Sunday, October 30, 2011



Another day another couple of dollars saved.
We went to Walmart and I got some yogurt
and bananas. While there I picked up another
present of Extreme Trucking for the PC
for Christopher. It goes for $19.82
on Walmart's website.
I found it in the store
for $9.99. BUT I got it for 1/2 off at only $5.00!!
I didn't use a sale and I didn't use coupons.
So how did I manage to get another $5.00 off?
Here's a trick you may be able to do to get more
money off an item at the store-

It was the only game left and it had a tore
paper on the front and it was opened. I could
have easily just took it to the front register and paid
$9.99 for it. Instead I took it over to the camera
counter department of the store and inquired
that since it was opened and had a tore front packaging
could I get a discount on it. The guy at the counter
at first wasn't going to sell it to me because it was open and was going to
call other Walmarts to see if they had them in stock. I begged him
to see if there was something he could do. I told him
I was buying it as a birthday gift and
I had a birthday party to go to and I didn't really
want to hop from store to store looking for one because of the time.
Ok so I made this story up but I was buying it as a gift. The guy running
this department called in a manager. At first she (manager) was only
going to give me 10% off but then I reminded her
that it was an open package and with open packages
of software that they cannot be returned to the store so
it was as an as is sale.
She quickly went from 10% off to 50% off!
I was so proud of myself to have remembered to try
and ask for a discount for damaged or opened packages.
It really works. I got $5.00 off which to me is
a lot of money saved on an item.
Now I'm not saying this will work at all stores
as I tried this at Meijers. I was wanting a
gift package of men's cologne that was in the clearance
section and it appeared that one of the bottles was
missing unlike some of the other gift sets.
They wouldn't discount it nor would they even
sell it to me because of the missing item.
So I'm pretty sure they ended up throwing away
this item which sucked because they could have sold
it to me. So don't get your hopes up thinking something
will be marked down because it doesn't work all of the time
but it doesn't hurt to ask or try. When you are financially
strapped like I am you are willing to try anything
to get a discount.


Tomorrow is the last day to print coupons
before they reset on Tuesday.
By printing off any coupons now from places
like, and
you can get more coupons that way. Once they
reset you can then print off 2 more of each
one. Plus look for newer coupons on there.

Look for stores to start marking down
their Halloween items on Halloween and
the day after. Check places like Walmart,
Target, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, Giant Eagle,
Meijers. I love clearance sales like these
where I can stock up on candy & baking items
like sprinkles and cupcake papers. Look for
costumes to be marked down that your kids can
use next year! Sales should be around 50%
up to 90% off on Halloween items to make
way for Christmas items. You gotta act fast
though since stores are wanting that space
for Christmas stuff and things will sell quickly.



We taught the kids today how to humanely
catch and release a wild animal.
Jonathan caught his first squirrel within
an hour or less of setting the trap in the backyard.

The release.


Today I've started my laundry which isn't too bad
compared to the past couple of weeks. With it
being cooler out now and kids are staying indoors
more, I am now hanging their school clothes back
up in the closets once they get home from school.
This saves on time and money to do laundry.

While doing laundry in the basement I had to
clear off a tall bookshelf to be able to store
pantry items that won't fit upstairs due
to running out of space. Items like about
21+ two liter bottles of pop that I've
been getting for .01 cents or .50 cents a bottle.
I stock up while the sales are going on and while
I have coupons to go with those sales.

Started working on gifts in a jars for Christmas.
I got as far as getting out a couple canning
jars and grinding up some graham crackers in the
food processor.
I am making S'Mores Gifts In A Jar

I have a few tweaks I am making to this.
For starters I'm not using Peeps marshmallows.
Last year I bought about 10 bags of Kraft
Christmas marshmallows on clearance at kroger after Christmas
for only .25 cents a bag. I will use those instead
of Peeps.

I will also be using chocolate chips instead
of M&M candies.
And it is cheaper to buy Aldi's brand of graham crackers
than to get them from other grocery stores.



I was working on making some Lattice Cookies from pie crust.
I got all the dough woven and couldn't bring myself
to cut cookies out of it after all that work.
So maybe tomorrow I will work on putting together
an apple pie for Thanksgiving with a
lattice top and put it in the freezer.
I'll glaze the top with a mixture of
powdered sugar and milk once out of the oven
and top with crushed up walnuts.
Trying to stay one step ahead this year with holidays
and this will help out a lot of I can make things
ahead of time.
To make a cheap apple with canned pie filling
I suggest you head to Dollar Tree and get some
canned pie fillings there for a buck a piece!
If not, plan on spending about $3.00 or more
for some at Meijer or Kroger.

I also got one S'Mores in a Jar done.
Can only make one at the moment because
I only had one sleeve of graham crackers
to work with. Still have to cut out some
fabric to decorate the lid with and maybe
attach some curling ribbon to it.
Then add a wooden spoon. And I'll add to
this gift a homemade apron.


For supper I am making Chicken Parmesan.

5 breaded chicken patties $2.00
1 jar of spaghetti sauce .50 cents
2 boxes of butter & garlic angel hair Pasta Roni $1.18
1/2 cup parmesan cheese .50 cents
bread & butter .25 cents

Total cost to make- $4.43
serves 5 at .88 cents a serving


I got my door sales ads this evening.

Aldi's Deals to stock up on for holiday meals.

Stuffing mix .89 cents

Cream of mushroom or chicken soups .69 cents

French fried onions $1.99

10 pound bag Russet potatoes $1.99

Happy Farms cream cheese .89 cents

Countryside Butter $1.99

Crescent Rolls .99 cents

Goldhen dozen eggs .99 cents


Mom called about 7:15pm saying she was going to
Meijers tomorrow morning and wanted to know
if I wanted to tag along. I told her I'd go
if I found some cheap or free items to get.
So here's my little list for Meijers.

2 Kraft cheese singles
- $1.00 blinkie coupon
makes them $1.00 each
(Kroger wants $2.99 for Kroger cheese slices)

4 Tic Tacs
around $1.00 each pack
I have coupons for $1.10 off each pack
(these were a printable coupon no longer available)
makes them FREE
I can get these for stocking stuffers.
I also have a bunch of Starburst candies
I got free that I can use for stocking stuffers also.

2 International Delight 16 ounce creamer
.99 cents
.55 cents printable coupon ($1.10 doubled)
Makes them FREE

2 15 ounce Country Crock spread
minus .80 cents printable coupon (doubled)
makes them .70 cents each

2 Windex Glass or Multi-Surface Cleaner, 26 oz
minus $1.50 printable coupons (doubled)
makes them $1.00 each
(I use this to spritz on my laminate floor and clean
with a swiffer mop)

I will be price checking these items below
that I have coupons for-
$1.40 off Welch's spread
$1.50 off Smucker's spread

Total price of 12 items without the price
check items is $4.40.


Fill out a complete profile and receive a FREE
2012 BNSF Railroad calender. Hoping to get
this by Christmas to give to Christopher!


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