Saturday, October 8, 2011



Got up around 8:00am this morning.
One child who is up is hungry and I don't have any milk for cereal.
Hmmm, that's when I remembered freezing some
homemade French toast sticks. I warmed them
in the microwave and drizzled with sugar-free syrup.

I sit here thinking about all the work that needs
done in order to remove carpet. I stand up from
my chair thinking I'm going to go do something
to start the process like picking up things here
and there. I only end up sitting back down and stare
at it all once again. Where do I start?
The living room and dining room have to be
shifted around just to get carpet out from underneath
furniture. Furniture like the tv stand which involves
so many wires that if one comes undone I don't know
how to hook stuff back up. Just because I did it once
doesn't mean I know how to do it again. Now imagine this,
our living/ dining room is about the size of your
average hotel room but with more furniture and crap.
Well I just popped a couple Tylenol for the body
and headaches, lol.
Cut up carpet, roll up carpet, take carpet rolls out
to back end of Suburban, repeat. Remove tack strips
and any staples or nails.
It's going to be like opening a present on Christmas.
Is it going to be a good gift or bad?
No one has a clue of what this wood floor
looks like underneath or it's condition!
Then comes the sweeping and vacuuming and possibly
going to Home Depot to get some Restor-A-Finish to
put down on the floors and maybe some felt tips
for furniture legs. I have VERY heavy end & coffee tables
that I think are made of iron! Imagine that scooching
across a wood floor without felt!
Come on Tylenol because I feel a headache coming
on just thinking about it all!!!



Finally just got everything put back in it's place
after ripping out carpet, staples, tacks and cleaning
up everything. The floor is all scratched up and has
many nails or screws in it for whatever reason.
It would either need to be redone with sanding and
staining or another floor put on top whether
it be carpet or wood. My main reason for wanting it
gone was it was becoming too difficult to keep clean
and I thought it would be healthier. To much dust,
dirt and germs embed in the carpet compared to wood floors.
Here's an example of the hallway which is a main
walkway. I could clean it constantly and it still
ends up this way in a short amount of time!!

Eventually we would like to repaint the vent cover.
The previous owner did it this color.

Well tomorrow morning we are taking the boys
fishing then my stop by Ollies or wherever
and find a couple area rugs and a runner to
use on the floor for now.
I cannot afford carpet or another floor right
now til sometime next year.

I sit here now with body parts throbbing wondering
if what we did today was a good thing or bad thing.
All I know is I'm ready to find my bed soon.

Oh, before I forget, my wonderful friend Kendra
went to a place that was giving away free produce today
and she got us off a bag of potatoes,
a bag of onions and a bag of apples.

Good news was that I found the missing Kroger receipt
today from earlier this week.
I spent $46 and saved $37.47 with sales and coupons.
I got a total of 44 items.

Here's the freebies I got-

-Bayer Advance Asprin
-Cliff Z Bar for kids
-bottle of Suave 2 in 1 kids shampoo
-bottle of Sauve Professionals conditioner


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