Tuesday, November 1, 2011



In about an hour me and mom will be heading over
to Kroger in hopes of finding some marked down
Halloween items. Hoping to also get 10 can
of Campbells cream soups for .29 cents each.
I think at regular price they are around $1.00 each.
So $7.10 saved on this deal! I'll let you know how
it all turns out and if we go anywhere else.
I just thought about maybe stopping at Big Lots
to see if they have stuff marked down also :0)



Got these catalinas

Cupcake papers .47 cents each for a pack of 75
I always stock up on cupcake papers when
there's holiday clearance sale.
I also like to find other clearance baking items
like sprinkles, chocolates, frosting and so on.

Wilton Chocolate .74 cents each
Can use for molded Christmas candy

3 pack of lip balm .37 cents each
Stocking stuffers?

Frosting .82 cents each
Stocking up on cheaper frosting for baking time
during the holidays.


10 cans campbells cream soups .29 cents each
2 Tic Tacs FREE
1 lip medicine .39 cents


I found a plastic toothbrush and soap holder for $1.00.
The soap holder holds cigarettes perfectly.
Plan to use this when I start making my own
to keep them fresh.


Ink refill kit $17.99
It's a double pack of 20 ml inks.
This should refill ink cartridges 14 times.
Compare that to $25 for a color ink cartridge-
$25 x's 14 is $350.
This will save you $332!!!


Side jobs before the holiday season is the way to
go to try and make some ends meet. Tony was offered
a job at a convenience store just around the corner
from his work to fix their bathroom's toilet
and replace the faucet. They know he's a maintenance
man and they've known him for almost 11 years now.
$70 for 1 hour of work, HELL YEAH!! He actually
quoted them a lot less just to have some money
in his pocket but they gave him double of what he asked for!
Gotta be cheaper for them than to have a plumber come
out which charges for a house call, labor and parts.


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