress my step-dad with things, especially
when it comes to cars. I think I impressed both my
mom and step-dad with my wheeling and dealing today
as they were both thanking me constantly for going with them.
That made my day!

It's funny when I try to strike a deal with used things.
I tell my mom and step-dad to sit back and don't say anything.
Just nod your head and let me do the talking and take care of it.
I tell Tony the same thing.

I can talk down even the best deals.
For example a $100+ Tom Tom GPS was $15 at
a yard sale. Heck of a deal!! I still managed
to get another $5 shaved off that price.
Another time Tony found a $700+ carberator at
the flea market for $25. Another steal of a deal.
I talked the guy down to $20.

My saying is, you don't know til you try.
All the people can do is say no they are firm on the price.
And I will have to say 90% of the time I get the price reduced
no matter how low or a good deal it may be to start with.
$5.00 here and a $1.00 there saved all adds up in the end
and is money saved and kept in your pocket!!


Mail Call

Today I got a coupon for a free Bayer Advanced.

I also got the Wednesday sales ads today and in them
I see a sales ad for Save-A-Lot. It shows
in their ad that they do have the sausage rolls for $1.00!
Here are more of their $1.00 sale deals-

Eckrich Bologna

Eckrich Franks

Butterball turkey bacon

Ocean Market fish fillets

Hormel sandwich pepperoni

Schooner imitation crab

2 pound bag of carrots

stalk of celery

Dozen large eggs

Brown N Serve Sausage

Toast 'Em Toaster Pastries

Marshmallow Cream

Puffs Tissues

Angel Soft toilet paper

I've made up a grocery list for about $30 worth of stuff
and will use the $5.00 off $25 coupon to make it $25.00.

Tonight I have a parent teacher conference to go to
then we are going to run over to Save-A-Lot (different
than the one I went to yesterday) and get my groceries.
My coupon says it expires tomorrow so I want to
get the stuff tonight before it does.
The main items on my grocery lists are meats.
I can't pass up a dollar for meats!!

I'll let you know how it goes after we get
back home this evening.


If you need cheap spices like garlic powder,
seasoning salt, dried onion, onion powder and so on,
the cheapest ones I have found were at Dollar General
for about .50 cents each.


Printable coupons for Glade and Scrubbing Bubble products.


"like" Digiorno on Facebook and take the
Ditch to Delivery Pledge to be able to print
coupons for $2.00 off any Digiorno product!


I just saw a commercial Aqua Fresh Extreme toothpaste
on tv last night and it sounded like something I wanted to try.
Well I see now that I can, lol.
Here is a free sample for it.
Plus you can get a printable $1.00 coupon.



Buy (2) Theraflu 6pks or 24pk or 8.3oz 2/$10
Total = $10
-$3/2 Theraflu or Triaminic, Any Products Coupon
= $7, Get Back $5 Register Reward
= $1 EACH!



Back home from parent teacher conferences and
two Save-A-Lots. Save-A-Lot was a joke and I know
not to try and shop there anymore. We stopped in the
first Save-A-Lot that was PACKED with a capital P.
They had the $1.00 sausage but they only had the hot.
So we left and went to another Save-A-Lot which
had less people in it. I searched and searched that
store for the sausage and even asked an employee about
it. She couldn't find any. She even looked in the back
of the store. She didn't even think they carried it
as there was no place on the shelf for it.
Me and another customer showed her the ad we got in the mail.
She said that she hadn't seen that ad.

So after running my entire family around tonight
I am through with that store. I've been there
three times now on two different days just looking
for the sausage with no luck. I was so looking
forward to stocking the freezer with about
10-15 rolls of it for $1 each and using my $5 coupon.


Tony's punching out an apartment at work and found these
items for me today. He said there may be more things tomorrow.
Free is good!
2 new bottles of Bisquick shake and pour pancake mix.
All laundry detergent.
Hefty trash bags.
I priced everything at Walmart.com
and figured I got $15 worth of stuff free.


If you weren't able to get a free Wendy's t-shirt
they are offering 3,000 more today.
Play the games & watch the video and then
submit the form. Not sure but I think I just got another one :0)
This time I got the "Here's The Beef".


I reserved a few more books from the library online.
I already took back the other 15 books I got.
They didn't tell me anything I didn't already
know about saving money and shopping with coupons and sales.

Have you ever seen the show-
How The States Got Their Shapes on History channel?
Well come to find out they have two books out about it-

How the States Got Their Shapes

How the States Got Their Shapes Too.

The other day I watched the show and it was
about Ohio and Michigan. The rivalry goes
way back to about 1830 when they fought over
a strip of land that is now Toledo.
Ohio won the land and Michigan won the
Michigan peninsula. During the battle
Ohio would called Michigan wolverines
because they were mean and nasty and that
name stuck with them. So you just thought
the rivalry was with football but it goes
way back before that!

I also learned that all states must have a port
of some sort even when they aren't located along
a sea or ocean. All states must have access to
some body of water whether it's a river or ocean
and that's how many states got their strange shapes,
to allow for that.

Once I get the books I'll let you know of any more
interesting things I can find out.

Here are some other books I reserved-

The People's Pharmacy

Best Choices from the People's Pharmacy

Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity

Healing Anxiety with Herbs

Trash to Treasure Christmas


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