Sunday, October 2, 2011


Printable coupon for Tic-Tacs

.55 cents ($1.10 doubled) off one.
This should make for some free tic tacs.

$1.00 off of Nivea lip care product.
I've seen them go on sale for .99 cents.
Usually run around $1.99.

Burger King FAMILY BUNDLE coupon $9.99

Baskin Robbins 99¢ Cone
Buy any cone, get one of equal or lesser value for 99¢ plus applicable tax. Excludes Soft Serve and Waffle Cone varieties.


There should be 4 coupon inserts in your Sunday paper today.
Red Plum, Smartsource, P&G and PepsiCo.


I read that Dollar General possibly has
Covergirl makeup on sale for $4.00 til 10/31.
If this is so you can use the $8.00 on 2 coupon
found in today's paper to get two free.



I am currently working on getting the large torch lights
painted. Tired of them sitting on the kitchen floor
taking up space and stubbing my toes on them, lol.

The first thing I did was get a small paint brush
and paint vasoline onto the glass areas. This was
much easier than taking them all apart and trying
to paint everything. By doing this the vasoline will
repel any paint off the glass.
Vasoline on the left light. Still need to do the right one.

I then used a leftover can of hammered copper spray
paint. There was 3/4's of a can left.
Of course if has to be windy out today to try
and spray paint. It always is when I want to paint something.
Before and after.

I didn't like the brass color as that says 80's.
I went with the copper color because it goes
with the warmer wood tones in the dining and living room.
Plus the copper color says Tuscany which I like.

2 large torch style lights $3.00
can of leftover spray paint FREE
2 pillar style vanilla scented flameless candles $3.00

Total cost to make- $6.00

Here is my honey's project he is working on- the Suburban.
We found out I don't need breaks. The break pads look new
they only needed adjusted.
Tony took the drive shaft off the truck.
The rear U joints are fine but the front
ones are making the clunking sound.
At the moment he is wanting to try and
grease them up to see if that will help.
They do have grease fittings on them.

Well I have laundry to switch over and hang up.
I am still working on getting Summer clothes packed
away and going through and weeding out some clothes.
Then maybe later on I might work on steam cleaning
the carpet once I find it.


Scratch that above til later on.
We have to go to Tony's work and get a more
dependable torch than what we have.
We need it to heat the U-joint to be able to
remove it. So glad hubby knows what he is doing
because I have no clue about U joints!
While there I plan to get a sheet of some
foam insulation stuff to use in the basement windows.


3:00 - 4:30pm

Got back home at 3:00pm. Went to the parts
store to get a U joint which cost about $15.00.
Then went to Tony's work to get the old U joint
off and put the new one on. Wasn't easy but
he somehow did it.

Now I'm working on laundry which seems to be
multiplying, ahhh. I just finished painting
the backside of my torch lights. I had to allow
the fronts to dry while gone then flipped
them over and painted the backs after we got back home.
And I'm also working on winterizing
the basement windows. I got some styrofoam sheets
at Tony's work and are using them. I cut 6 pieces
to fit each window. Some are pieced together from
smaller pieces. After pushing them into the windows
I then duct taped around the edges where I could
see light through any cracks. I still have one
more window to duct tape (ran out) and two more
windows to do. I sure hope this helps this Winter
because the basement gets pretty cold.
Whatever works and is free like the duct tape
and styrofoam sheets!! Use your imagination
because something is better than nothing!

Got the first sheet cut accordingly then
used that as a template for the rest.


After putting up the styrofoam.
This is the window at the bottom of the basement steps.

After putting up the duct tape around the edges.

These two windows are in my storage room in the basement.
This is also where I keep our freezer.
I also did the window in the laundry room that's not shown.

Tonight's Supper- Chinese

a couple cups of white rice- FREE
bottle of teriyaki sauce $2.00
package of chinese veggies $1.50
package of rope sausage $1.40

Total cost $4.90
serves about 5 @ .98 cents a serving



Just got done with finishing my lights.
Now all I have to do is find some descent screws
to put them up with. I'd like to put them on
the wall on each end of the couch.
I like decorations that are original
or homemade. Something you don't find
in everyone's home or in the nearest store.

Outside torch porch lights turned into candle holders.


Well all I am starting to become whipped.
I tried to accomplish everything I set out
to accomplish for today and failed.
I got most of the Summer clothes put away
and still have about 25% more to go through.
Got the last load of laundry in the dryer.
Still have a bunch to hang up and go through
and fold all the other stuff like socks
and undies.
I didn't get blankets washed as planned
nor did I get the carpet cleaned.
Tony has vacation 10-16. He asked me if I would
like to pull up carpet in here then and I said yes
so maybe I won't clean the carpets.

Tony got the Suburban running good.
I have good brakes now and no more clunking
when driving or putting it into gear.
And no more clinking every time I hit a bump
because he fixed the hanger on my exhaust.
The truck got newer tires this year and
a new alternator. I hope we are good to go
for a little while.

Too pooped to pop and tomorrow's another day.

I got the door sales ads today and checked
for the Save-A-Lot ad. It did have a bunch
of $1.00 sales but nowhere did I see the sausage
on sale like I saw online. That is a total bummer
in my book because I was looking so forward
to stocking up my freezer with it.
Oh well. I don't have any grocery shopping
trips for this week planned unless I need
something like pop or milk.


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