Thursday, October 20, 2011



Today I'm going to have to fire back up my
food dehydrator. I have 6 pounds of onions
and about 15 pounds of potatoes with another
probably 3 pounds onions and 10 pounds potatoes
on their way. My friend Kendra is dropping
more off today. I've already done up about
15 pounds of potatoes and 3 pounds of onions
so far.
This is what you can do when you have an
over abundance of fresh produce that you know
you won't be able to eat in a certain amount
of time. Don't let it go to waste! Find
ways of preserving it through canning, freezing
or dehydrating. With the cost of rising food
prices you can't afford not to.



Got 2 bags of onions chopped up and on the dehydrator.
My friend Kendra gave me another dehydrator, woo hoo!
This should make things go much faster than before!
I used the trays from my other dehydrator on
the new dehydrator. They don't fit exactly but
I think they will work so I'll only have to run
one dehydrator instead of two.
I have it sitting outside under the carport
because onions can put off quite a smell
when dehydrating that you don't want in your home.


Kroger has the every $100 you spend you get a $10 coupon to use
at Kroger Marketplace. If you are looking for some
cheap toys for the kids this week they have
novelty toys for buy 2 get 1 free. Novelty
toys are usually cheap to begin with and sometimes
you can find some marked down on a clearance.
I'm about one shopping trip away from scoring
one of these coupons.


Like Yo Crunch on Facebook to be able to print off
a couple coupons for $1.00 off 4 or $1.00 off 4 packs.
My kids love these yogurts with the extra toppings
but they only get them once in a blue moon as a treat
because it is much cheaper to buy the regular
Kroger brand yogurt. Now I can splurge with these coupons!
If you shop at Walmart I saw they are .67 cents
minus the coupon off 4 makes them .42 cents each.


$3.00, $4.00 & $5.00 printable coupons on different Hasbro toys.


$5.00 free coupon to use on anything $5.00 or more
at Khols when you sign up for their email sales alerts,
This coupon will arrive in your email in 10 days.
I've used these before.
This would be great to find cheap or free Christmas gifts.


Free 16" x 20" photo poster from Walmart
when you order online. Must use this printable coupon. Expires 10-31-11.
Order photos at Walmart HERE.
Retails for $6.86.


Be sure to watch Target's printable coupons
for things for Christmas!


Thinking about going to Save-A-Lot tonight
to pick up some things from their $1.00 sale.
Got my fingers crossed for some of the $1.00 sausage!


Purchase two 1 pound specially marked boxes of
Arm & Hammer baking soda and send away for a free
subscription for Better Homes and Gardens ($22 value).
These boxes of baking powder are usually under
a buck each and I think I found peelie coupons
on the Arm & Hammer cat litter to drop
the price even further.
These magazine subscriptions
would make a nice & FREE Christmas gift.
Just give the receiver a card and let them
know of the new subscription you got them,
minus the free price sticker, lol.
If you do more than one of these deals for
different people on your Christmas list
then I would do more than one transaction
because for each magazine subscription it
requires your receipt and upc codes as
proof of purchase.
Offer good through May 2012 and is limited
to one per household so if you get more than
one have them sent to different households
as gifts!



Almost time to go get the first kiddo off the bus.
Tomorrow Columbus schools don't have school,
due to it being Capital Day.
Oh Goodie! They ought to be wound up tonight
because of it.



My dear friend Kendra stopped by today while
I was napping and dropped off a bunch of food
items on my back door step! THANKS KENDRA!!
If you need some free food check Craigslist.
She goes to the place on Scarborough near
Brice Rd and 70 in the Reynoldsburg area.
They post on Craigslist quite frequently for
FREE fruits, veggies and bread.
Today she was able to get me-
rye bread (I see some Reuben sandwiches in the near future, lol),
& Goldfish sandwich bread.

She also got me these items free-
box of Depends and 10 boxes of
Honey Nut Cheerios with her coupons!
She does really good with coupons like I do.



Well I got a list made up for Save-A-Lot.
We'll see how it goes and how much of it
I find and actually get. Can't beat meat for a buck!
I plan to spend $25 and get these items below-

10 pkgs mild sausage

2 pkgs Eckrich bologna

2 pkgs Eckrish hot dogs

2 pkgs Butterball turkey bacon

4 imitation crab meat

2 six packs of green bell peppers

2 boxes pop tarts

1 Kraft marshmallow creme



Back from Save-A-Lot. I actually found everything
I was looking for. For those looking for the mild $1 ground
turkey, I found that the box they have them in
has both the mild and the hot mixed together.
Of course I spent about $10 more than expected
because I had the family in tow. I also
got some mushrooms and a block of sharp cheddar
cheese to make some crab stuffed mushrooms tomorrow.
I found the whole mushroom pkgs marked down to $1.00 each
but they rang up normal at $1.79 and luckily I caught it.
The cashier took them off and said how's that. He
took them off my order altogether so FREE.
I said I like that! LOL.


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