Sunday, October 16, 2011



Got up around 7:45am since one of the kids was up.
I got so much to do today between getting laundry
washed, dried and put away, to putting my house
back together so I can find things. I'd like to also
steam clean my sofa.

I have been thinking about if we get rid of our
one chair in the living room what we could
possibly put in it's place. I don't want anything
big and bulky as I would like to keep
the living room feeling open and airy as possible
since it is a small space.
Anyways I was thinking about maybe getting one or two
wooden office style chairs to put in its place.

I've seen these type of chairs at Habitat but
didn't price them. I'm thinking I would not want
to pay more than $5 to $10 each for them.
And I would paint the wood in a chocolate brown
like the feet on my sofa. And I could reupholster
it to match colors in my living room.
Just a thought. Not something I really need at the
moment so I can spend some time trying to find
one or two of them really cheap.

Or the less expensive and free route would be
to use the two captain chairs from my dining room
set which are stored in the basement and use
a small table in between them.
I'm hoping I have enough fabric that I found at
a yard sale to recover all the chairs to make
them match. And if there is fabric leftover I could
make a padded seat for the hall bench and attach it
to the seat, which is also a lid for storage,
with some velcro. I have plenty of foam pieces
that I got free at a yard sale.

I'm telling you, when you don't have very much money
the creative juices get to flowing with what I can
do or make with what I find at yard sales,
with freebies or things I might already have.
I find ways to reuse things in different ways.
A little paint and fabric can go a long way!


Last night we had pot roast (free) with potatoes (free),
carrots (.99 cents) & gravy (1 pk. lipton soup mix.40 cents marked down).
Total cost of $1.39 served 4 with leftovers.
.34 cents a serving.

There was enough leftovers that this morning I am
making a pot roast hash. I also threw in one slice of
meatloaf that I had leftover. I'm sure it won't match
up to Bob Evans pot roast hash which is the best!!
Try it if you get the chance. Sometimes mom will
take me out for breakfast and we'll split one.
It's plenty big for two people to fill up on.

Pot Roast Hash (free leftovers) with 4 eggs (.28 cents)
and 4 pieces of toast with butter (.08 cents)
and 2 slices of cheese (.18 cents)
Total cost- .54 cents
Serves 4 @ .13 cents a serving.

I sliced up the pot roast really thin, chopped up
the meatloaf. I'm frying them altogether in a skillet
with a little steak seasoning, butter and a little of the leftover
gravy that was made from the pot roast that cooked
in water mixed with a pouch of lipton beef onion soup mix.

We don't eat pot roast but maybe once a year if that.
It is too expensive for our budget. We usually get
the manager special meats or cheaper cuts of meat
that are a little tougher. The trick to making those
are to cook in the crock for a long period of time
to tenderize them til they fall apart.



Well I brought one of the captain chairs up
out of the basement to see what it would look like.
Still not sure if I'll use it or them.
I have to see what everything looks like
with the coffee and end table in here.

What the fabric will look like on all the
dining room chairs.



Brought the coffee table back into the living room
and wasn't quite sure about he chair in there so
I put it with the dining table for now.
Still have an end table to bring in from
under the carport.
These tables weigh a ton!
With the stone top and
the iron bottom, it is a chore
for even two people to lift!



Got the end table in here. Been dusting and wiping
everything down as we go. Things sure got dusty
outside. Slowly but surely, piece by piece,
everything is getting put back together.
I still have the hall bench to bring in.
I need to buy some felt tips for it first.
I'm not sure where I will put it but it's
not going in the spot where we had it.
It's either going next to the tv or in
front of the window. This bench is great to
hide coats, book bags, shoes/boots, hats & gloves in.

On my end table I added a little chest I got at
a yard sale awhile back for $1.00.
I think I'm going to use it to store
the game system and games in.
I love practical things! Things that I can
get more than one use out of especially
when it comes to storage.

Hey Kendra-
Just wanted you to know that kitty is
getting much use out of the blankie you left for him.
He LOVES it!!!



Started working on recovering the dining room chairs.
I got one done already. I'm only doing 4 of the 6.
The other two only are seen during the holidays
so I'm not worried about.
The colors tie into the wall and sofa color.


Two chairs done. Gonna take a break to eat something.
These are going much faster than the last time I did them.
The last time I used a stapler and this time I'm using
a hot glue gun.



By 3:30pm I had all my dining chair covered.
Had to make a run over to Big Lots as I needed
some more felt pads to put on the bench so I
could bring it back inside.
While in Big Lots I found some seasoning/spices
that I have never seen before with the cheapie stuff.
Nutmeg, Apple Pie seasoning & pumpkin pie seasong
all $1.00 a bottle. Also picked up some Baco's for .99 cents.
Got plenty of spices to put towards baking and
all that free sugar and flour that was given to me :0)
So anyone that needs cheap spices head to Big Lots!
Here's a price comparison with Big Lots & Walmart.


Big Lots 3.99 ounce- $1.00

Walmart McCormick Nutmeg 1.1 ounce $2.68


Big Lots Apple Pie Spice 5.75 ounce- $1.00

Walmart Apple Pie Spice McCormick 1.12 ounce- $3.38


Big Lots pumpkin pie spice 5.47 ounces- $1.00

Walmart McCormick pumpkin pie spice 1.12 ounce- $3.64

From Big Lots we went to Kroger to get some more
of the Pepsi Max. Today is the last day of the sale
and I had 4 more coupons to use.

I had to do two separate transaction because
they only allow three like coupons.
The cashier looked at me when I bought just the
one two liter of pop and it said .05 cents
and said, "Is that right?" I said yup.
$1.11 sale minus the $1.10 double coupon
makes it .01 cents plus .04 cents tax.

All in all I ended up with a total of
16 two liter bottles of pop for .16 cents plus tax!!!


Back by popular demand we are having meatloaf again, lol.
It's like we have been in heaven with meatloaf and
pot roast for the last two days. To us it is like
having a steak since we don't have it very much.
This time around I added a can of tomato soup
and bacos bacon bits to
the meatloaf and ketchup on top. Might add a couple
slices of american cheese on top once I take it out
of the oven. Along with the meatloaf we are having
baked (microwaved) potatoes with butter, parmesan cheese
and bacon bits.

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