Monday, October 3, 2011


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Me and mom went back over to KMart today to find some of
those $2.09 deals I saw yesterday. Well today they
had marked everything up .90 cents to $2.99.
I didn't get anything.

Next we stopped in Save-A-Lot just to see if
they had the sausage rolls for $1.00 even though
they were not in the ad circular. I did not see

The last stop was Dollar General. I told mom
about the $8 off 2 Covergirl? coupon in yesterday's
paper. Unfortunately I did not get one because
they only came out in the Sunday paper and not
the sales ads as well.
Mom bought some face powder for $6.00
and me some blush for $4.00.
With the coupon it only cost $2.00.
Now we could have gotten two $4.00 items
and got them both free but mom got
a good deal on the powder she usually buys.

While in Dollar general I found a box of
Pop Tarts marked down 50% off to $1.08
and a bag of grass seed 50% marked down
to $3.00 from $6.00.

In Dollar General I spotted tear off coupons
on the shelves of some products. They
were manufacture coupons but had the DG logo on them.
I know Meijers will take them with no problem.
These are what the coupons would be doubled.
$1.00 off Helmans Mayo
$1.50 off 2 Knorrs pasta
and $1.00 off any Lipton's tea
$1.00 off 2 Glade carpet fresh


I got all my bills done up this morning
and in the mailbox by the time Jonathan
went to the bus stop. In 3 years 4 months
this will be the first time I have NOT applied
any additional principal with the house payment.
I usually pay an extra $150 each month but decided
this month we needed that extra money.
In the past 3 years 4 months my house payment
has also gone up an additional $50 as well
due to taxes or whatever. I hope it goes down
considering the value of homes have gone down lots
which should affect the taxes on your home/land.
I did apply some of that money to pay for a small
doctor bill and I applied $50 towards the $430
cat scan doctor bill. They will either like it or
lump it that I send them whatever I can to help
pay it off. It's either that or nothing!
I still paid an additional $10 - $15 on our credit card
to help get it paid down some. I still have a little
money left over in the bank, not much but some.
Enough to get by and pay bills with for next month,


Play Wendys game on Facebook
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"where's the Beef"
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I got mine @ 2:30PM - "where's the Beef" gray circle shirt!!
Keep playing the games until you see on the
right side where you can get a free shirt.

I played the game at 3:25pm and it said
I won the 50,000th t-shirt which is the limit.
I sent it to mom's. This time I got the
"Hot N Juicy" because it was the only size L left.


I feel like in the Fall I do Fall cleaning
just like Spring cleaning. Getting everything
rearranged for the colder weather. I've got
projects I'm trying to get done before
the snow flies. Like winterizing basement windows,
putting away outdoor things, making sure vehicles
are in tip top shape for the cold.

Here's more of my Fall project list I made so I know
what I should be trying to accomplish. I always make
lists so I know things get done and not missed.

-Hang up my two candle lights.
-Fix my fountain (has a small crack in bottom)
and bring it in the house and set it up for decoration.
-Wash Winter curtains that are in storage, hang up heavier
curtains and take down the Summer ones
that are a lightweight material. They help keep
out cold air.
-Remove carpet from dining room, living room
and hallway. Find area rugs to put down.
I think I have some in the basement that
that probably need a steam cleaning since
I haven't used them in awhile.
-Finish putting Summer clothes away and hanging
Winter clothes up in the closets.
-I have a rocker and rocking footrest I've had
since the kids were babies that I thought about
bringing up from the basement and using in the living
room. I need to recover the fabric on the pads and maybe
replace or add to the foam on the pads.
-Steam clean carpet in bedrooms.
-Wash up some extra blankets from storage in the basement.
We usually use 2 heavy blankets/comforters on each bed
and have a few back ups.
-Find the vaporizers. Vaporizers help colds when the air
is dry. They also help to keep the humidity up in the
house to make it feel warmer.


"like" Hanes on Facebook.


Well I just looked at the weather forecasted for this week.
It seems that we are going to be 10 degrees above normal
Wednesday through next Monday in the range of
75 to 79 degrees. It figures after I've been putting
most of the Summer clothes away. (sigh)
Well at least I know where they are all at
should I need to get any back out.


Another Simple Supper tonight.
Fried bologna grilled cheese sandwiches
with either tomato soup or mac and cheese.



Just got done making another 5 gallons of laundry soap.
Mom needed some more so I make hers also
to help them save money.

I think I've made myself a total of 15 gallons
of homemade laundry soap since Oct. of 2010.
It costs about $2.00 for every 5 gallons made
so a total of $6 in laundry soap for a year
for a family of 4.


This afternoon/evening I got a whole bag of grass seed
put on the lawn out back. I had a large area where
the pool was that no longer had grass along
with a few other areas around the shed that was bare.

Tony today brought me home 2 cigs today that a guy from work had given him.
He said here, try these and see what you think. They weren't bad.
And the reason he was wanting me to try them was because
a guy he worked with was buying cigarettes from a smoke shop
in Hilliard (will have to get the name) for around $20 a carton.
You buy the tobacco and they roll them for you.
I don't endorse cigarette smoking but for those of
you that do smoke is why I am posting this.
Cigarettes are around $5 - $6 a pack. I even had a lady
in front of me at Speedway buy a pack that cost $7.49b the other day!!
But anyway if there's a way to buy cigs at $2.00 a pack,
hell yeah I'm going to look into it even if it means
a drive to Hilliard! I do know they now market a milder pipe tobacco
that you can use just like cigarette tobacco. I think it's their
way of keeping the price down to make your cigarettes without
the higher taxes.


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10 Ways Grocery Stores Trick You Into Spending More

I learned a few things by reading this.
Everything except 2, 3, & 4 I already knew.

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