Wednesday, October 12, 2011



Sitting here chilling for the moment.
I have the window open in the dining room to get
some fresh air. I can hear cars and busses driving by.
I hear what sounds like a crunch which made me
jump up from my chair and look out the window.
I thought someone hit our car parked out there.
Some bleep de bleep hit our basketball pole out in the
driveway and knocked it over and the sound of it
crashing down is what I heard. It doesn't make any
sense. At the end of our driveway is our trash can
at the curb waiting to be picked up. It is sitting
a couple of feet in front of the basketball pole.
So how do you not hit the trash can then
and hit the basketball pole???
I did catch a glimpse of the brown conversion van
that did it which kept going. Thank God the basketball
pole did not fall in the direction of the Trans Am
sitting in the driveway. It would have busted out the
back window and put major dents in it!


I don't shop Walmart too often but Tony wants to
go there and get an oil change which will require
walking around the store while we wait to have it done.
So I'm thinking take advantage of it, lol.
I'm going through coupons looking for items
that will be free or really cheap there.
Here is Walmart's coupon policy.
It's always good to print off each store's coupon policy
and keep it in your coupon binder should you have
any problems with a cashier.

Free Rayovac batteries and flashlight with batteries.
These can be used as stocking stuffers!

Beech-Nut baby food Jars $0.46
Use the $1/3 coupon found here
Final cost $0.12 each!
I know, why would I buy baby food?
It can be used in desserts and baked good recipes!

Seapak Popcorn Shrimp small box $1.19
Use the $1/1 coupon previously found here
Final cost $0.19!

Hormel Canadian Bacon 7.5oz $1.48
Use the $1/1 coupon found here
Final cost $0.48!

Robitussin To Go 2-pack $1
Use the $1/1 coupon found here
Final cost FREE!
*Not all stores carry the 2-packs

Found these deals HERE.

Well crap, as I'm sitting here printing off
coupons my printer is really low on ink
and won't print right. I hate refilling
the cartridges as it can get messy.
Refilling cartridges saves money so
gotta do what I gotta do.


12 Free Blockbuster Express Codes.
These codes are good for $1 rentals and will expire October 17th, 2011:



Went to Walmart this morning. Not exactly my favorite
place to go. We pulled in the back parking lot by the
service bays of the automotive area. No cars in the parking
lot and only one car in the Express Oil change lane
in the bay area. We go in to tell them we need an oil
change and the guy tells us there's a 2 hour wait!!!
Did I miss something???!!! Like the other customers
that are supposedly ahead of us. Where might those
cars be because we were the only car in the back
parking lot. And people wonder why I don't like Walmart.

Anyway because we were already there but not getting
an oil change I went in search of some of those
items with coupons I mentioned earlier.
The only ones I got or could even find was-

6 jars baby food- .66 cents for all 6.
2 Rayovac flashlights- both FREE

I'm glad to have just gotten the flashlights
because I can wrap those up and give to the kids
for Christmas. They even came with 2 batteries.
I found them in the camping department.


After Walmart we made our way over to Hoover Dam.
Of course it was raining but we didn't let that
spoil our walks. It made for some different kind
of pictures.

The bottom of Hoover Dam

Hoover - Twin Bridges

Hoover - Galena


Tonight's Supper-

Bacon Cheesy Fries with Ranch Dressing
(or chili no beans with the fries and cheese.
both options will be available)

French fries
2 cups shredded colby jack
1 pkg real bacon bits
ranch dressing
can no beans chili


You know what sucks about going to stores this time of year,
or should I say end of September/ early October?
Stores are putting out Christmas items.
Really?! Who is buying a tree or decorations now?
I sure as heck ain't. Don't really want to think
about it this soon! I need to worry about getting
costumes rounded up or made for the kids then
start buying things for the Thanksgiving meal.
Kroger has whole turkeys for .59 cents a pound
this week. Each year when I can afford it I buy
2 turkeys. One for Thanksgiving and one to put
back for the next Thanksgiving should I not
have the money to buy one. Yes, I think as
far as a year in advance with some things.
Not sure if I have a ham in the freezer for Christmas.
Will have to do some digging to see.

Holiday Sales and Food Storage: Plan Ahead So You Don’t Miss Out


Me and Tony stopped in Kroger before the kids got
home from school. We got a couple items I needed
for supper. At the checkout we struck up a
friendly conversation with the cashier.
She was really nice and we had her laughing.
When we were done checking out she says to me,
ok now, you all have a bad day!! She put her
hand to her mouth and gasped. She said, I have no idea
why I just said that. I know I stopped in my tracks
and turned to her and said, I have never had a
cashier tell me that! So then I say, well same to you.
But I was joking with her and she knew it.
I know I have those days where my mind wanders
and words don't come out right. I was laughing
so hard by her accidentally telling us that,
that I had tears in my eyes. She then slows
down her talking to make sure she gets it right
and says, I mean, you!


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