Monday, November 28, 2011


I need to make a run to Kroger this morning
and only pick up a handful of items.
Need to put my blinders on and stick to
my grocery list.

On Thursday Dec 1st I have another trip to Kroger
Marketplace to work on getting things
with the Kroger Bonus Holiday money.
I should have $40 to spend.
Last Friday we went there to pick up
a couple things and had the kids browse
the toy section to see what they liked
and they each made a wish list.



Back from shopping. Mom also took me
out to Tee Jays. We split a Barnyard Buster.
From there we decided to check out the
Five and Below store at Easton.
I got the boys some headphones ($5 each)
and Tony a Trans Am car ($2.50) for Christmas.


Free Fancy Fest Holiday Ornament
limit of 7,000 daily free ornaments.



Well I was going to have sauerkraut potato cakes
for supper but realized after I thawed out the bowl
that said pork and kraut that there wasn't much
sauerkraut. So instead I am making what I call
Rib Busters. I shredded up the pork ribs
and added a bottle of brown sugar BBQ sauce.
I've got a pot of potatoes on the stove
that I'll make mashed potatoes out of.
Then I spoon the bbq pork over each serving
of mashed potatoes.


I had a friend of mine from high school stop by
tonight. I haven't seen him in 16 years.
Him and his girlfriend were having car problems
and needed a place to check over the car out
of the rain.


I've been having flashback moments so started
working on different play lists of music I like
which is all different kinds.

Today's play list is 80's rock.

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